Complicated life (Episode 23)

Dev cannot understand the resotn for her pain and responds on hearing the words that who told her like that she is the lucky girl for him .Gauri wipes her tears and says “Dev,you don’t know to lie and please dont do it “.He pacifies her and makes her drink some water ,She feels better after drinking some water and thanked him for the water.Dev makes her sit and thinks for a while,he decides something and says “Gauri,come with me without any question ?”and takes her to some place in car.

Dadaji sees Anoop worried and asks him the reason for the fear and worry.He tells about the way Dev raked with him on yesterday and says “I think he us hiding sine big secret from us “.Dadaji remembers seeing Dev and says may be he is angry on us regarding Gauri and changes the topic. He switches on the TV and sees the news about “SPR promoters business in Mumbai started well and sees Dev’s photo as MD and gets shocked”.everyone hears the news and comes to Hall.Dadi sees Dev and shouts “That Gauri is working in his office “.Dadaji. thinks something and calls someone

Babu drinks the water and says “Chandra,may be I am partial to my daughters ,arnt I “.Chandra says “No,you was a good father for them but a more good towards Ganga because she was like you reserved but Gauri always gets hurted in her life “.Babu remembers the day when Gauri came home shouting “Dad,mom I hate you ,none of you come to attend my annual day,i searched for you “.Babu shouts “Because I don’t have to spent to you”,Chandra asks him to talk nicely.Babu in frustration shouts “why should I ,I expected a boy instead if this Gauri but never make her fell low “.Gauri moves back and runs to her room He understands the words and it’s pain and runs to pacify Gauri but she never behaved happily after the moment.

Babu gets worried and asks “Chandra,you call Gauri and ask her whether she is well or not “.Ganga sits in the room and hears to their conversation ,a album falls on her hand,she opens the album and sees the photos of Them together,she thinks of the days when both of them shared food and slept together.She cries unknowingly and ckises the album.she keeps the album on desk and takes the photo hanging on wall in her hand.

Gauri reaches a hill spot with Dev and enjoys the beauty of the place and says “Thank you Dev “,he smiles and sits in a tea stall enjoying the nature’s beauty.Gauri sees the cool weather and remembers about Dadaji telling her that hill spots are the vest place because everyday we can meet different persons who cones to the place.She turns back and sees Dev sitting and comes towards him with a bright smile. Dev gets happy on seeing her smiling.

Dadaji calls some person and the man on the line says “yes,Sir ,we gave our contract to him because he was young and energetic “,he gets the similar answers from different suppliers and sits sadly on the table. Anoop gets the elaborate new on his Laptop and shouts “Mom,I was correct,he have taken more than half of our deals “.Pramod comes home and sees the news on Laptop.Dadaji thinks of something and says “I need to talk to that Gauri “.

Gauri gets call from Anoop and cuts the call continuely, Dev sees the number and says “just talk may be any important matter “.She picks the call
Anoop:what have you done Gauri
Gauri:what did I do,oh you are talking about me leaving the home actually Anoop
Anoop:not about that,Dadaji needs to talk to you.
Gauri:yes but
Dadaji(gets the phone and walks from the place ):Hello
Gauri:Pranam Dadaji
Dadaji: where is your boss,I need to meet him.

Gauri:He,he is actually with me,I will ask him.
Dadaji:no need,just tell him that I wait for him in your office.
Gauri:what happened Dadaji?
Dadaji: nothing, you tell him.

dev guessed the matter of talk and says “OK let us go because your Dadaji is waiting for me on the office “,Gauri feels blank SBD follow him,they drives towards the office.Anoop asks “what did Gauri say ?”.Dadaji says “Devesh come with me,we need to meet some one “.Both of them goes towards the car parking.Ganga come out of the room and sees Chandra sitting very much worried and calls her to talk.She remains silent and atlast says “Ganga,I don’t like to talk anything please leave me alone “.

Dev stops the car in front if office and says “Come soon Gauri,my clients will be waiting “,She almost runs behind him and they reaches the office.Gauri sees Devesh and Dadaji standing in the reception and greets them.Dev says “Please come to my cabin Sirs” and goes to his cabin.Dadaji says “I don’t like talking too much,let’ s. talk crisp

and short “.Dev nods yes and says “today half of your empire has shattered yo make retreat you need just to give me some of yoyr shares from the company .

All the three,Gauri,Devesh and Dadaji remains silent withouttalking much words.Gauri comes out of the shock and says “Sorry Sir,to interrupt,but what is the need our business is very much good and “.He completes the sentence and says “And we are doing good business,the need is that I want to be in good relation with Singh company “.Devesh opens his mouth and says “what will we get back by this “.Dev says “Your Gauri knows it well “,Gauri says “By doing this Singh’s company can revive its market and we will give some of our contracts to you “.

precap:Gauri sees someone following her and sprays the pepper spray on the person’s eyes.

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