Complicated life (Episode 22)

Gauri asks Dev to wear the watch because it her present.He says for sure and wear it in his hand and says “I look elegant ,aren’t I “.she nods yes and sees Pramod and Devesh in restaurant.Dev sees the direction where she sees and says “Ho,it is Mr Pramod Singh ,your father sorry Ex father in law “.Gauri hides her pain and says “yes,he is “.Dev says “I think it is time to go ,can we “.they goes to car parking.Dev starts the car and says “please ,Gauri dont get upset,I actually called you to have lunch with you,I just teased you but sorry “.Gauri doesn’t reply and sees Pramod from car.

Prakash reads the news on paper and says “Shrada, come and see the new about our son “.Shrada comes from her room and sees the news ,she gets tears and says “But is it necessary to do it in Mumbai”.Prakash laughs and says “shrada you cannot understand your son,he went there because to meet your Future daughter in law “.Shrada gets smile and confusion and asks what .He says about Dev had brought a diamond chain worth 1lakh .and says”to give to Gauri”.Shrada gets happy.

Gauri turns and says “I think we can leave from here “,she geysinto thoughts. Dev notes her in deep thoughts and says “Why are you so concerned for Pramod and Devesh sir “.Gauri says”No nothing like that “,she says “Actually Devesh uncle must come to get more suppliers because you have started your business in Mumbai”.he gets surprised and says”Wow,it will be nice for me to achieve my goal”.Gauri smiles and closes her eyes.Dev sees her and feels something.he concentrates on driving.

On the way,He sees Anoop and Yashoda standing on the road and thinks “Nice,but his soon they came to road,he sees Gauri busy in listening to some song .and stops the car.Gauri sees them standing and says “if you don’t mind ,we can take them with us “.Dev asks then to get in and drives the car.Yashoda asks Dev about his family.He doesn’t reply and asks “Aunty,if you font mind could you yell me why your son gave divorce to Gauri”.Gauri says”Devji”.Yashoda says”actually” and tells the whole thing.

Chandra cuts the vegetables for making fried rice and this ks to prepare something of Dev’s favourite. she calls Dev. Dev stops the car near a tree and says “Gauri,I think you know driving,drive the car “.she starts the car.Anoop gets surprise and says “Gauri,you know driving ,but you haven’t “.Gauri says “Sorry Anoop,but you never considered me as human for past 11 months “.she concentrates on the road.Dev picks the call and says “aunty,anything of your wish ” and cuts the call.

He enjoys Gauri driving and smiles.He comments on her driving and tells “you drives really nice ,Gauri’.They reaches anoop’s house and she stops the car.Yashoda invites them to come in but Gauri sys “no We were actually on our way yo office,I cannot come bye Anoop ,bye mummyji” and leaves.Anoop says “Mom,I personally feels something is not fine in that Dev”.Dev says “If you wish you can go “,she says no need and stops the car in their office,she trues to et down but couldnt ,Dev says “No Gauri,”and helps her.

Dadi comes from her trip to meet some saint and gives prasad to Yashoda and Anoop.Anoop asks Dadi whether she went to meet some saint or Ganga.Everyone in Hall gets shocked.Dadi asks “why did you ask like that Anoop beta ?”.He tells everyone about the change in Ganga’s behaviour and says ‘I personally feels like Dadi has some part”.Dadaji shouts “enough Anoop,she is your dadi”.Dadi begins to shed tears and says thank to dafaji for supporting her.Dadaji says “Tell sorry to your dadi,how could you suspect her,you must be sure that she did it “.Archana and Karuna laughs.Dadi says”Ji “.

Gauri goes to her seat and sits there.She remembers about Dev’s question to Anoop and Yashoda and feels bad for hurting thdmand gets happy that someone is talking gir her.she sees Dev noticing her from His cabin and begins to work .he goes to his seat and sits there.At the evening Gauri cones home by auto and sits on the sofa.Gaga comes and sees Gauri.she goes and tells Chandra and leaves to her room.Chandra comes and says”where is Dev ?”.Gauri who as washing her face asks “how come I know ?” and closes her room.Gauri sits in the bed and thinks of Dev’s words and sees her reflection on mirror and tells “everybody makes fun of your gauri because you are a stupid,you don’t know to behave “.Dev opens the house and sees the emptiness and fells bad.

At the night ,Chandra knocks at Gauri’s roomSge doesn’t respond and closes her eyes.Babu comes home and tells about the date fixed for marriage .Chandra gets happy and calls Ganga to tell the details.

Ganga gets happy on fixing her marriage date and hugs her parents.Chandra sees Gauri not coming and calls her.Babu says “Leave her,let her sleep “.Gauri hears all this and smiles .

Next day,All of them sits in the dinning table and Chandra was serving them hot puris.Gauri comes dressed in a yellow tops ad black jean and says “Mom,I am leaving to office,I don’t need breakfast “.Babu asks her taste the food.Gauri says “no need dad,di is going to get married soon so make her eat ,I am leaving ,and I am going to stay in my friend’s house from today “.Ganga remains silent and continues her food.Babu asks her the reason.Gauri says “I need some change “.she walks towards door.Ganga says “Daddy,ask her which friend it must be that Dev”.Gaur turns angrily .

Dadi sits in her room without eating anything.Yashoda asks her to come and have breakfast.she denies it and says “why should I need to eat food,no one in my family loves and cares for me “.Yashoda consoles Dadi and pleads her to come and have food.Anoop sees this and says “mom,leave her,why are you forcing her ?”.Yashoda asks Anoop to be quiet and have his food.she says “I am sorry for Anoop and papaji,you please come and have food ma,please ma “.Dadi says “OK”.
Gauri turns and walks towards the dinning table,she asks Ganga to repeat her words.
Ganga:why should I be afraid ?

Gauri:OK,tell it once more .
Ganga:Gauri,I asked who us that friend.
Chandra:shut up Ganga,you go ma Gauri.
Gauri:mom please I will talk.
Ganga:yes mom,I am ready to talk with her.

Gauri:yes,she is ready to face me.
Ganga:why are you leaving the house,because you want to stay with Dev.
Gauri:please di,mind your language.
Babu:Ganga,Gauri shut up,you go from here.
Gauri:yes,always I need to close my mouth,she will do and talk my her wish.
Ganga:because I won’t cheat peoples.
Gauri:even I don’t have the habit to run on my marriage and have affairs with someone’s husband.
Babu :enough,she gets hurt by your words.
Gauri: yes dad,she onlygets hurt because I don’t have any feelings,you don’t know my feelings dad,because you love her not me ,you don’t the pain of divorcing and seeing hatred in others eyes,you don’t know this pains when you see your own sister avoiding you and dad you don’t know how it feels when someone ignores you .

Chandra(tears):no don’t talk like that,I am with you Gauri.
Gauri:no mom,you wasn’t I pleaded you to stop the wedding,but you didn’t do it,see the result,.
Babu:OK,you go

Gauri:but dad,it is the last word I am talking to you, you don’t know the pain of betrayal,dad but I know it very well.and if you daughter talks like this anymore I will just slap her.

She goes from there with her file.Babu sits in the chair and says “Chandra,I need some water”.Ganga runs to her room without eating.Gauri reaches the office and sees no one in the office,she sits and cries thinking about her life.She sees some one holding a kerchief and says”Dev” and hugs him crying.Dev cannot respond and he slowly keeps his hand on her shoulder and consoles her.Dev wipes her tears and says “in any situation I am with you ,Gauru meri kasam “.Gauri says “Dev,I am not the lucky girl,I am not “.

precap:Dev says”Gauri,I think you need some rest,just cone with me without any question “.

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  1. Is dev trying to hurt guari because of rivalry and patnerships plzzz dont do this to guari

  2. Gauri should be happy don’t make her cry more. Nice episode .

  3. Awesome episode but gauri must had slapped ganga she is too much and plzzz don’t make dev villain I want him to be gauri’s prince charming plzzzzx and their love to hate relation will be awesome plzzz cmnt

  4. sure I didn’t get idea of making devas villan

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