Complicated life (Episode 20)

Gauri says “Dev”,he throws the paper on her face and moves away from her.She takes the paper and says “I can explain you “.He shows his fingers not to talk anymore and walks from there.Gauri runs and says “I am sorry,I will explain please listen “.He says “Sure,I must listen because you are my, true friend ,if you force me “and closes the door on Gauri’s face.

Ganga sees this from her room and gets very much happy and messages the person about the situation.Gauri sees the paper on her hand and thinks how did it comes out from the cupboard,she searches the cupboard and thinks “So some one has made it purposely ,”.she sits on the bed and cries vigorously.Dev packs his belongings in bag and informs the office guest house manager to arrange for his stay. He sees the time is 2’o clock and sits in the bed thinking over his meeting with Gauri.he feels dejected.

Gauri wakes up in morning and sees the time has become 7 am ,she comes out and sees Dev argueing with Chandra.Chandra sees Gauri and tells about Dev leaving to stay in his office guest house.Gauri sees him very angry and says “Mom,if he wusg so why are you forcing him ,leave him ” and goes to wash her face.Bavu gets shocked because of Gauri’s answer.Dev leaves the house.Gauri sees him leaving and she wipes her face and comes to hall.

Dev leaves angrily from there .He drives his car towards the office guest house.he remembers the happy moments and ” hamari adhuri kahani”. plays in the radio.Gauri listens to the same song in home.Dev stops the car near the guest house and comes inside.He sees the manager and gets the key from him and leaves inside.

Ganga comes near Gauri and asks “Where is your friend Dev?”.Gauri says “Di,he left to stay in his guest house “.Ganga takes concern.Gauri says ” Di,you forget you spare key in my room,have it “.don’t loose it anywhere.Ganga gets shell shocked.She trues to say something but Gauri says “thank you Di,you made my job very easy,now I just need to explain Dev,” and goes.

She takes bath and comes down in a mango printed saree and tels Chandra that she going to meet Dev,and will have breakfast there itself and goes from there.Ganga calks the person and says about the matter.Anoop sees Gauri’s picture and remembers about their marriage and problems ,he says “Gauri you deserve more “,Yashoda comes and asks him about alliance for Gauri.He said about the incidents happened at Her home.Yashoda gets worried about Gauri’s anger towards her.

Gauri reaches Dev’s guest house and rings the bell.He opens the door in a black T shirt ,he sees Gauri standing on the door and gets angry.He tries to close without talking.Gauri comes inside and says “Did you eat anything ?”.He doesn’t reply and shows her the sifa yo sit.Gauri hold him and asks “I asked you to answer “.He says “No,you font need to concern about me “and tries to leave.Gauri says “I need to explain ,please “.Dev sees her and says “Wat “.he sits in the opposite sofa.Gauru tells about her marriage .Atlast Dev says “Gauri,you are not understanding me,I am not having any problem with your first marriage ,because I expect that you have a past and problem is that you didn’t tell me “.

Babu and Yashoda sees Ganga getting ready to leave.Babu asks her about her trip.She says “dad,even you people are concerned about me “.Chandra says “Shut up “.Ganga says “I am going to see Amoop and plan about our wedding “.She goes from there .Chandra yelks about Problem between Gauri and Ganga.Babu says “leave it “.he goes to change.

Gauri says “I was worried that you will ignored me about knowing the reason “.He says “OK,now tell me the reason for your arrival”.She says “Sorry Dev”.He says “No need ” ,he thinks to himself about “Gauri,you don’t know how it hurts me to think you with someone “, get a call from someone and goes to talk.Gauri says ti herself that “I didnt tell the truth because i am bit reafy to show me as a marrued womdn infront of you because, because I want you to be mine ” ,The news on phone tells that Dev’s company has won the tender to do the order for one of the biggest company .He gets very much happy and hugs Gauri and in his happiness and says “I have won the first stage “.

Ganga thinks about Meeting Dev and goes to meet him,she knocks at the door and sees Gauri and Dev hugging each other and gets shocked,she didn’t expect anything like this .She gets very much shocked and leaves from there ,she by mistakes steps on a flower pot .both of them hears the noise and moves away.Dev apologises to Gauri.She nods yes ,They sees flower pot broken.Gauri sees Ganga going in distance .but she doesn’t reveal anything to Dev.

Gauri asks Dev to come with her to have breakfast.Dev says “No need,I think you can go from here as usual as possible before u talk something hurting you “.Gauri cries and goes ,Dev scolds himself for talking with her like that,he sees Gauri running with tears.Chandra sees Ganga back to home with limping her legs.She asks the matter,Ganga doesn’t respond and says some reasons.Gauri comes in and says “Mom,I will tell you ”

she tells about Ganga coming to meet Dev in his gust house .Ganga shouts “Yes,I came to meet him but what I see there is very nice scenes you know “.Gauri says about Dev’s happiness and he hugged her.Ganga teases her,Gauri says “So wat I didn’t get pregnebt with my sister’s husband “.Ganga and Chandra gets shocked.Ganga says that he us her lover.Gauri shouts “Still this moment,he is my husband ,I don’t care because I don’t have feeling for him “.Ganga asks “Wat is Dev to you ?”.Gauri cries and says “I love him and don’t care about his love ,I love him “they turns and sees someone standing.

precap:Gauri thinks about her words and sees Dev working in his cabin and smiles.

Credit to: janu


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