Complicated life (Episode 2)


The girl steps in and fumes on seeing Anoop and Gauri dancing,He leaves Gauri and leaves towards the girl .Gauri try to hold his hand but Anoop stops.Everyone claps and completes their dance,Anoop sees the girl moving ,he runs behind the girl .Yashoda ask Gauri to give snacks to guest.She serves snacks to everybody.Gauri makes the noise in wine glass and ask everybody to listen to Her.

She says “Everyone wish Anoopji for his better future “.All of the guest talk among them self ,they cannot understand anything .Yashoda ask Gauri “What are doing ,Gauri “.Gauri ignores her and goes near Anoop.Anoop and the girl sees each other and stands shocked .Gauri ask them to come to stage .Anoop says in a base voice”What are you trying to do ?”.

Gauri says to the girl “Will you marry Annopji ?”.The girl feels shocked and says “Chotu please “.Anoop shouts “Gauri ji “.Gauri ask “What are you saying di ?”.The guest begin to talk among them self that ‘This Gauri is getting mad,she is going to get marry her sister to Annop”.Gauri says to the guest that “Anoopji married me in a unpleasant situation ,I don’t want him to be with me “.Anoop ask her to shut up.Gauri sees the girl in yellow saree and ask ” Ganga di,what are you telling “.Ganga cries and tries to leave.

Yashoda sees this high voltage melodrama and pleads Gauri to stop the nonsense.Gauri cries and says “Sorry Mummyji”.Yashoda ask the guest to leave. The old man says “Yashoda ,what is going on here “.Yashoda ask Gauri to tell.Gauri wipes her tears and says “I want annopji to marry Ganga di”.Anoop sees all this and smiles .

Ganga sees her mother coming and shouts “Mom,I am sorry and don’t want you to come here but “.Chandra shouts “You gave ruined your sister’s life ,thank you gangu “.Gangs weeps .Gauri ask “Mom,please the mistake is not in the hands of Ganga ,it is me “.Anoop ask Yashoda to agree for his marriage with Ganga.Yashoda slaps him and shouts “You made Gauri to talk like this in front of all “.She locks herself in room .Gauri and Anoop knock at the door.Anoop scolds Gauri for the problem .Gauri shouts “So you won’t tell the matter to public and will live a dark life with my di and spoil both of us future “.Anoop cannot answer.

Precap:Gauri leaves the house when someone ask her to stop.

Note:Guys ,this is also a type of love story ,please wait for some part to have love scene. this story tells abt relationship,love,hate and all feelings .Support me .

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  2. Will it be AnooRi or GanOop??

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