Complicated life (Episode 19)

Gauri thinks about his concern for her and smiles in spite of her tears,she thinks “If there is no complication in my life ,I would have like to be his “and hears a knock on door.Babu stands on the door and hugs Gauri.He says “Why are you wasting your time with quarreling with that Ganga,she is mad in Anoop’s thought “.Gauri thinks of telling about the problem between her and sister but stops.
Ganga calls someone and tells that “I need to meet you ,it is very important,please come “.the person agrees .Chandra sees Dev searching something in his phone and calls him.Dev turns and says “Aunty ,why are you calling me,it is your house and you can come anytime you like “.She says “You don’t get worried about these girls they are just kiddish,”.Dev laughs and says “It doesn’t seems like that ,Gauri is so matured to her age and Ganga behave very arrogant “.They hears a sound at door and comes down to see.Dev sees the person at the door and says “Aunty,Anoop has came “.Chandra goes down to see.Gauri opens the door and says “Please come in Anoop,”.she sees Ganga coming and goes from there .Anoop notes this changes and thinks about it .Ganga hugs him and behaves very normal yo him .Dev gets a call from one of his employee and leaves to talk.Anoop gives the divorce paper to Gauri.

Gauri gets it and says “Tomorrow I will give it to you” and takes it inside.Anoop asks Ganga about the groom who came to their house to ask about the marriage.Ganga tells about Gauri behaviour and says “She is not like as she seems “and sees her coming.Gauri almost listens to words and says “Anoop,did you and mummyji made this arrangement ?”.Anoop tries to explain but Gauri says “I don’t want to marry now,I am not ready for a relationship so.soon “.Anoop and Ganga remains silent.

Dev comes down and greets Anoop.Anoop asks Dev about his business.Dev doesn’t give reply and jokes .Chandra brings coffee for Anoop and gives him.Dev asks “Aunty you are taking care of your damar “.Everyone sees him a bit shocked,he says “I mean future damar “.Anoop says “Ha,it is our place’s custom “.Gauri gets relieved ,she locks the divorce paper in cupboard.

Anoop asks Ganga to come home because she need to sign some of the papers to become the shareholder of the company.Ganga thinks about talking to the person and says “No,I am going yo meet one of my friend ” and goes from there .Anoop gets leave from them and goes out .Dev goes to his room.Gauri sees Anoop going and remembers their unwilling marriage .and sheds tears .she sees her mangalsutra kept in box and takes it in her hand .

Ganga reaches temple and meets the person.she tells about all the incident and the person asks Ganga to show the divorce paper to Dev so he will leave Gauri and she have no option otherthzn marrying g someone of Ganga’s choice .Ganga comes home and sees Gauri and Chandra in upstairs and opens the cupboard with spare key and takes the paper out.She keeps it on the table in front of Dev’s room.

Dev comes out to have dinner ,after completing he food,he walks towards his room and finds the paper on table and takes it,he reads the words in paper and his attitude changes,he says “So it mean Gauri’s husband is that Anoop”.he searches for Gauri and find her in balcony and goes near her.Gauri says “why the moon is giving us some false hope and it is with us ,Dev “.He turns her towards him and asks “Gauri,but you what about you and your this divorce ” and shows her the paper.Gauru gets stunned.

precap:Dev says “My friendship is over ,because you are true to my friendship ” and walks away.

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  1. Awesome yaaar really waiting to see their hate to love story and who did gangs talk wide plzxzzzzzzzzzzz update one more chapter plxxzzzzzzzzzzz will be waiting for ur next chapter

  2. guys I need to clear that Dev said the words in precap in a sarcastic tone

  3. What’s ganga’s problem if gauri marries Dev ,y can’t she let her live peacefully.

  4. Seriously i hate this ganga yaar how can she do like this that to her own sister…. plzzz dont seperate dev amd guari

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