Complicated life (Episode 18)

After some times Gauri sees Ganga sitting angrily in room and knocks the door,She turns and sees Gauri and turns her face.Gauri comes in and says “Di ,I am sorry for talking with you angrily.”.Ganga says “OK ” and truesto go away.When Gauri insist,she shouts “You are increasing gap between me and anoop’s family,I want you to get ride of you “.Gauri stands very much shockingly.

Chandra comes and hears this ,she says “Ganga,don’t lose you mind “.Ganga begins to cry and go out of the house.Gauri goes to follow her,Chandra says “leave her and go with Dev “.She goes to his room and finds him ready .They leaves to see the office.In the way Dev notes Gauri sad and plays some song .she smiles lightly on hearing the song.He says “Thank God you made her smile “.She says “Thank you “.He signs for what and laughs .

Yashoda sees them going and thinks to find who is the person with gauri and she asks the driver to follow the car.Dev sees a car following him and thinks who it might me and stops the car near the office and takes Gauri to see the office.She see the office and appreciates his efforts .Yashoda sees them walking together and thinks “Who is that boy ?” and leaves to her home.Gauri and dev goes to his cabin.He asks Gauri to sit in his chair,she refuses ,and he pushes her to sit.Gauri pulls Dev and they falls on the chair together.

They hear some song from the nearby hotel.Dev loses his mind in seeing Gauri’s eyes.Gauri understands the situation and says “Dev please ” and He comes to sense and apologises for his act and goes near the window.She says “Its OK,now what is the reason for you sudden branch in Mumbai”.Dev turns towards Gauri and says about his plan.Gauri says “but,they are doing this business in Mumbai for past 20 years “.

Dev walks towards her and holds her hand and says “You mean that we cannot manage it “.She says “No but “.she feels Dev’s facial.change and completes “Not will be so easy “.she moves away.Shrada calls Chandra to ask about her son.Ganga picks the call and says about Gauri left with Dev to see some place and cuts the call.Shrada thinks about weird behavior of Ganga.

Yashoda comes to Gauri’s home and knock at the door .Chandra opens the door and asks her to come in.Ganga comes and seeks blessing from her.She blesses her and asks about Gauri.Chandra tells about her going with Dev.Yashoda asks Chandra to take care of Gauri well because she is upset .Chandra says “You don’t worry Yadhodaji,dev will take care of Gauri “.Yashoda sees Ganga worrying and asks “wat happened Ganga ?”.

Gauri and Dev comes back to house and sees some car standing in portico,Gauri thinks who it might be and comes in,she sees some people sitting.Ganga says “See my sister has come “and asks Gauri to get freshen up and come.Gauri goes to Her mom and asks the matter. Chandra tells about Yashoda coming with a match for Gauri.She comes back to the hall and says “I am extremely sorry on my part ,I don’t need to marry your son “.

Ganga says “Gauri stop talking,mummyji brought this alliance “.The groom’s family walk out of the house.Dev sees them and comes in,he dropped Gauri and goes to purchase soap from the nearby shop.he comes in and sees sisters arguing
Ganga:what is the problem for you to marry him?
Gauri:di please .

Gauri:I don’t like to marry someone.
Ganga:you are trying to snatch my life .
Gauri:enough di( sees dev coming and stops her sentence )
Ganga:why ? (many times )
Gauri:that is non of your business Ganga.

Chandra also get shocked on seeing Gauri talking like this.Dev comes in and tries to go.Ganga says “Dev sir,you font know what a kind of girl she is “.Gauri says “Dev ,please go “.he walks to go to his room,Chandra goes to inform Babu .Ganga tries to say something but Stops on seeing Gauri’s anger.She confirms Dev have left and gauri says “If you try to affect my relation with Dev,I will affect yours with world ” .

she goes to her room and closes the door and sits thinking how her fi behaves with her,sheremembets her talking rashly and murmurs “Why anything relating to Dev is affecting my happiness “.Dev thinks about the secret which is keeping her away from him.

precap:Dev finds The divorce notice of Gauri and gets shocked and goes to talk to her angrily .

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  1. Oh god what will happen now please dont seperate them yaar

  2. Nice episode janu. How could ganga talk like that about gauri,she is very selfish.

  3. I HV a doubt did she say the last line affecting her happiness is it in a positive or negative way plzzzzxzzzz cmnt update fast will be waiting

    1. positive concern

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