Complicated life (Episode 17)


Ganga sees Anoop wearing a white shirt and says “Anoop but why did you wear white shirt you font know that I hate white “.Anoop says “But you used to like white and forces me to war white “.Ganga Gets tears and says “It was not me it would be Gauri,because she loves white colour “.Anoop understands his mistake and apologises to Ganga ,but she gets angry and turns to walk .Gauri sees some party there and decides to find the interview place ,she sees the time on her watch and says “oh I got late ” and goes .She finds the interview over and comes down sadly,she sea Anoop standing and consoling a girl .She sees Ganga and thinks “But why di . tell us nothing about this party “.

Dev sees the new project papers and approve some and disagree on some of the project ts ,he sees his phone continuely ringing and picks the call,he sees the call is from Gauri’s number and picks the call.Gauri controls her tears and says “Hello “.Dev was struck in business tension and says “Please Ms.Gauru,I will call you later ” and cuts the call.Gauri sees Ganga taken inside the hospital and worries for her.

Anoop consoles Gauri and says “You ate not responsible for this accident ,it was a mishappenings “Gauri remembered Ganga seeing her while talking with Anoop and gets angry .Ganga shouts “Youvare playing double game Gauri ” ,Gauri understand some problem and says “Di,I came here to attend a interview not to disturb your intimacy “.Ganga runs from there without listening to Anoop and Gauri and gets hit in a car .Gauri comes to reality and sees doctor coming out and in .

Dev after a while sees so many mussed calls from Gauri and thinks “Is there any problem to Gauri,her voice seems worried “.He calls her continuely but Gauri doesn’t pick the call due to her sadness.she thinks “So di is thinking that I sm trying to snatch her happiness ,I don’t let that happen “.She sees doctor coming and gets up.Dev sits in the car and this ks to find why Gauri is very sad.

the doctor says that there is no problem ,she and her baby is very safe but she has a bleeding on her head so take care of her .Gauri says yes and sees Anoop coming after informing his family .she tells him the details and sees his eyes examined her.She asks “What happened Anoop ?”.He says “I feel that this is the reaction for me to hurt you “.she consoles him and goes to talk to Her mom.

Ganga comes to consciousness and asks the nurse about herbaby.the nurse says that tbebaby us very fine .she sees Anoop standing g out with much tension and searches for Gauri.the nurse asks Anoop to ho and rakk with Ganga.Ganga sees Anoop and says “Sorry Anoop for hurting you very badly ,it is because of her “.Anoop pats her and adjs her to rest.Gauri gears their conversation and gets worried .she thinks some way or other to clear the misunderstanding

Shrada sees Dev eating without I tetest and asks him the reason.He says “Mom,today Gauri called me but I disconnect the call because I am very much stressed but when I tried to contact her ,she doesn’t respond to my messages or calls .Shrada smilessnd asks “Dev,is it a type of love or friendship “.Dev gets hiccups and says “Mom,she is like my “.Prakash comes and says “Like what ?”.Dev says “Like my friend ” and goes yo wash hands .Both his parents gets happy for his concern towards Gauri.

Anoop reaches home and sees the puja incomete,he remembers Rekha m telling about the puja and thinks that “Ho I spolited it “.He sees all of them very much worried and tells that Ganga is back yo normal.Yashodha asks Anoop to have dinner but heleaves without answering and falls on bed .Gauri and her dadtakes Ganga to home .Chandra sees Gauri worried and asks her the matter.

Gauri says “Nothing ” and leaves to sleep.she gets tears thinking about how Ganga talked about her .She remembers how Anoop behaves with her all through this year and murmurs “I didn’t do NY mistake god,wat I tried to do is to keep my family’s respect “.Ganga lies on the bed and this ks how Anoop supported Gauri over her and throws her braclet in anger.

Dadaji calls everyone and informs them Dev’s company acting as a competitor for their business in Mumbai.Rahul says “Yes Dadaji ,I think the similar way “.Yashoda says that “We can change the basic model of our goods and van or may expect a change in revenue.”Dadaji says the better way is to stop their business empire in Mumbai .He keeps his hand over the logo SPR .

Prakash sees Shrada worried and adjs her the actual matter,She says “I worried because Golu is going to Mumbai to do a business “.Prakash says “you don’t worry Nothing will happen over our hands “.Shrada agrees smiles.Dev sees the pros and cons of starting the branch and finds the major minus will be The suppliers.

Gauri works in her house along with her mom and suddenly sees the date sheet showing Monday. Gauri says “Mom,you are not properly tearing the dates ” and tears it into Sunday,she thinks one week has passed very fastly. She hears someone knocking at the door and goes to open.It seems to be Ganga,she comes in with lots of dresses .Her bright smile vanishes on seeing Gauri.Gairi leaves from there without talking .Ganga shouts “Mom,I have brought new clothes for me ,you and papa “.Chandra comes sees the dresses and asks “Where is for our chotu ?”.

Dev reaches airport and travels towards Gauri’s house.Ganga says “Oh,actually she is going to Pune on tommorow ,then why should I purchase for her “.Chandra gets angry and gets up to leave
Gauri says “Mom,di is correct and could you help me to do the preparation. “.They sees some car sound .Ganga shouts “It would be my annop ,he have promised to accompany me to lunch ” she sees Dev standing and gets puzzled.

Gauri sees Dev and gets very much joy.Dev wishes Ganga and smiles at Gauri and cones in.He sees Chandra surprised and SATs “Auntyji just a surprise for you ” and seeks blessings .Chandra cannot believe her eyes and remembers her praying to god to somehow stop gauru’s journey .Dev sees some half packed bags and asks “wat us this ?”.Gauri says about her job offer in pune. Dev says “No”.He says “Ms.Gauri,I will GI e you ad much salary you want and you must be with me as my PA “.Ganga says “Nice drama Gauri ”

Gauri controls her expression and says “Dev sir,go and get freshen up ,you are looking so dirty “and smiles.Dev goes to freshen up with Chandra taking him to the guest room.Gayri comes near Ganga and says “Di,don’t start your drama in front of Rudradev”.Ganga says”ho,he is very important for you “.Gauri says “Yes,he is very much impirysmt for me “.Dev thinks about which drama Ganga talked and reaches the room

precap:Gauri and Dev goes to his new office.He shows her a chair to sit .Gauri sees him with respect.

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  1. I just hate this ganga compketely she dont know value of love

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