Complicated life (Episode 16)


Gauri sees some vacancy in a business firm and decides to apply for the post of PA.She sees the address and notes it in the cellphone .Dev sees the beautifully blossomed flowers and thinks about Gauru and smiles.Prakash comes with a cup of coffee and says “What a surprise my son is enjoying the flowers “.Dev says “Dad,do you think that I am a monster “.Prakash hugs him and says “No my son is not a monster just s bit khaddoos “.Both of them laughs .

Anoop and Rahul argue about the business matter about whose choice is right .Anoop says “Come on Gauri explain this bhai “.Rahul and Karuna who comes after jogging sees him differently.He understands His words and walks to his room.Karuna says”Rahul I think Anoop will rethink his divorce”.Rahul accepts the same.Dadaji sees this from room and says “I can clearly see what life is all,it is a just complicated and complicated “.

A white indico car stops in front of Dev’s house .He comes out of the house and sees a man in his early 60’s and a young girl in her early 20’s standing .He gets surprised and welcomes them to sit .The man says “I came to meet Mr.Prakash “.Dev asks the servant yo ask dad to come .Prakash comes down and says “Mr.Adam “.Mr.Adam says “I came to get a opinion from your about investing in Singh companies “Dev stops from leaving and listens .The girl absorbs the conversation and says “Yes, uncle there is no big competition for the company “.Dev decides something and goes .

Anoop gets call from his friend asking him to come to hotel blue ray to celebrete his birthday party in evening .he accepts the call and calls Ganga to join him to hotel.Ganga reluctantly accepts and says
“OK,I will come but you must come in my favourite color”.Anoop gets happy because Ganga accepts .He comes down and sees Karuna and Rekha talking about keeping puja for well being of family .He informs about his invitation for party .

Chandra sees Ganga searching for some dress in her cupboard and asks”Anything special Ganga “.She says “Nothing mom ” and resumes her search and finds a white saree .Babu sees the saree and praises Ganga for her selection.Ganga says “Daddy I hate white colour “.Dev thinks bout Mr.Adam words and decides something , comes down In a black coat suit and says “Mom,I have decided to expand our business in Mumbai “.Shrada says “OK but you are going yo leave me “.He says “No mom all of us are going to Mumbai ,and firstly I am going by Sunday”.

In the evening ,Gauri gets ready to go to the interview in a yellow saree ,she sees Ganga ready in a black saree and asks about the matter Ganga says “Nothing I am just going to meet my friend ,you go “.Gauri smiles and leaves the place .Anoop gets freshen up and searches for shirts in his cupboard and finds a shirt and says “Yes,now Ganga will Like the. colour very much” and changes to that shirt .He goes to attend the party.Ganga reaches the place in auto and sees Anoop’s car and goes in .

Gauri comes to the same hotel to attend the interview.She asks the receptionist to tell her the way to go the interview place.The receptionist by mistake tell her the way to go to the party hall.Gauri without knowing goes to the party hall.Ganga sees Anoop standing and goes near him and says “You have left me “.He turns and Ganga gets shocked.

precap:Gauri and Anoop takes Ganga to hospital.

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  1. Yaar this title suits the oresent situtation always complicated…. what is the plm woth ganga is she mad or what

  2. Nice episode n what happens to ganga .

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