Complicated life (Episode 15)


Gauri reads the letter and smiles,the letter follows
madam,i searching for a part time job .You know something what you need for now is a true friend .I am ready to apply for that vacancy ,I need my salary as your smile .because you are lacking share things,if you are ready to be my true friend,call this number.
Gauri gets happiness and sadness simultaneously and dials the number written on the notes.She hears the phone is busy and cuts the call.she turns to keep the phone and finds it ringing,she sees the number from Dev and attends the call.

Dev:did you read the letter,I am not read yo wait so I called you.
Dev:what ya?
Dev(little fake anger)what?

Gauri:I usually irritate my friend like this .
Dev:hey you are not answring my..wait wait,it means you said OK.

Dev jumps in joy and hugs a old women standing in front of him.the Lady sees him as a mental and moves from there.Gauri cuts the call and thinks about the way he asked for friendship. Anoop climbs laft and takes a wodden box and opens it with lots of struggle.
It contains some photos of Anoop and his friend.he takes a particular photo and remembers the day and laughs.It contains Gauri and Anoop standing on the hill top.

Yashoda sees some change in Anoop and thinks of calling him to ask but she stops thinking and concentrates on her kitchen work.Anoop comes down happily and hugs Dadaji and Sona.Mona asks the matter,and Anoop says “Nothing ” and runs in search h of Dadi.Gayathri asks him about the reason for happiness and Anoop says “Dadi ,I have decided to end all complexity in our life and I am ready to Marry Ganga and I will find a good suitor for Gauri”Dadi gets shocked but manages her expression

Dev reaches Delhi and messages Gauri about his return.She sends smilee and goes to help Chandra in hall because she us doing arrangement for some function.Dev opens his house and sees Shrada standing in the portico ,she comes and hugs him .He asks “Mom,wat happened ,I just went to see place for our new business “.she replies”But Golu,this distance is like a vaccum in my life.He goes to his room and unpack his stuffs .he sees a silver anklet in his bag and takes that with some confusion.

Chandra shouts “Wat is this Gauri,you have lost you silver anklet,search it ma “.Gauri thinks ‘Where and when ” .she hears knock at the door and goes to see the person.Ganga opens the door and sees the postman and ask “Yes,please “.The person says about a bouquet from Singh house.Ganga asks for the bouquet ,but the postman says “No madm ,it is for .Gauri Singh “.Both sisters gets equally shocked.]

Dadaji comes for walking and sees a small girl and her father playing and gets teary eyes.he remembers about some memories and sits in the sodden bench,he sees one of his walking friend ,Mathew and wishes him.Mathew shows newspaper and talks about the sudden raise in price of petrol.Dafaji sees the paper and finds some other news ,his face turns astonished on reading ,the new is “SPR foods are going to establish their empire on Mumbai ,wat will be the future of Singh foods “.He reads the further details .

Gauri gets the bouquet and reads the message,it is from Anoop.Ganga also reads the message.The message states.”Happy friendship day Gauru,sorry for all misunderstanding “.Ganga says “But today is not friendship day “.Gauri says “No di ,today is the day we(Anoop and Gauri) became friends before 6 years “.Ganga feels insecure and walk back to her room.

Precap:Gauri sees a vacancy in internet and applies for the job.

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  1. Wowwwww so nice i want dev guari spent some time together

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