Complicated life (Episode 14)


Prakash says “actually I came here only today “.Dev sees him with lots of doubts and says “You came to see your uncle ,accept the truth dad “.Prakash says “Yes,I came to see him “.Dev gets angry and starts to walk away.Prakash follows him and stops him and says “You understand dev,he is not only shrada’s dad but also my teacher,who gave me education”.Dev says “But he didn’t support you on the time “.Prakash says “Enough “.

Gauri asks Ganga about leaving to home.Ganga says “yes,because Anoop asked you to come “.Dev reaches the hotel and says “sorry for his late ” and three of them walks to home.Dev sees Ganga a bit angry .Gauri sees Rudra in anger and asks “Devji any problem “.He laughs and says nothing.Chandra ask them to come inside ,They see Anoop and Dadaji sitting .Dev sees Anoop smiling at Gauri.

he gets jealous and starts to go,but Chandra stops him and ask him to come .and takes him to Dadaji.Dadaji blisses Ganga and ask her to take care of herself .Gauri smiles at Dadaji,at the same time Dev comes to seek blessing and both fall on his feet.Dadaji gets confused and blessed both.Anoop sees Ganga standing and signs her the matter,Gauri sees Ganga still angry .

Yashoda calls Gayathri to come and have food ,Dadi asks “mm I am coming but where is Anoop and Dadaji “.Yashoda tells about them going to Ganga’s house to meet her.Dadi sees her reflection in mirror and gets anger.She comes to eat food,she sees both Anoop and Dadaji coming.She asks “Ji,why did you went to meet that girl ?”.Dadaji says “I went to meet Chandra to talk about marriage “.Yashoda asks about Gauri.Anoop praises Gauri and sees all of them
.staring at him with confusion.

Dev sits in his room and thinks about Prakash’s word,he sees Chandra coming and gets up in respect,Chandra says “I know you are confused about your father’s words “.He sees Chandra with surprise and says “Aunty,how did you know about my dad’s visit ?”.She says “your mom said ” and pat him.Dev smiles and asks about Anoop.Chandra gets unhappy and didn’t respond.Gauri listens to their conversation from outside.

Ganga thinks about Anoop talking to Gauri instead of calling him and gets yearu eyes.she says to herbaby that “You don’t worry yourmom won’t give up ” and feels movement inside her tummy and smiles.She calls Anoop’s number and hears a ringtone ,she remembers something .
this conversation happened before some years.Ganga asks Anoop to change his ringtone into Hamari adhuri song but Anoop says “Sorry I cannot change my ringtone for anyone “.
Now she hears a song as ringtone which happens to be Gauri’s favorite song and gets irritated .Anoop picks the call after three rings.He says “Hello ,Ganga ”
Ganga:Anoop ,you came to my house to talk to whom?
Anoop:I came to, all about my divorce with Gauri .
Ganga:you came to meet Gauri.

Ganga:you love me or her .
Anoop :don’t blabber I came to talk with her,it doesn’t mean I love her.
Ganga(sobs)’nowadays I feel that your are ignoring me
Anoop:I cannot prove myself .
and cuts the call,he thinks “how could she accuse me when I called Germany times,”.He throes the pillow sits angrily.Gauri comes to Ganga’s room and sees her writing something angrily.She knock the door and calls “Ganga di “.Ganga turns with reddish eyes and asks her to come in.Gauri asks Ganga to select card for marriage.

Ganga says it can be as per your wish because everything is done as per your will and wish .Gauri says “Di,I didn’t force you to do anything,I asked you to do as per your wish “.Ganga tries to say something when Gauri says “I didn’t complete,I asked you bail him out because I concern for your future “.she walks out and comes down.

Dev packs his bag to go back to Delhi.Gauri sees him packing and ask whether he needs some help.He says no need and asks Gauri to be gappy in all situation and gets ready to go.Gauri feels something hurting her and sees him walking.Dev feels in similar way .Chandra gives a packet of sweet for Prakash and Sharada .He seeks blessing from both and walks out of house,ge sigbs Fauri to take care and goes to his room after he leaves.Gauri goes to his room and sees He left something for her and opens it.

precap: Gauri smiles on reading the letter.Anoop takes some decision and goes to talk to Dadi

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