Complicated life (Episode 13)


Anoop sits in his bed and thinks about his marriage with Gauri,his eyes gets red on the thought,he remembers shouting to Gauri once for making Ganga leave him.He says “Today I understood everything Gauri,you are better than your di “.Gauri sees Ganga talking to her baby on womb and smiles contently.Dev comes near and says “Gauri ,you are really very matured “.She sees him with a smile and says “life gave me lots of experience “.They laughs.Ganga comes and ask them to come with her to purchase clothes.

Anoop gets ready in a white shirt and comes down ,he sees Sona and Mona playing and ask them to come near him.Sona says “You only made Gauri to go out,I hate you “.He gets sad ,he sees Dadaji coming from walking and says “Dadaji I want to talk to you ,will you ?”.He see him and says “Mmmm,come “.They goes near the garden and sits in chair.but they remains silent.

Gauri,Ganga and Dev goes out.Ganga goes inside a baby shop and other two stands in the platform.Dev asks Gauri about having a cup of coffee in nearby shop,Gauri says mmm.When they were having coffee,Dev sees someone and says “Gauriji you wait here I will be back in some times “and goes following the person.Gauri shouts “Dev,rudra”but he leaves.Ganga comes out with bags and they walk to nearby hotel and sits.Gauri sees Ganga and smiles.

Anoop breaks the silence and says “Dadaji I have commited many mistakes but I want to “.he interrupt and says “It is not easy to change past but your future it is in your hands “.Anoop says “But”.he sees Yashoda coming and gets up.Yashoda says “Papaji Pramod want to get your sign in some papers ,please come “.They leaves.The words reverberates in his mind .

Ganga ask “Gauri,where is dev ?”.She says about him.Ganga says “He is really a nice person “.Gauri says “Ya di “.She thinks to say about dev’s hatred towards Anoop but stops herself .Ganga orders for phav bhaji and says “It has been more than a year we had chaat items together “.Gauri nods yes.She thinks about Anoop and Dev and gets worried.Dev sees the person in the crowd and goes near the person and says “You came here to Mumbai,but why ?”.the person turns and it is Prakash.( dev’s father).

Anoop calls Ganga,but she doesn’t pick the call as she is busy in talking with Gauri.He continued to call,and wonders “what happened to her ?” and calls Gauri.Gauri finds her phone vibrating and pucks the call .
Gauri:hello Anoop
Anoop:hi,Gauri,I called Ganga for many times,is she with you
Gauri:mmm yes
Anoop:I think you ate outside ,I will talk to her later
Anoop:and how are you ?
Gauri:ya I am quite fine ,bye

she cuts the call and sees Ganga seeing her with a question in her eyes.she explains the situation but she feels that Ganga doesn’t get satisfied by this reason .Ganga changes the topic and they by gan to eat ordered food.Ganga gets confused why did annop called Gauri instead of her.Dev asks his father “Wen did you come to Mumbai ?”

precap:Dev sees Gauri talking with Anoop and gets very much jealous.

(sorry guys for late update,I cannot update it because of my fever ,sorry??)

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  1. I assume you people like the story,due to my fever I cannot write properly so only I used short forms .

  2. Oh so cute yaar dev ko guari se shadi katwalo yaar

  3. very nice

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