Complicated life (Episode 12)


Gauri comes down and welcomes Anoop and His family ,Anoop looks elequent in a black coat suit .Gauri blinks her eyes and smiles at Anoop.Dadaji laughs on Anoop and Gauri ,he signs Gauri to tease Anoop even more ,they start the function of engagement .Dadi sees Gauri tensed instead of happiness and thinks to find why .She sees Anoop happily laughing with Ganga.Yashoda blessess Ganga and give her the ancestral kangan .Ganga gets it and gets tears in her eyes .Karuna says “Kaki don’t forget that I am your daughter “.Yashida hugs both and laugh happily .Gauri smiles on Ganga’s happiness.She walks away ,sits in a chair .she feels someone behind her and turns .

Dadi finds the admission letter in Gauri’s room and says “So Ganga,I know when to make a issue “,she keeps the letter and moves from there .Gauri sees Babu standing,she hugs him and says “di will go in some days dad “.Babu says “Don’t worry,whatever changes cones ,relationship is same “.Chandra sees Father and Daughter ,smiles in content .Anoop comes to seek Babu’s blessing .Gauri says “long live Anoop beta “.He runs behind her .

Dadi sees Ganga standing and laughing at Anoop’s reaction.Dadi says “Ganga ,be careful because he is your to be husband “.Ganga says”Dadi,you are mistaken they were friends from school,thought I am Anoop’s classmate,he is close to Gauri “.Ganga leaves the place,Dadi says “let’s see wat I can do “.

days passes on,on the day of marriage ,Gauri gets ready in a brown saree and searches for mascara,she finds Ganga’s letter and feels a bit guilty,Gauri lost herself in thought .She hears her little cousin shouting “Di,Anoop’s bharat is coming “.Gauri goes to welcome them ,She dances on the song
“Sasural gendha phool,
sasu gare deve “.

Anoop laughs and comes inside the house .Dadi goes to see Ganga and gives hint about Anoop’s special gift for her.Ganga says “But Dadi ,where is it “.Dadi smiles ,says”don’t worry its in your sister’s room “.Ganga goes to Gauri’s room and finds a letter,she assumes it as honey moon ticket and opens it and finds the admission letter,she gets shocked and sits in the bed .

She sees the date and time of admission,she decides something and leaves the place .Dadi sees this and smiles .Ganga calls her mother and gauri and says “It is important” and goes to interview place ,Chandra and Gauri tries to stop her but nothing happens .Dadi creates a scene and shouts “Now who will marry my grand son “.Chandra emotionaly black mails Gauri to accept the marriage .Anoop thinks it as a betrayal and Ganga as a break of her trust .
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Gauri wipes her tears and finds some one knocking at the door,she opens the door and finds Dev standing with food plate ,Gauri ask “What is this ?”.He says “You closed the door and went,this is for you “. She says “I will come and eat,you go “.Dev sits in the dinning table and waits for Gauri .She washes her face and comes out of her too ,she says “Di,where is di ?”.He says “She went to withdraw the complain on Anoop Singh “.Gauri remains silent and begins to eat food.Dev ask “why you di married that arrogant ?”.Gauri gets shocked and says “actually “.she hears Ganga coming and runs to her .

Ganga sits and says “Anoop has accepted my child ,we are going to do register marriage “.Gauri hugs Ganga and murmurs “I broke you trust a year ago,I caused the problem di “.Ganga sees Dev standing and says “thank you Dev sir,you make me understand about my future “.Dev shows thumps up and smiles in his style .Gauri sees him with surprise .She follows Dev and ask “Why did you do this ,Dev sir ?”.He says “because you wanted this to happen “.Anoop goes to room and closes the door with force .Pramod sees this and have a bitter smile

precap :Anoop thinks Gauri is better than Ganga ,he takes their marriage photo and hold it .

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  1. Awesome episode January but plZzzzzzzz make devouri I mean dev ng gauri has pair

  2. thank you for reading

  3. Nice yaar but y anoop don’t want ganga now.

  4. Anoop mad or what he is playing with sisters emotions

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