Complicated life (Episode 11)


Dadi thinks about Gauri and thinks “She is a not a good girl and what about her sister,she will be same “.Dadaji comes and says “That girl Gauri is no innocent and genuine “.He sees Dadi fuming and ask her t forget about the temple incident .Dadi says yes .but her mind works differently .Pramod and Devesh gets ready to go to see pandit to plan about the wedding date .Yadhoda sees Anoop coming and calls him to have breakfast .Anoop says “Mom,I need to go to college “.

Yashoda laughs and says “Hi,you are having college on Sunday also “.Anoop gets shy and says “mom,you “.In the same time ,Gauri searches about some university and says “Di,the modern university is conducting some thesis completion on economy ,are you going to participate “.Ganga comes with a book and reads the news and says “you know chptu its a good opportunity for me ,if I get selected then I will get scholarship to do PhD.”Gauri says “But di ,Snoop’s family must accept the decision “.She sees Ganga getting sad and says “di,you send the details then we can think “.Chandra says “Ganga and Gauri,come down breakfast is ready and we need yo go out “.

Ganga sees the details and replies “Ya,mom “.The pandit sees the calender and says “Devesh bhai,you don’t worry the 15th of next month is very nice ,you can fix marriage on that day itself “.Pramod says “But panditji ,there are only 25 days more “.The pandit says “According to me this maruhat is very good “.They leave the place .Gauri receives call from some unknown number ,she attends the call and says “Hello ji “.The person says “Hello Gauri darling “.Gauri gets up and says “Who are you ?”.The person says “Your bf “.Gauri laughs loudly and says “Anoop ,don’t act too much “.The person is shown to be Anoop .Anoop tells about the date for marriage .Gauri and Chandra gets happy to see Ganga getting shy and running to her room .

On the day of engagement ,Gauri is shown wearing a white half saree in a lehenga style ,she looks element in that dress,she sees someone and comes down to talk ,it is Rahul,Rahul is the college mate of Gauri ,he smiles seeing her .Gauri sees people argueinh with one another for making arrangement ,she signs Rahul to come out .Dadi and Dadaji reaches before to make Chandra ready for rituals .Dadi sees Gauri talking with Rahul and shows it to Dadiji,to her shock he says “gayathri,she is in 21st century “.Dadi sees most of the relatives reached and starts to shout that “What type of family is yours ,your daughter is roaming with someone “.Babu asks Chandra to call Gauri and Rahul inside .

when Gauri comes in she sees people staring at her,she says “Wat happened “.Gauri understands Dadi’s idea and says “come on guys,Rahul is my friend from small age,he even gives me gift on Rakshabandan “.Rahul nodes head ,the guest says “we know about you,I thought Gauri is with some other “.they leaves to have food .Gauri comes near Dadi and says “Dadi,wat is ur problem with me and my sis”.Dadi leaves the place .

Gauri stands thinking hiw di will manage in that home,Babu ask her to go and help Chandra .Gauri remembers her conversation with Rahul ,
Rahul:come soon na
Gauri :wat is ur problem,come in
Rahul :ganga di ki letter
Gauri :wat letter ?
rahul:the letter from modern university .
Gauri (gets happy ):Give. I will tell this matter to mom
Rahul:OK,but aunty said not to give this letter to you or di.
Gauri :hey ,wat?
Rahul :yes,she said that di’s marriage will be affected by this opportunity .
Gauri :I will ask mom
Rahul:no,give this to di because it is her life

Gauri goes towards Ganga’s room,she finds Ganga in a happy mood ,Ganga hugs Gauri and says “I am the happiest girl today because I am going to get engaged “.Gauri says “di ,the university “.Ganga says “I didn’t get reply ,even if the reply comes I don’t go because I am happy here itself “.Gauri hides the letter and lks towards her room.She hears Anoop’s family coming and keeps the letter in cupboard and leaves .

Precap:Ganga sees the letter on the date of marriage and gets shocked.

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