Complicated life (Episode 10)


At the morning ,Anoop gets ready in a blue formal shirt and black pant ,he comes down to leave to college,Yashoda sees him and call him to have food ,he says no and walks finds Dadi and Dadji coming . Dadi comes with artist plate ,Anoop seeks her blessing ,Dadi wishes him and ask him to get ready as they are going to see Ganga.Anoop hugs Dadi and Dadaji and gets happy and runs towards his room .Dadi thinks “Let’s see who is that girl,who changed my Anoop”.Anoop calls Ganga to inform .

Gauri comes to Ganga room and finds her cell ringing ,She calls “Di,where are you ,and finds her bathing”.He attends the call and says “Hello,who are you ?”.Anoop shouts “Gauriji,its me Anoop”.Gauri sees whether some one is coming and says “Please Anoop don’t call me Ji I am younger to you “.He laughs and says about their family’s approval. Gauri says “Congrats Anoopji “.Ganga comes from bathroom in a black skirt and violet tops .Gauri gives the phone to Ganga and kisses her .Gauri hears about their arrival and cuts the call.Gauri finds Fear in Her di’s face instead of happiness ,she ask “What happened Ganga di “.Ganga says “Mummy,papa won’t accept this “.Gauri ask her not to worry .

Anopp and his family reaches Gauri’s house .Chandra sees people coming and gets confused ,she calls Babu to come and receive them .Dadaji likes the simple decoration of work .He praises the beauty and sees his wife fuming and stops his praise .Chandra says “I am sorry to ask but who are you ?”.Gauri comes running and shouts “Mom,I called them “.Dadaji and others assumes Gauri as their future bahu .

Anoop sees Ganga coming down with shiver,Chandra stares both and ask “Anyone to explain her “.Dadi says “My name is Gayathri Singh ,we came to talk about my grandson’s marriage with your daughter “.Chandra stares at her daughters and says “Sorry,please sir ,Babu make them comfortable ,Ganga come in with your sister “.Anoop sees Ganga and smiles at her fear for her parents .

Chandra locks the door and ask “Tell me Ganga, do you know anything “.Ganga says with hesitation that “Actually mom,I love Anoop very much “.Gauri says “Yes mom he is so nice “.Chandra gets head ache because she thought that they are talking about Gauri .She sees her elder daughter and says “So you love him,I thought you knw to study and study “She sees Anoop and thinks “The boy looks good but his rich family “.she takes her daughters out .

Yashoda ask “What is your hobby ma ,Gauri “.Gauri tells “Reading novels aunty “Anoop messages “Gauri ,ask your sister to talk “.Gauri poke Ganga to tell something .Dadaji signs Dadi to smile .He says “Ganga,do you know about your sister’s love story “.Ganga and her family puzzles ,Gauri tells “Sorry Dadaji,you are mistaken ,my di loves Anoop sir “.Whole Singh family sees Anoop.He says “Yes,I love Ganga ”

Pramod apologises for misidentity and says “We likes your Ganga as well as your family especially your younger daughter Gauri ,we take about the marriage sooner “,they leave the place .Dadi remembers Fighting with Gauri and leaves with her family .Anoop and gang talks with their eyes .Chandra says “Gauri ,go yo your room “.Gauri asks “Why ma ?”.Chandra ask her to go and sits in the sofa .She says “Ganga,you would have said me before itself “.Gangs stands without talking .

Dadaji remembers about Gauri and smiles .Yashoda says “I thought that Gauri was Snoop’s selection but Ganga is very nice “.Pramod accept the same .Anoop thinks why Everyone is assuming on their own and goes to his room.Dadi sits in the sofa and murmurs “That Gauri is behind this matter,she is very young but doing all activities “.Rekha sees Devesh and ask him the reason for his dullness and matter,”Rekha,actually our company is facing some problems “.Dadi says “Ask our Anoop’s idea because he is doing his
MBA”.Anoop thinks for a long time ,he receives a call from Ganga.
Anoop:hello Gauri
Gauri:How do you know it was me ?
Anoop:actually I know because your di won’t call me this time .
Gauri:Don’t worry ,my di is best
Anoop:come on ya
Gauri:wat are you doing ?
Anoop:thinking about our business problem
Gauru jokes and ask him the matter,in a matter of 10 minutes she again calls and gives the solution .Anoop says the solution yo Devesh .Dadaji asks “How told you ,Ganga ?”.He says “No,Ganga won’t tell her opinion fastly ,it is Gauri ” .Dadaji tells “If I had another grandsk. I would make her marry to him “.Dadi says “Please But Anoop I thought you will answer “.Anoop says “Come on dadi,Gauri is my friend ,the credit goes to me for having a good friend “.He leaves .
Chandra and Babu have a talk about the matter,Chandra says “I didn’t think that Ganga is in love ,she might have informed us before .Ganga hears this and gets hurt for not telling to her parents .Gauri comes from behind and hugs Ganga .

Precap:Dadi sees Gauri talking with a boy and makes a issue .

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  1. please frnds post something as comment please ,I felt bad to see only one or two comments,I think better to stop the story ,

  2. Nice episode janu, after long gap what happened to u?
    Happy New Year janu.

    1. actually due to new tear,my ff in published only today

      1. Ok janu and don’t stop ur story because of less comments ,there r many ff’s with only one comment .so don’t worry about comments dear there r so many silent readers also .write whatever u want to share through ur story and update ‘surprise is over ‘ ff also.

  3. It is flashback sequence

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