Complicated life (Episode 1)

epi 1: The lady stands near the photo of Annop and her,she says “I won’t give up at any circumstances .She feels someone touching her ,she turns and sees a women in middle age standing ,she says “Mummyji and hugs her .she hugs and says “,I came just now, Gauri “. People started to come and everyone praises Gauri the old man makes the arrangement ,he sees Gaur talking with the guest and thanks god for giving a nice grand daughter in law like Gauri .
One of the guest ask Gauri ” What is special today Gauri ,why did you invite us here “.Gauri laughs and says “Surprise”.She goes to her room and sees photos of Anoop .She goes to freshen up ,She opens her cupboard and takes a beautiful blue lehenga and wears it .She searches for matching jewels .She hears a knock in the door and sees Anoop coming .She try to get up in respect .
He says “Don’t act smart ,Gauri,why did you invite everybody to come “.She says “I will reveal it in party “.He angrily closes the door of bathroom and goes to get ready .She smiles and covers her emotion and finds her saphiere set of jewellery. She wears it and comes out of the room .Annop also come done in red coloured sherwani .

People praises them as made for each other .Yashoda,Anoop,’s mother smiles at seeing them coming down .Gauri greets everybody who has come to attend the party and ask them to wait for sometimes because the party will start in some times .Anoop with hesitation sits near Gauri. Gauri calls someone and ask them to come home as soon as possible .

Music plays and people starts to dance for the music in the background .Gauri ask Annop to dance with her ,He irritately dances with her ,they dance for the song “Sun sathiya “.A car stops infront of the house and a girl wearing a yellow saree comes down ,she was looking very modern .She comes inside the house and sees Anoop and Gauri dancing ,she fumes .Anoop leaves Gauri and walks towards the girl .

Precap:Gauri ask the guest to wish Anoop for a happy life in future because ,she turns and walks towards Anoop.

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