It’s Complicated Chapter 01 (saying helloooo to each other) Last Part


So guys.. I was there when Arjun left the place hurriedly. I’m continuing it .

Arjun came to hospital. He saw 03-04 nurses were rushing towards the emergency OT. He was looking at there. A nurse came to him saying,”Dr.Arjun please get ready soon. A police officer has been shooted very badly. He immediately needs Operation. He lost a pool of blood.” Arjun said,”I had been informed , Thank you”. Arjun rush towards OT room. Outside the hospital Dilip’s close friend Mr. Jackson called Mrs.Mala means Radika’smom). Mala were very shocked after hearing this.
Scene shifts to a cafe corner named “Happy Timing”. Radika and Sam were talking. Sam said,” Yummm , Chasni!! Don’t you think this coffee is little bitter than others?” Radika took a sip from her coffee mug and said ,”Yes but I like it. Sometimes bitter is good than pain and sufferings.” Sam noticed Radika is in little absent mind. She is looking like a statue which is just answering her questions. Sam said,”Hey!You’re changed and what happened to yousuddenly? Don’t you wanna tell me?”Radika said,”No it’s likewhat you are you thinking”. Sam said,”Tellme clearly”. Radika said,”I saw something is happening in our city. People were scared and running to find safe place. I with my family were hidden in our house basement. At night when I was sleeping I saw in sleepy eyes something looks like human but weird just ran away and climbed the walls and went away.I saw that as far my sight could go”. Radika were shivering in fear. Her hand palm got drenched with sweat. Sam said,”So is that the reason you are so afraid?” Radika nodded.Sam took a breath of relaxand said,” Are you believing in dream…Oh no premonitions? This only could happen in “Final Destination”. Did you saw that movie again?” Radika said,”No Sam,I’m serious”. Sam said,” Yes Chasni. I can see that”. Radika were about to say then her phone rings. She said,”Mom! You..” After that she was completely silent, not that ,she started crying. Sam got tensed. Radika said,” OK I’m coming.”. Sam asked her what happened but Radika didn’t said anything other than “Let’s go”.

Scene shifts tohospital.Arjun were taking out the bullet. He got that and said to the nurse to get the dressing done. He went out of the OT. Mala and Mr.Jackson asked him about Dilip. Arjun relived them saying everything is good,he just need rest. He left from there and in that time Radika and Sam entered and it shows a cross between them. Radika asked Mala and she explains her all. Radika were crying,Sam and Mala console her. Radika thanked Mr.Jackson. He said,”It’s my duty my daughter. So now I have to go. Take care”.Dilip were shifted to a room. Radika thought she need to thank the doctor who saved her dad’s life. She went to the reception desk and got the information. She knocked at the door.Arjun were writing prescriptions. He said,”Come in!” Radika came in and Arjun said was little astonished cause he didn’t expecting a beautiful young girl in his cabin without any notifications or any medical problems. He was starring at her. Radika felt awkward. She said,”Ummmm.. I know you are thinking why I’m here.I just wannathank you”. Arjun said,”For what?” Radika said,”I will tell you if you are free”. Arjun said,”Yapp.. Sure , Sit”. Radika came in and sat. Arjun said,”So miss…??” Radika said,”Radika.. Radika Mishra” Arjun said,” Oh …I’m Arjun Mehra. Nice to meet you”. Radika said,” Same to me!! Umm.. I just wanna thank you for saving my father’s life. I heard that he was injured badly.” Arjun said,” It’s okay. It’s my duty.” He smiled at Radika. Radika also smiled. Radika said,”OK I should go and not disturb you”.Arjun said,”No it’s okay. We can chat”. Radika said,”Oh sorry to say but my mom need me now,so..”.”Arjun said,” It’s okay. We will chat later”. Radika said,” Yehh.. We can. I will be happy”. Saying so Radika starts towards the door and Arjun was looking at her. Finally Radika turned around and gave a smile which shook Arjun’s heart from it’s middle. Radika went out. Arjun were thinking why he felt so..

Precap: Mr. Daniel scolds Arjun for his misbehavior. Radika saw Arjun crying. Arjun hugs Radika whilecrying. Radika is blogged.

So guys how was it?? That’s the ending of Chapter 01(saying hellooooo to each other).. Will come with the next chapter soon.
And I always says to my friends “SAFETY FIRST BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING” Be safe Buddies.???☺☺??
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Credit to: Brity

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  1. Oh god so sad na…. rads arjun u r rock

  2. Heyy guys… Looks like I didn’t used space between many words… Sorry for that, Hope you all would understand it…

    1. Hee hee yeahh !! 😉 😛

  3. Arjun felt sensation in heart,gud to know,it was awsome episode.Oh you,belong to Bangladesh!Quite a tiger right?(I mean tigers and sunderbans which are famous so you are).

  4. Awesome brity…my cutie pie…totally loved it…plzzz update sOOn….love u my heart..??
    One lovee?

  5. Gud yar … different stry..

  6. Finally they met. Oh lovely scene. Arjun ko shayad ab heart doctor ki jaroorat padegi. Hahaha. Is it a science fic. Am really excited. Oh u raised my excitement by ur precap. Waiting for it eagerly. Loveee u.

  7. Cute hello. Arjun was wonderful and Radhika cute. Good epi brity

  8. Nice yaar

  9. Nice..keep going.!!

  10. Arjun’s heart is already sayng ‘ kuch kuch ho raha hai ‘ . Hop dey fal 4 each othr soon. 😀
    N dr, i hav a doubt ,is dis stry based on scientifc fyndings or supernatural stuff?

  11. Hey Brity! Nice part, liked it verrrrryyyy much… And you don’t know me in the real world, neither do I. But I read everyone’s comments attentively and I analysed yours too… That’s how I figured you are a JSC examinee… Well, pinch! ‘Cause so am I… How are you spending you holidays? I am a little too overwhelmed getting a 40 days holiday… :p

    @Natasha: Hello dear, how’s everything going? I am alright, but spending my days at home. Actually my li’l bro and my parents are too busy… So any traveling trip would be arranged at the enforcing of the year…

    @Nisha: You are such a sweetheart! You still remember me! Well, I see everyone here has started calling you THE MUSICAL FRIEND; suits you perfectly. Read your story too, it’s actually great… Fun-loving and unbreakable friendship between Sam and Radhika… Quite wonderful…

    Alrighty then, later guyssss… Goodnight… 😉

  12. Nice.. Interesting story line.. Ppl continue soon..

  13. Hey nice episode yaar…bt I am harani dude…then precap was interesting waiting fr further updates ? take care

  14. It ws a gud episode.lvd te precap mre tan anything else.I lved tese lnes 2″arjuns heart ♥ shook wen rads smiled”

  15. Hey bitty..very nice dear..
    Arjun is falling first here..cute

  16. Sry,it’s brity

  17. Awesooooooome episode Brity…

    Update soon nxt epi.
    Jst loved it dr ..
    Thankuuuuuuuuu 4giving a cute story..
    Love u loads..

  18. Hey brity wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow brity your words are magical.

    Seriously like genuinely I really loved the character and the chemistry and the freshness of the duo couple aradhika

    Seriously suits both of her personalities.

    Loved it dear. This episode is mindblowing my loveieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee just like you brity my britiest cutiepie.

    Woooooooooooooooooooonderful. Keep going waiting eagerly for the next. seriously Luv u always smile dear.

  19. Hi brity….story is realllyyy good….i jst loved it so much..

  20. Hii nisha….iam so sry dear bcse of busy schedule i am unable to read ur story or continue my updates…its tht iam continuing hose epis which iam reading frm first.when i will get free from all the stuff i will gey in touch with u in ur ff…till then iam so sry…

  21. Hi Brity dear, It’s superb, mind blowing epi, ardhika rocks, Arjun feels something for rads lovely convo…I’m blessed to read your story and to be your friend, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads, muaaaaahhhhhh

  22. hey samiha dear luv u sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dear You are my friend and sree you are also my friend .

    Friends are not made to forget so easily no matter you both are busy in your lives whenever comes you get your dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees back sweethearts.

    luv u samiha sooooooooooooooooo mmuch missing u dear. u and ur lovely comments.

    hey sree waiting for u ff too dear. whenever free post it i definitely came there.

    Love u both and missing u badly jaldi aa jao always loving u once a friend always a friend.

  23. Am sorry yaar britty i woz late to read!! umm .. actually i woz a bit busy wid sum prjct works n stuffs so couldnt cum online.. nywyz..Once again ,Thumbs up!!! #U wrote sooo welll buddy.. !! GOOD END !!

  24. Brity cutiepie whr r u dear. When will update next part. Really waiting eagerly. Plz plz update it tdy.plz

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