It’s Complicated Chapter 02 (Unexpected turn..) Part 01


Hi guys… I’m continuing from where I finished..

Arjun was lost in his thoughts… It wasn’t so easy for him cause he meet with many girls everyday, and sometimes girls flirt with him cause he is billionaire ,professionly he is chief manager of hospital. Not only that he is charming,sweet and…caring…. But why now?? It wasn’t normal. Something is strange about her OBVIOUSLY ….But what? She were looking like a normal one. It’s not that she is an angel or anything else. She is beautiful absolutely,But it’s not only her beauty that moved me…

Arjun were thinking all this and His phone was ringing continuously. Neil were calling him. Finally Arjun got in sense. He pick up phone and before he says Hello, Neil starts saying,” I’m gonna kill you if you don’t pick my call so late. What were you doing? Oh!!Don’t tell me that you were with your secret club ‘Murifield’!! ” Arjun said,” No I wasn’t there. I was just thinking something.” Neil said,”What were you thinking?” Arjun said,”I was thinking of Rad.. I mean about my club.. Mr.Daniel has been…Arjun were about to say then Mr.Daniel called him. Neil said,” See.. You were thinking of him and he called.” Arjun didn’t said anything, he picked the phone. Mr.Daniel said,”So Arjun are you free from your emergency patient? If you then can you please come here? Hurry up!!” He disconnected the call. Neil said,” Bro, you should go now. It’s not good to make furious Him”. Arjun nodded and said,”Well where are you going now?” Neil said,” okay so I didn’t tell youabout my Samindar Singh!! She is too much angry with me cause I didn’t meet with her for two days. I need to go to her campus.” Arjun said,” Oh god!! Girlfriend’s are too much!! I just hope I don’t get anyone now”. Arjun and Neil have some fun moments and after sometimes they left for their own place.

Arjun reached at Murifield office. Mr.Daniel said,”So!! Our life saving hero is here finally. Really!! I’m very much happy to see that you came here to give us time”. Arjun felt irritated and said,”Please,I am here not to get in some stupid argument.” Mr.Daniel said,” Well I told you that We have some interesting things for you. You wanna see that?” Arjun said,”Do I have any choice without seeing that?” Mr Daniel said,” No you don’t”. Arjun asked him to show that.Dr.Robert walks towards them. He said “do you know anything about cross species?” Arjun noded no. Then he said,” Mr Arjun! You are our special agent. We trust you , hope you also do so …?” Arjun said,” I did but now.. Confused”. Mr.Daniel saidangrily,” Why don’t? Did we ever hurt you ?” Arjun said, ” MENTALLY!!” Saying so Arjun went out.

Scene shifts to a jogging park . Radika was walking slowly. She was about to cross road and she saw Arjun on the park. She called him but he didn’t respond. She went back to park. She was calling him continuously. Finally she reached to him and hold his shoulder saying,” Hey! I was calling you repeatedly. What happened?” Arjun was looking like a child. His face was looking like that he was crying. Arjunsaid,” Oh! Radika, you here?” Radika said,” I think I should ask you that. I never seen you coming here.” Arjun said,” Well.. I was just passing by”. Radika said,” Can we sit and talk?”. Arjun said,” Yapp!!” They sat on a bench. Radika asked,” You looks so abnormal, I mean little weird. Is everything OK?” Now Arjun couldn’t stop his cry and he immediately hugs Radika and started crying. Radika was blogged, she couldn’t understand what’s happening. But she didn’t behave rude , she tried to console him. Hertop was drenched. But she didn’t notice that. She was busy in understanding Arjun. Finally he raised his head from her lap. Arjun was shying that he cried in front of a girl!! Arjun said,”I’m sorry.. Ac..actually I was.. Nothing.. Sorry for disturbing you. Bye!!” Arjun left the place hurriedly wiping his tears. Radika was sitting confused.

Precap: Sam and Radika were at Neil’s house and Arjun came there and they all shocked. They became friend..
Hellooooo guys!! Sorry for so late updates…I was little busy… Anyways thank you all who commented my last update… Hayatri,Tanya,Nisha,Ameena,Vivi,Liya,Anwesha,Aashta,Hareem,Sree,Roma,Ahana,Manha,Geethu,Devi,Samiha,Harani,Aru,Rezmie….
@Manha, sorry dude for late one…
@Samiha, if you are also JSC candidate then You might from Bangladesh… Then I think I know you..

Credit to: Brity

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  1. ❤Ameena❤

    Ohh my brity…my sweeeet lovely cutie pie…I totally loved ur update….nd precap is making me go crazyyyyyyyyyyy…..we need to ur passion not skills dear in ur updates…love u my cute little corner of my heart…??
    One lovee?

  2. ur maddy like me brity….soooo sweet episode love u dear..
    update it soon or else i will kill u….kidding…..ha ha ha

  3. Mystery behind arjun’s secret mission seems interesting and the story is totally different, continue soon.

  4. Awww ek ladki ki samne rona galat hein kya

  5. Choooo chweeet !! It’s not wrong to cry in front of a girl … That just happens when you have the person whom you’re comfortable with next to you .. The best shoulder you can rely on .. Plz keep posting

  6. Oh so gud. Arjun ka dimaag radz ke baare me itna soch raha hi. Oh n the last part where he hugged her n cried was superb. Neil n arjun convo Was too gud. Now secret mission. This seems really mysterious. Precap bahut interesting hi. Plz jaldi update karo. Plz. Plz.

  7. Cute.. N awsme one dear… Really u ppl r.true talent..:)

  8. seems interesting… mystry of arjun

  9. Nice yaar

  10. Is arjun involvd in some kind of medicl secret mission? N y was he cryng. . . Waitng for nxt part, plz updt fast dr 🙂

  11. Hi it’s a different story but a beautiful one

  12. Its gud britu…..y ws Arjun cald to tat office and wat r tey tryng 2 do???????smetng illegal???????

  13. Crying arjun oh….cute ….loved it brity…pls update next part early…pls….

  14. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    Hey my brity , my britiest cutiepie dear , I seriously loved the scene when arjun cry on rads shoulder its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful.

    Really loving the convo of arjun and neil yaar loved the scenes all of them and more than loved u more because you came to update the story.

    Dear doesn’t matter the skills doesn’t matter at all.

    This is all the love of manmarziyaan fans and love for ardhika what makes this site live for so long

    Or else we all are don;t know how we met how we became friends how we became connected how our heart and your Its complicated connected to our heart my cutie.

    luv u by heart.

    Always smiling

    Once a friend always a friend.

  15. Guys…. Thank you so much for commenting here… Really… Means a lot…
    @Ameena… Cutei pie of mine… Do get crazy At now dude… Main picture is still left…. Keep reading…!!!
    @Valli… Noooo… Don’t kill me… Please… I will post soon… :-):-)…
    @Hari… Thanks dude… I will post soon… And It’s Not only Arjun’s secret Neil also know that…. Keep reading…:-D
    @Hayatri… Dear.. It’s not about wrong that Crying infront of a girl… They don’t even know each other clearly … Almost stranger… But they doesn’t know about their heart connection… That’s it…

  16. Hey Choweee Sweet Shree… As I said To Hayatri,Same goes to you (it’s complicated!!!!) Keep reading…:-):-)
    @Manha…Yes.. It is myesterious… And little Romantic (maybe).. And you also have a FF..Right?? Which one dear??
    @Anwesha… Not really talent dear… It’s just a way to pass time with you guys… Keep reading…
    @ Ahana… Thanks dearee… Keep reading.. Hope you like myestry… Huh??
    @Devi… Thanks dude… Your name remind me of Devdas carecter… Killing performance of SRK..

  17. @Liya… You know I had a friend named Liya in primary school… She used to pull my hair band most of the time…Hahah… :-P:-P And you are confussed… Okay.. So Arjun is involved in a secret club which is a scientific one… They experiment different types of virus… And he don’t wanna be part of such things but he is coxed to do so… Clear??..:-)
    @Rg… Yapp.. It’s different and complicated too… Keep reading… :-D:-D
    @Aastha.. Yes, it’s an underground club and sometimes illegal also… Keep reading dude…
    @Kriti… Buddy Arjun is always cute, Right?? Keep reading…

  18. Nisha… My dearee friend… Why don’t you include songs?? I’m missing your song collections… And a friend will be always be with you everywhere… Not always physicaly but in heart always!!!! And smilng always is not possible Dude…. Tell me can you smile on your exam result days before the result??.. Hahaha… ;-);-)

  19. Is this secret mission, murifield and cross species same as the story line of beauty and the beast series

    1. Yapp!! I took the Concept from it… I loved that series… Vincat were soo cute…

      1. Ya. I too love vincat very much and also ur ff. It’s awesome.

  20. Heyyyyyyy Brity dear soooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet epi loved it dear n love u toooooo

    Eagerly waiting for nxt one bt my exams starting so would not b able to come here..

    Keep smiling always my sweeeeeeet friend

    Love u looooooadss

    1. It’s OKAY… Do concentrate on your exam… Best of Luck!!!

  21. O my sweeeeeet Brity, finally you updated this story, I was waiting for it from long time…today’s episode was awesome, arjun lost rads thoughts, loved it,..Neil n arjun’s convo awesome…ardhika moments in the park n arjun cries like baby in rads arms was really heart melting scene…why was he crying like this, I didn’t get it…but enjoyed each n every moment of this episode…love you soooooooo muchhhhhh Brity for giving us this outstanding story, keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very very tight hug, muaaaaahhhhhh

  22. plz update

  23. hey dear nice epi yaar but i think it is so small…make it a long one dear

  24. Yaaaar britty … chap 2 is also upto d mark .. !! N precap “arjun @neils house ?? “#waitin for next chap.. n seems lyk u didnt c ma comment in ikrs page… nywayz..
    Yeahh on reading dis ipkknd ‘s song :’rabbave ‘woz cumin in ma mind.

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