It’s Complicated….!!! CHAPTER 01 (Continued)

So guys…. I`m going ahead from where I had stopped it…

Arjun cheak the patient and said,` he lost a lot blood. Maybe he got an accident,right?`
the nurse who was aranging the stuffs for operation said,`yes sir.He was driving his bike recklessly and got pushed by a truck.His relativs got him here.` Arjun didn`t said anything.He just hint others to get ready for the surgery.After 45 mins,they finished it.Arjun came out and saw his parents outside the OT. He said them not to worry as the operation was succesfull. Arjun went to his cabin and switched on his phone and called the same number.A man received it and said,`Are you done with your damm important surgery?` Arjun didn`t raise his voice but said with a calm voice,`It`s not any damm thing,it`s my work ….No it`s my duty,Mr.Daniel`.Mr.Daniel said with a angry tone ,`isn`t it a duty for which I`m calling you?` Arjun got freak out and said,`No… not at all,You guys had been coxed me into doing that`.Mr.Daniel said,`Whatever we did was only for your betterment.ok now I don`t wanna say all that again and again.It would be better if you come straight to us as soon as possible.` He disconected the call. Arjun slowly pulled his chair and seated down thinking,`I don`t know what is happening.Hope nothing will go wrong`.

Scene shifts to Massachusettes Institute of teclonogy.Radika was sitting on a tea table at canten.Sam and Neo joined her.She was completely clam down.Sam and Neao got that and start their drama to cheer her up.Finally Radika smiled.Radika said,`Sorry guys.I was little…` Sam cut her in the middle and said,` I`m gonna break your leg if you again say sorry or thank you.No formalities in friendship`.Neo joined her and said,`Yapp.And if you really wanna say anything say Welcome or It`s okay`. Radika smiled and was about to say something and then the group leader of team 03 Parker asked all the team member to join him.Neo said,`ok girls I have to go now`.Radika and Sam noded. Radika said,`So what is plan today? Are you going to visit there?` `Where? Oh!!! To Neil`s lab.You know what he is really becoming like Einstine.I don`t wanna visit him now by spoiling my fresh mood. Radika noticed her disgusted expression.She said,`Ok then we will go for Coffee after the class`. Sam said,` that sounds cool`.Radika said,`now let`s go to class.Otherwise Mrs.Linda gonna make her coffee by us. Radika said,`Don`t you think her punishment style little wired?` Sam said,`Of course.That`s why she is famous`. They both walks towards the classroom.

Scene shifts to the main road of Boston city.Some criminals attacked to a bank.they shouts saying,`Hands up and Don`t even try to move.Toss up your guns to me if anyone had any`.People were very scared.Suddenly they heard the alarm of Police.The criminals started to leave in hurry.Then a man came infront and started to shoot the criminals.But unfortunately he got shooted at leg and the criminals ran away. That man was none other than Dilip Mishra (Radika`s dad,who is an police officer).The police came in and they took Dilip to the hospital where Arjun works.
Arjun was not at hospital.He was somewhere at a dark place.He was walking very fast,he put his hood of jacket on.He stopped at a big door.He scans his fingerprints, the door opened.It was a big research room with all kind of modern teclonogy stuffs. Mr.Daniel and a another man(Dr.Robert) was talking.By looking at Arjun Mr.Daniel said,`We got something special for you.You will obviously like it`.Arjun said,`What?` Dr.Robert said,`We will tell you if you co operate with our plan`.Arjun was about to say something and then his phone rings.He picked it and said,`I`ll be right there soon`.Arjun said,`I`m extremly sorry to say but I have to go.Some criminals were attackted at a bank and a shooted patient is there at hospital who needs a surgery….IMMEDIATELY…“ Saying so Arjun left the place.Mr.Daniel and Dr.Robert look at each other with a disgust view…

Precap : Arjun successfully moved the bullet.Radika thanks him for saving her father`s life. Mr.Daniel scold Arjun for his misbehave with them.

Credit to: Brity


  1. Manha

    Secrets n secrets with complications too. Dis is very interesting. Loved it dear. Neil is einstein nw. Haha. Brity one request can u plz give some radz n neil scenes they really hav gud rapport but mmz it was nt possible to see their friendship bond more. Plz plz. Waiting for next part. Sorry if asked more.

  2. Ameena

    Hey brity, my cutie pie, loved 2day’s episode…oh gawd this arjun nd all other characters r different….love u my heart..??
    One lovee?

  3. reZmie

    Mysterious Arjun n Radika.. !!OMG !! Britty ua soo talented !! Ithnaa suspenses … am on to dis nw..!! I juz loved dis chap !! #waiting for next chap

  4. Brity

    Thanks a lot guys…. Guys,tell me…Should I change the title or story platform…If you all suggest anything I will rethink about it obviously…
    And @Hayatri I’m not in USA,but have experience about it.
    @Liya..Dear Radika is not full of sadness but something actually weird about her is happening.Will get to know soon…
    @Manha… you didn’t asked more… I’m here only to entertain you Guys… I will think about it…
    @Lifna,Ruby,Rez,Tanaya,Manisha,Aliya,Janvi,Kriti,my cutie pie Ameana,Sree….Thank you Sooooo much….Deareeeisssss*^_^*

  5. Aru

    Hey brity,vry interesting story dear….
    Arjun is always misterious,radhs is always caring..
    Sam and neil ka tho pyar wala fights!!
    Love you
    keep writing

  6. nisha

    Hey brity the britiest cutie pie. Loved the episode dear.

    Radhika and Arjun love story by giviing a little james bond touch . Loved it dear.

    So many mysterious things happening Well loved you weaved the story in a very unique manner in which you have many scops so many paths to go and do something exciting and interesting.

    Loved u dear. Keep going waiting for next epi.

    Once a friend always a friend.

  7. Samiha

    Hello Brity! Your story is actually SUPER! The speciality of it is the profile of the characters… Neil, Radhika, Sam, Arjun all are introduced in a different way… Just love it dear, keep writing… πŸ˜‰
    and if you don’t mind, were you a JSC examinee this year?

  8. Roma

    Hi Brity dear, It’s awesome, lovely plot, Arjun is mysterious and our rads/chashni is very cute n intelligent, and neil as Einstein amazing, aur nesam ki cute fights, also I liked rads dad a police officer, really awesome story, keep it up buddyyy, plzzzz continue, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  9. Natasha

    First of all brity i want to give u a big thanks for writing a such nice ff. If u dont mind tumi kon desh theke?

    @samiha kemon holo exam? Kothao kono trip er plan acche?

    @reZme, @Lifna , @afsana nice to see ur name here. We all here becoz of mmz. So i will like to be ur friend. U r also welcome to my page where is heart there is life

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