Completely frustrated

Guys…. Today i m really angry….. First clear me a doubt that….. How many of u here manmarziyan fan pls do tell me.

If we all r mmz fan nd still missing the story means. . How can this happen??????….. Today really i m upset. I was waiting for this moment these many days after hating star plus(becoz they finished our fav story)….. Even after that also… I did said anything against starplus…. Then how can it be happen guys.

U know…the most awaited thing STAR PARIVAAR AWARDS 2016 finished…. How many of u know abt it….. That too our mmz actors doesn’t get anything from it….. This s really horrible…. I m hell angry now…. How can it happen…. Hayyyyyooooooooo…….. ”en fav mmz leads didn’t even get a small award…. They forgot abt our serial…. No nominees also…. U know. It s like mmz became attipatti…. They removed it like that only….

Pls someone console me… I feel like crying nd betrayed…. ?????

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  1. Dear abi even I didn’t wanted to watch that awards becoz they ended my fav mmz serial abruptly…. But my mom had put it on srsly I was very angry on that channel….. After mmz I don’t watch any serial on star plus…..but dear for how long we r going to remain frustrated…. I mean if we talk ill abt star plus….r they going to bring back mmz?…no they won’t….. we will just waste our time…..dear if we love a person or a thing than memories of that person or that thing will always remain in our hearts…..I would say you cherish those memories….radhika irritating arjun….arjun’s love and care towards radhika….. Nesam nok-jhok….their friendship…. Ofcourse arjun’s last confession of love and many more moments……instead of thinking abt starplus you cherish these moments….. You know whenever I miss this serial I watch repeats on hotstar…..or I read all the wonderful ff written by our superb writers……Rosie di,Gauri di,Gianna, shree, dipika,maandey di,Amy,angel,sv,sathya di,aastha,Thena,kfar this list also includes me….sorry if I missed someone…. This all ppl have kept mmz alive in our hearts….this thing will always remain same….mmz was not just a serial it was a journey of frdship… Love…relationships….dreams…commitments…. And of course dreams….dear you stop thinking abt that stupid channel…. Just remember one thing…. if someone does not care about you they won’t care abt your tears…your frustration… just relive those memories in which you were really very happy….you know happiness z the best treasure of life….so please stop thinking abt that channel nd think abt mmz only…..I had to bear the awards for my mom becoz she loves watching awards….but even I was fuming with anger watching it ….after some time I closed my eyes nd remembered mmz….nd I got my cool back….dear I have a suggestion you read Gauri di’s married by fate….the plot z taken from original series….. Also read journey of love nd frdship…..I toh keep on reading it….now toh I can recite her updates….. Full ratofy I have done till now….lol….chalo hope my comment helps you….stay blessed?

  2. Abi I agree with you, Star Plus has treated Manmarziyan very badly. I have also went on Star Plus Complain board online begging them not to cancel Manmarziyan but they did not listen to me or to others. I have also ask them to change the way they do trp. I wanted them to do a online voting where we could choose to vote our favorite drama. I told them that people watch Manmarziyan online because 10:30 no body can watch on that time if they want trp to rise they need to change the time. I have to say they are rude and they do not care.

  3. Hey stop crying. I know how you feel because I feel the same. Well as fans we try but they don’t want to listen. You have every right to feel betrayed but please stop crying because it was their fault and now some of their top shows are in problems because of casting.

  4. abi darling dont b angry ? may b our mmz deserve more than dis?? darling mmz adhukum. meala✌???

  5. Dont cry…star plus didnt know how we miss DYM..Our Aradhika and Nesam…
    After air off also there is lot of craze on this couple and serial…still in our ff page also everyday thete is a new ff related to DYM..That is special gift to our Couple…

  6. Tell me something.. when d channel doesn’t know the value of the show., how can they give award and appreciate them.. leave them Abi.. we know the value..tats y fans write wonderful ffs and we read it regularly… if d MMZ team gets 2 know tat we all love d show this much even after the ending., they will realize ya… our love is the biggest award for MMZ.. so don’t cry…

  7. Amy chechi u r ri8…….I also felt betrayed when mmz team wasn’t offered an award let alone nomination… just think who the hell want these awards????? Some stupid people won’t understand the importance of some things…..and its better if we avoid them……..there is no point in cursing sp coz that’s the way it is……..but by avoiding mmz they increased our love ❀ for it……..this is just like how popular ” India ‘s daughter ” ( I’m not sure about the name) bcame when the govt banned it……… still mmz is alive in our hearts β™₯……the ff’s indicate it……..even the new writers just wanted to give a try on it……….and they succeed in it…..every single writer and commenters’ make mmz alive………..the writers keep it alive by writing diff stories and the commenters encourage them to write more and eventually they too start writing………….this stupid good for nothing star parivar awards doesn’t measure anyone’s personal talents…….you see its bcoz of their superb acting and also bcoz the show was a grand one that the mmz actors bagged new projects……………just don’t fret over this silly awards di………..this star parivar awards doesn’t deserve mmz……..mmz deserves much bigger and better than that………….

  8. abi,I m also agree with u.whatever I like in my life,they always snatched.I hardly like something.I like, no I love mmz but star plus dissapointed me.first I loved mrmrw serial in life ok.when it ended, I didn’t watch tv a few days.then my frnds told me about mmz.then I started watching it & I loved no no no I still love than mrmrw.after ending of mmz then I didn’t watch tv for 3 months. then I started watching only films & still watch films.while watching tv, I saw the trailor of star plus awards & only one thing peeped in mind that nesam,aradhika,mala’s dance.& my frustration on star plus become more stronger & I decide not to watch any serials & star plus awards programs. I don’t understand why they only see trp.there are not any youth based serial like mmz,so why should watch any serials.sorry I blabbered many things.this is stored in my mind for these days.if I told it to anyone here, they would surely call me mad.

  9. hii abi dr, i’m also mmz fan, i also stopped watching starplus serials after they ended mmz, don’t know how many times i emailed not to stop mmz.really they did unfair with mmz. i hate sp. they don’t take opinions of viewers, and just hell with trp ratings, i don’t know how remaining serials r getting trp with bore story line. sp did unfair with mmz in timings and retelecast. so decided to stop watching any sp shows.

  10. It happens all the tym..they just look for trp and nothing else and we cant do instead of worrying just go with the flow..stay happy πŸ™‚

  11. R u still watching that crappy channel…argh star plus….i never eye that channel after mmz…though m more angry cos of this stupid channel they bend the story line after Lonavla track which gave us nandini…n hurry marriage…i hated that ….

  12. Hell with you spa you dont understand mmz i wish one day your channel get lowest trp and close this channel

  13. Me too completely agree wid u…….Starplus treated our MMZ …. πŸ™ me too watched parivaar awards in hope of some thing for mmz…but i was left disappointed πŸ™

  14. i knw how it feels.. starplus only telecast stupid shows which have nothing in them except bakwas.. the shows which are running for so long still has high trps ( m nt taking any name..coz i guess u all knw..moreover i dnt wanna name those shitty shows here) i just dont get this concept..i read somewhere that the show closed in 4 months because of low trp!! this is because the audience didnt accept the swap of couples!! like seriously?? they didnt accept aradhika??!! damn those ppl.. there are many shows running still date with the swap of couples nd i guess its a trend now.. how can the director and producer be so foolish… u knw at the sudden ending of the show i cried so much.. i missed aradhika like hell..wished to see them more..i had some expectations with the awards… bt πŸ™ πŸ™
    mmz is something which will always stay in my heart… i wud advice u to cheer up… as for us it will always be the best!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€
    btw hi guys.. u may not knw me.. bt m a die hard fan of mmz specially aradhika!!

  15. really frustrated ….m also a die hard fan of mmz….wat the hell y did they can do this wid our mmz

  16. di even the oxford dic couldnt lend me words nonsense enough to scold starplus……they killed our manmarziyan just for other stupid saas bahu serials…and they didnt even give dym a chance……..v r so much done with starplus di ,leave it….they dont even deserve a second of our attention….and lets just hope that our love for the dym wins by them coming again…so now lets just hope for the best for our manmarziyan…… di no tension,smile…….

  17. Chill guys mmz is a very gud show with a fresh concept. But unfortunately it was ended very soon by star plus. So for the spa it will not be nominated as it already ended. They give nominations and awards 4 current shows. Last year sp completed 15 yrs so all shows were invited.

  18. Guys….. Wat made me angry is, ” they didn’t give any awards to our leads or atleast they should consider them as nominee… But how can be this happen… Tell me for nomination also we r not worth!!!!!!!??????

    OMG……. They shouldn’t have done this to us…. I can accept that they finished our story… But atlest they should give them some recognition right…. Thats wat i m asking…. Nothing else….. Atleast they should consider us as nominee guys…… WAT U GUYS ARE AGREE WITH ME OR NOT????????

    Becoz previous year… I was telling my frnds that definitely next yr, my MMZ going to bag all awards nu…… Ok if all awards not possible means…. They should nominate for all awards…. I think… We are worth for that…..

    Guys…. Watever, u may tell but…. I didn’t satisfied?????

  19. Abi same pinch dear..m just pissed off with this star plus..its hell out of bustard channel yar..i have stopped watching that stupid channel since mmz plus had been always done partiality with mmz..they never support mmz whn it was running thn how we can expect something good frm it..leave it..mmz was,is n will be in our heart forever..

  20. Abi…Abi…Abi…

    Stay cool deary,…

    I hope you remember me….This is the first serial I watched..And it made me carve for more and even tempted me to write Episode analysis.I really miss those days…When the news of MMz closure came..I fumed like you in all the websites,twitter,Hotstar page,even mailed Star Plus many number of times….

    I forgot Samrat’s real name…mohan sth…That sir even replied me …Sorry dear…Decision has been taken at high level….ITs a time to bid good bye sth…Seriously I Was frustrated then…Even couldnt concentrate on my studies…When MMZ is on…I used to see episode online at 11 and will get up early in the morning around 3.00AM and will start writing Episode analysis…I will finish it before 5 or 6 and will again sleep for few minutes..Then will get back to my classes and studies…I made it as my routine….

    When I tried to write the last update analysis…seriously,I cried literally yaar…Now I’m laughing at myself cox I used to analyse more about Arjun ,Radhika,Neil and sam’s characters…All their flaws and positive things….This made me sit idle many times…Whenever I was free,I used to think about these characters….They made me mad or even crazy….

    But you know what happened after few months…Because of MMZ,I started analysing all the characters…I found my ability to analyse many real life characters too…And to get away from this addiction,I started writting Missing pieces FF…I even not a big writer…But I felt relaxed after writing each updates…Slowly as time moves,due to my personal crisis and this writing made me to understand what is real…MMZ came in my life and helped me to mature a lot than before…I even started thinking what Radhika will do in such situation to solve a problem….And dont laugh at me,it seriously helped me a lot to take many important decision in my life…

    I owe Radhika’s character a lot for that…Even few days before,I watched Monica’s single episode…Normal people would have seen what they shown,..But here Renu saw Arjun and Radhika….Not yuvaraj and kavya….Though yuvaraj character is totally different form Arjun but same in some way in loving Radhika..I mean kavya….

    This made me even write an update on this…SO all the credit should goes to this Serial actors,Directors and makers…OR else,today we wont discuss about already ended fictional serial even after a year….

    1. And one more thing…I dinn watch any daily soaps after mmz religiously….Even if I try,I couldnt connect with them,…So,I left that thought itself…

      Now just writing sth became my entertainment….If monica’s new webseries ‘Starting up’ is nice…Then I will give it a try for moni’s sake cox of its promising promo…..

      But again missing Aham there….They can end the serial or daily soap but our imagination has no bounds..Thanks for the actors who gave life to their characters especially Ardhika and NEsam…

      My ma used to say,if you want sth,then wish continuously and constantly for will happen for real some day…Hope our common wish of seeing ardhika again will happen one day or other day…

      Till then enjoy yourself in watching the old episodes and as someone suggested REad some good Ardhika story on ardhika…MMz as highly talented plenty of writers in it….And if you are not interested in readind ffs..then try some good One shots (OS)..If you dinn find any,then I will write one for you (But cant say the quality of my piece)..

      Have a nice day ahead yaar…

      Radhika:Sir…zindagi aage badne ke liye…rookne ke liye nahi…(sorry for mistakes,I’m not good in writing hindhi phrases)…

      Radz:Sir…Life is to move on..Not to remain stopped…

  21. hai..renu ,

    thanks for ur big esssay lke comment….and yes u remind me …that how i was before……becoz i m like u only……..thinkng mmz whole day nd analyse the charecter at midnight……u know, in my college my frnds wont sleep at night ,who r all commited.
    but coming to me eventhough i m single ,i awake all time.ha,,,…ha…..u know, was really crazy and still i am. becoz still reading mmz fiction at everyday night…then only can sleep, in my tight schedule i used to spen time for this ….even if my writters didnt post also…. used to read others fictons of mmz ,which written by new authors.

    my frnds used to scold me that blabbering abt niel…niel….neil….niel…al the time after finshng of that story .u know before i just like apple but now i love apple………i watched krishnadasi occasonaly to see my neil….but i didnt find sam there…..feeling bad……..its all becoz kfar (the most amazing writter,who impressed me a lot)………ok stop here… want to type more but my fingers are achng


  22. Abi…u touched my heart dearrrrr…sweeeeeetheart, I’m elder than all of you but one day got to read last epi of mmz n lotssssss of comments of all the fans….I became fan as well reading all of that…then I watched whole show online…then all fans start writing the ff’s on mmz. ..n I’m crazyyyyy for all these lovelyyyyyy stories. …now reading all of these n living in my mmz world. …like you I’m also watching Krishnadasi only coz of shravan. …n watched yeh hai aashiqui for monica(thx renu for episode link)…I just miss ardhika n nesam so badly that I wish one day (if life permits) I’ll meet them personally……..I’m not a teenager but rads character attracted me soooooooo muchhhhhh that I wish I could get the chance to achieve my real dreams…but it’s ok…life is very tough…….. coming to your frustration. …I’m also very angry on SP, for not appreciating the hard work of the mmz team……Abi my sweeeeeetheart, it’s OK we all r in same boat n each other’s support…all very lovelyyyyyy friends wrote very beautiful words to support you…I really appreciate all the fans of mmz n ff writers for keeping mmz alive in our heart…love you loads my deariiiiiiieeess. …muaaaaahhhhhh. ..take care sweetheartsssss. ..β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  23. Abi stop crying…your tears aren’t gonna make any difference. I accept it was really beautiful show…like something new & fresh. But life never stops. And ppl everything has an end. People make these for temporary fun. Your tears aren’t gonna make them stay forever. Better stop wasting time and do something useful. Please don’t hate starplus. You should appreciate the fact that this channel gave you a chance to watch mmz. And not to forget, there are other good shows that you can watch it on this show. And even before mmz, there were some really good shows that ppl loved. So pls stop hating sp so much. And remember….everything has an end. So you can’t only blame sp.
    About awards, I feel they did wrong. They should have given any tiny award to them but they didn’t give anything…which is bad. But stop crying. What’s gone is gone. Move on. Be happy. Smile.

    1. Awesome comment amuuuuu…missing you soooooooo muchhhhhh. …lotssssss of hugsssssss n kissesssss. . . Muaaaaahhhhhh. .. πŸ™‚

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