Hello everyone i am back to irritate u all with my boring story. So let us move into the next part of the story.
recap: swara tells some of our wishes and sanskar is ready to fulfil them
Swara; u know I hate surprises
Sanskar: and u know i love to give surprises.
Swara: but…
Sanskar: no ifs and buts. Just go and get ready i will be back in half an hour
Swara;(irritated) this sanskar will make me made one day
She starts packing he bag. She keeps blabbering about sanskar.
She completes packing and sits on the bed

Swara pov
U know sanskar is the best thing happened in my life. Before he came into my life, my life was filled with darkness. He came into this life and painted me. U know he just just painted me.. rang diya mujhe. But what i gave him? A lot of sadness and 1000 reasons to cry.(tears start flowing from her eyes) U maybe thinking why sanskar and i are happy even after knowing our story is going to end soon. U know why. Sanskar took a promise from me that i will not think about the future and enjoy these days with him. I know he smiles from outside but when i look into his there is an ocean of grief in it. He never let’s me because he thinks it will make me weak. One thing he knows he is my biggest strength as well as weakness.
U don’t know sanskar. What u mean to me. When did i actually tell u/(she could not control anymore and starts weeping)
Just then sanskar enters.
Sanskar: tada. I am back(he looks at swara who was weeping) he goes near her and wipes her tears
Sanskar: swara u promised me not to cry
Swara; sorry sanskar. But i can,t bear it anymore. Leaving u… this thought is killing me from inside
She hugs him and starts crying

Sanskar cups her face and speaks out: swara listen i can imagine the pain u are going through but crying is not the solution. If by crying u can solve this problem then continue i will not stop.. but no crying will not solve anything so don’t waste ur energy in it and come let us enjoy this wonderful occasion.
Swara smiles; thank u for staying with me in all my good and bad times
Sanskar; that is like my good girl. Now come letus go
Sanskar takes her to the railway station
Swara seems to be damn excited
Sanskar: somebody told they don’t like suprises.
Swara; what ever u give it is a gift to me. Agar maut bhi de diya..
Sanskar closes her mouth and says shut up don’t speak like this next time
Swara; catches his arm; sure. Sorry.
Sanskar(puts his hand on her cheek) love u

They board the train and meet a group of teenegers.
Swara sits in her seat. A boy comes to her and introduces himself
Boy: hi i am Rithik
Swara: hello
Rithik: i love u
Sanskar is shocked
Swara broadens her eyes
Rithik signals something
Swara: love u too
Sanskar is more shocked.
After some time all the group comes out
A girl: u are a rockstar
Rithik brushes his hair. Swara hits him on his head
Rithik; sorry. Truth is bhabhi helped me
Rithik aap mere bhai ho ye meri bhabhi
Sanskar: bhai ???
Swara: i will tell u from the starting. They are playing truth and dare so he proposed me. He signalled with eyes to say yes and rest u know.
Group; u cheater
Swara; let us play with them
Group; yeah!!
The whole group comes there
They spin the bottle. Stops at swara
A girl: apka love story bataye
Sanskar: how did u know?

Sorry guys could not start the love story. Next part pakka. Till then me how u are liking the story. Ur ANUSHA SANSKAR MALHOTRA signing off

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  3. Ur real name is anusha sanskar malhotra… N coming to episode it was awesome dear ????????????want to knw the love story……

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    awesome part di and the teenagers dare and truth game and about the story being boring i don’t think so that it is boring and u describe it very well and pov also even sometimes i fell the emotions also tha u write so don’t say it boring and di waiting to start the story loved it ????

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  6. Wow plz post soon I want to know the love story of them

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