Hello everyone. How are u all? I told u all this is a true story. Very soon i will tell u whose story it is. Some are thinking i will seperate swasan. Guys chill i am no going to do anything like this. So let’s move into the story.

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Swara closes her eyes. Sanskar comes and lies beside her and thinks something and sleeps.
Swara(to herself): sanskar why do u love me so much. Don’t get attached to me so much, when i go away it will become difficult for u to leave me.
Sanskar: don’t think too much and sleep
Swara:? how do u know?
Sanskar: just close ur mouth and sleep
Swara: ok
They both sleep cuddling each other.

Next morning
As usual swara got up early and went down to bring sanskar’s coffee.
She returns after a few minutes.
Swara: sanskar get up. Sun rose. It’s late.
Sanskar: swara use some brain. Sun sleeps before me na.
Swara: shut up. It’s avery old joke. I don’t want to laugh for this stupid joke.
Sanskar: swara just five minutes.
Swara: ok just five minutes. I put ur coffee on the table. Have it before it gets cold. I will go and prepare breakfast.
She leaves then sanskar pulls her she falls on him.
Swara:(blushes) what are u doing?
Sanskar: why are wearing sarees these days???
Swara: u said u like me in sarees so i am wearing.? why did not like it
Sanskar: loved it.
Swara frees herself and moves out.
Sanskar: swara tumhara bucket list
Swara: first get up and freshen up then will tell u
Sanskar: blackmail????
Swara: haan?
Sanskar: ok i will be waiting for u
Swara (while coming down): sanskar don’t love me so much
Sanskar:( shouts) it’s my habbit
Swara: what?
Sanskar:loving u is my habbit and habbits cannot be changed easily
Swara:how did he hear?
She brushes her thoughts and goes down to prepare breakfast.

After 30 minutes she brings breakfast for sanskar.
Sanskar is standing near the door with his notepad.
Swara:(signals him about the book) kya?
Sanskar(comes near her and whispers): ur bucket list.
Swara:ur stubborn
Sanskar: yes i am
Swara: ok fine listen
Sanskar: i am waiting
Swara: i want my life to be filled with
Sanskar: ur favorite serial and movie scenws
Swara: how do u know?
Sanskar: i am the Almighty and i know everything.
Swara: ok then know the remaining wishes also i am leaving.
Sanskar: sorry sorry yesterday in the sleep u were murmering about this
Swara bursts laughing.
Swara: ok last time forgiving u
Sanskar: next plz
Swara: i want to go to a beautiful beach with u on full moon day
Sanskar: and
Swara: would love to dance in rain on a ship
Swara: taj mahal
Sanskar:what?? should i build a tajmahal for u
Swara: arey no baba. Hold my hand and take me to the taj mahal
Sanskar: uff! Aur kuch
Swara: haan( stares at him lovingly) i want to watch the sunset with u
A long train journey.
Sanskar: swara something big
Swara: yes. I want many people to know our love story.
Sanskar: smiles?
Swara: till now only these…
Sanskar: let’s go then
Swara: where?
Sanskar:pack ur bags. It’s a suprise.
Swara: i hate suprises sanskar
Sanskar:but i love to give.

Precap:swara nd sanskar in train. A grouo of teenegers ask their live story and swara is telling them

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