You complete me by Vrushy (Chapter 8)

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Chapter 8
If I know what love is, it is because of you !!

Ragini’s Pov.
I hate pubs !!
and that is exactly where we were going at 1:00 in the night. I mean like seriously has everybody lost their senses except me ?!!
just as I was zipping my dress. swara barged into my room. she has this annoying habit of entering someone’s room without knocking.
Swara : Ready hotness ?!!
Ragini : As if you look any less hotter than me.
She giggled at that. This girl doesn’t know how to react to a compliement. how does sanskar bear her ?!!
Swara was wearing a sleeveless bare shouldered white dress which reached up her thighs and was cinched at the waist by a red and white pearl sash.while I wore a black knee lenght dress with shimmers all over it. well black was my colour, I had no place for other colours in my life.

After some final touch ups, we went down to the parking. sanskar and laksh were supposed to meet us at the pub directly. I started driving the car as swara rambled on about her fight with sanskar. As we reached the pub, the brothers were standing near their car waiting for us. I parked our car and we got out. swara waved her hand and they spotted us and started walking towards us.
I looked at laksh and his eyes captured mine.
He was wearing a black t-shirt, grey ripped jeans and a leather jacket. accompanied by a pair of black nike shoes. He really does know how to dress.

Swara’s Pov.

Sanskar and laksh walked towards us and I could hear a hum of apreciation from ragini. I knew it wasn’t directed towards sanskar. she hated his style of dressing.strange. no boy ever dressed so good as to her liking.
Sanskar was wearing a white t-shirt, black jeans and a white jacket. His favourite white.
As they reached us, sanskar’s hand encircled my waist and all of us walked into the pub.
Sanskar : would you like to dance ?!!
Swara : I would love to.
with that he moved me forward to the dance floor. it was a quite dark corner with nobody around. sanskar held me close and moved his feet in a slow dance as the music blasted a very lazy song.
Sanskar : you like the place ?!!
Swara : I love every place if it has you.
He smiled down at me and his gaze stopped on my lips. I just stared at him and my heart fluttered. His eyes became heated on my huge stare and he leaned down his head so as to touch mine. Our foreheads touched each other and he breathed out a warm sigh.
Slowly we started inclining towards each other till our lips meet. He kissed me passionately and I could sense longing in his kiss. He really did feel guilty about our fight. when we ended our kiss he looked at me with all the love he has.
As the music started picking up pace, he turned me around and pulled me. Now my back was completely plastered to his front.
sanskar : I hate fighting with you.
He mumbled and kissed a wet trail over the nape of my neck and then blew over it. I felt vibrations pass through me as his hand went low over my back. we were still swaying to the music slowly. but his intimate moves were making my skin go crazy with goosebumps.
His hands travelled to where my dress ended and I stiffled a moan. Ughh… I couldn’t take this anymore. I turned around and lifted my chin and kissed him softly on the lips. His lips were wet and his breath mixed with mine in a heated whisper on my upper lip.
Sanskar : Let’s keep something for the night, shall we ?!!
I blushed away. The music playing was suddenly all peppy now and so we started dancing and enjoying ourselves.

Laksh’s pov.
I knew ragini was a confident and brave girl and so I had guessed that she would get drunk. but I had never seen a girl who was a clean drinker. She was seven shots down. Neat. We had been talking for a while and she found me pretty funny. which according to me was an improvement.
laksh : should we order more.
Ragini : umm….no. actually I wanna go out. you wanna come.
Laksh : yeah sure.
We got up from the bar counter and walked towards the exit. Ragini had burrowed herself in my arms because there were drunk boys dancing around us. As soon as we got out of the pub , she exhaled. We walked towards the tables kept for people who came out and wanted to sit.
We sat there and ragini removed a cigarett and a lighter from her clutch. she smokes ?!! this I couldn’t have guessed in a millionium.
She lit her cigarett and took a puff like a pro. I don’t know whether it was the night or if she was looking beautiful in the black dress with her hair let loose. She looked like a beautiful little soul lost in her own world. who had no care about what other people thought or did. The moonlight falling on her face increased her charm and her hair flowed with the soft breeze. she was truly a divine beauty !!
The wind was playing with her hair, and soon she became irritated. She tied her hair in a bun so that it wouldn’t disturb her again and took another puff of her cigarett.
Laksh : Why do you smoke ?!!
Ragini : I just like it, there isn’t any specific reason.
Laksh : There is always a reason. You know what I used to smoke a lot and I used to smoke everything I could get my hands on. I smoked because it got me closer to my ex girlfriend and away from the memories of my parents. I thought it was cool to smoke but then I got addicted.
Ragini : Well I think when you are smoking you can avoid talking to people, that way u just don’t get to know them or attached to them.
Laksh : So you are running away from people ?!!
Ragini : You can say so. You want one ?!!
Laksh : Nope , I quit it long time back.
Ragini : Why ?!!
Laksh : After I realised what my smoking did to bhai, I decided to quit. He was trying his best so that I don’t feel the absence of our parents but I was just hurting him in return. I went to conventions and stopped. If you want then I can take you there. It really is useful.
Ragini : I don’t want to go to a place where a bearded guy would talk continuosly and others would just have to nod their head.
Laksh : I was just asking.
Ragini : Watever.
With that she walked off. Wrong move dude. She was not supposed to be irritated. I had to bring her out of the blackness but it should be a slow process. I can’t just pounce on her like this.
I followed her to the pub and we started searching for swara and sanskar. We found them sleeping on a couch. They were totally drunk. She helped swara get on her feet while I handelled bhai. We got both of them to the car.
Ragini drove while fiddled with the radio. There was this awkward silence in the car. Two fools who were drunk and drooling and two fools who were attracted to each other but had ego clashes. Great.
We reached swara’s home and I exchanged the wheel with ragini. As I was about to start the car, she knocked on my window. I rolled it down.
Ragini : I want to see what these conventions really do ?!! You free tomorrow ?!!
I couldn’t help but smile.
Laksh : Yeah. Only if you come on a date with me.
Well, who would loose an opportunity !!
Ragini : You don’t just get to go on a date with ragini gadodia, you have to earn it.
Laksh : I love challenges, bring it on !! I will first take you to the convention and then we will go on a date.
Ragini : You dream pretty big.
Laksh : well you only have one life to live. I will call you tomorrow, be ready by 11.
Ragini : Bye.
She waved and walked off. I saw her till she disappered in the night. I drove off with bhai mumbling something in the back seat of the car and thousands of thoughts mumbling something in the back of my mind.
Game on, miss ragini gadodia !!

——————————————————————-Precap : Laksh proving to be worth a date. Sanskar’s anniversary gift to swara.

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    Yey!!!!!fantastic update…wohooo b ready miss.ragz gadodia,laksh wl surely earn ur date😊😊😊loved raglak scen dearπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„keep rockng n stay blessed..πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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    awesome dear….ragini u r really soo bold ya…i can’t believe thz….raglak u both r rock it…plz update soon….tkcr dear…

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    Fabulous update Vrushy. The way RagLak are so direct with one another is great. I loved how Laksh asked Ragini on a date whilst she played hard to get πŸ’—. They are one interesting couple. And wow, SwaSan’s dance and romance was hot 😊. Can’t wait to read more πŸ’•

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    LOved Ragini’s boldness and love how Lakshya’s ready to do anything for her,,,awww soo cute love how she plays hard to get waiting for next update/xx

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