You complete me by Vrushy (Chapter 6)

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Chapter 6
You are the most sweetest thing of my life and I hate to share you with anyone !!

Ragini’s Pov
The door bell rang continuously till I opened the door. As soon as I opened the door swara burst in like a mad person. She caught me in a tight bone crushing hug. Boy, someone’s first day at work had gone nicely. She was way too much excited and I knew that now once swara starts talking she wont stop till I am asleep. This generally irritates me but it really makes her happy when I listen to her, so I don’t really deny her from talking.
Swara : you have no freaking idea how good my first day at work was. I really have to tell you all the things but first I will freshen up.
Ragini : yup, sure. Go and come fast till then I will serve the dinner. You talk and I will eat.
With that the mad girl kissed me on the cheek and ran towards the washroom. She came out in 15 and then we sat at the dinning table. She started telling me about how her’s and sanskar’s cubicles were side to side. How he got late on the first day itself. His public display of affection. Their working agendas. The conference. Their making out. Their celebrating with a pastry and trust me by the time she was done with all this I really whish she would stop but no, now she wanted to know what happened with me through out the day.
So I told her all about my day skipping the weak moment between laksh and me. I really don’t want to tell her that cause she is very possessive about the guys in my life and moreover laksh was her boyfriends brother. I really don’t want to complicate things right now.
Swara : its good that you saved him. He’s after all your best friend’s brother. Anyways I am tired soo lets call it a day.
We wrapped and cleaned the kitchen and went to sleep. As soon as swara laid down on the bed she feel asleep. I covered her with a blanket and kissed her on the forehead. Mad girl. But she was my lifeline. I don’t know where I would have been without her. She pulled me out of the hell and taught me how to live a life. She was my definition for happiness. With that I also closed my eyes.

Sanskar’s Pov.

Today was our second day at work and all the interns were supposed to go on a site visit. We had reached the office at 7:00 am and our boss had been muttering about how important experience it was for our future. Swara had been listening to him seriously while I was just trying to take a nap when he wasn’t looking at me. I got up today at 4:00 am so that I could bathe and shave because I hadn’t done it yesterday. If I would have skipped that today as well then I would have surely looked like a caveman.
Finally at about 9:30 am he finished the long torturing speech and wished all of us the best. The site was on the outskirts of Mumbai so we had a 2 hr train journey. This was the best part, atleast I could get some sleep. I had loaded our bags and were just being cozy on our berths when sahil came and asked swara if she would like to sit with him so that they could discuss a few things.
I had felt like strangulating that guy. He was our college mate and he knew us since 3 years. He knew about me and swara being together still he had the guts to hit on her. I so wish to kill him !! Swara had politely refused him and he went searching for another girl to lay his paws on.
I knew him in and out and I also knew he had feelings for swara. He and swara had been friends for a while and I hated him to the core. His is this one guy who’s every girl’s dream and every guy’s competition. I knew swara would never betray me but that doesn’t stop me from getting jealous of guys hitting on her. I do trust her more than myself but when you have a girlfriend so beautiful you ought to get possessive.

Swara : you seem to be pissed.
Sanskar : you know why !!
Swara : No, let’s talk about it.
Sanskar : I don’t want to. There is no point in talking about a guy who is probably better than me and likes my girlfriend.
Swara : He doesn’t like me.
Sanskar : but he is better, right ?!!
Swara : he is not better for me.
Sanskar : why can’t you just say that I am better.
Swara : look sanskar I am with you right now and for me you are the best. I would prefer shoes from a street side shop than a gucci that doesn’t fit me.
Sanskar : so that’s the difference huh ?!! gucci and a street side shop ?!!
Swara : you are irritating me now.
Sanskar : ohkay. fine. I back off.
Swara : anyways how can you be so sure that he likes me ?!!
Sanskar : I can tell by the way he looks at you and drools.
Swara : accha. which means you have drooled at other women too ?!!
Sanskar : I always move around with you by my side. how am I supposed to look at other women ?!! But yes, Put Katrina kaif with nothing on then that might cause something.
Swara : ohkay then. I think you need some alone time to think about your Katrina kaif so I would better go and sit with sahil.
Sanskar : what ?!! why are you being angry ?!!
Swara : no baby. I am not angry. I just want the best for you.
And with that she just stormed off. I just couldn’t stop thinking about her and sahil being together.I knew I was being unreasonable. But then that’s me, senseless and idiot.
Train journeys are always romantic but the fight had just killed it !! I guess now I really have no other option left but to sleep. Atleast then I would be able to stop thinking about swara and sahil laughing and chatting together.

Laksh’s Pov.
My second day in the campus and I knew one thing for sure, there was not a single guy who was not under ragini’s control. She was the diva of the college and a b***c for most of the guys who were out of her league. No doubt, that’s where the attitude came from. Every boy in the college had asked her out at one point or the other and she had rejected all of them !! I guess I have to follow sanskar’s advice of being friends with her first.

I smiled as the memories of yesterday went through my mind. Our bodies were joint to each other and we could feel each others heartbeat. She was hanging on to me with all her life and I knew I had the same effect on her that she had on me. She was so damn close to me and I had moved my lips to her quivering ones. I was soo close to kissing her but then she just pushed me away. I didn’t know what it was but she seemed visibly upset. Maybe it was about her past. I had to find out, what was keeping her away from me.

Well now I have decided to befriend her first so that I could prove It to her that not every love has to end on a sad note. So here I was today standing at the doorstep of our canteen with the motive of proving to be worth of ragini !!

Since all our lectures were cancelled today I found her sitting with her friends and laughing at some random joke. I had made friends with her gang yesterday and they had found me pretty cool so all of them welcomed me when I walked to their table. They had made a plan of going for a movie but ragini had refused and choose to go home instead. Seeking it as an opportunity I also said no. soon all of her friends went for the movie leaving her alone with me.

Laksh : Can you drop me home ?!!
Ragini : you don’t have a car ?!!
Laksh : nope, bhai has taken his to office and well I arrived in india about 3 days ago so I don’t have a car.
Ragini : yeah. Ohkay . no probs.
Laksh did a happy dance in his mind. First step was completed. With that they walked towards the college parking. Talking about all the random things possible.

Swara’s Pov
I had expected sanskar to come after me but he didn’t. He knew I was angry so he was supposed to convince me but he didn’t.
I had walked off in anger and had gone to sit with sahil, regretting my decision the very next second. Sahil was a very nice guy except for the fact that he was way too touchy feely with girls. He had started flirting with me the moment I sat next to him. I wondered why sanskar didn’t come ?!!
Ugh…I couldn’t take more of this. I excused myself and went back look for sanskar. As soon as I reached our seats my anger infuriated. He was sleeping !!
I mean like seriously. We just had a fight half hour ago and this boy instead of coming after me and saying sorry is sleeping her. Now Mr. maheshwari is just testing my patience level.
I sat next to him. I thought of waking him up but then changed my mind. Two can play the game.

Ragini’s pov
I parked the car in sanskar’s parking.
Laksh : come in.
Ragini : nope. I will leave.
Laksh : oh come on swara has gone for the site visit right ?!! so anyway you would be all alone. Stay till they both come back then maybe we could go out for dinner ?!!
Ragini : ummm…ohkay.

End of chapter 6

Precap : another intimate moment between raglak. sanskar surprising swara.

It is very difficult to manage the storylines of both the couples in one chapter. So I have decided that one chapter would have more of swasan in it while the other one will be more dominant towards raglak. I hope you guys understand.
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  1. Fairy


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    Frst of alll its damnn amazng yaar…raglak scene ws superbb!!!!common lucky m wid u 😉 😉 lets impress diss diva aka ragini 😉 🙂 😛 ..i know nly u cn do dis 😉 😉 ..waitng eagerly for nxt part..keep rockng n stay blessed dear 😉 😉

    N no worries dear we understand dat its really difficult to manage 2 couples in one episode,so do wtever u lyk.. 😉 n i reallly love diss ff .. 🙂 keep smiling dear 😉 🙂 🙂

  2. Jazzy


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    Amazing dear I was about to say plzz wrote more raglak but after reading ur note at the end I m happy and next episode will have more raglak wooowwww looking forward to it

  3. Arshaanya


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    Loved it..
    Ya dats fine as i love to read only swasan stories n scenes it wil b btter u post one chappy of swasan dan other of raglak

    • Vrushy



      Thank you 🙂
      Actually all the 4 characters are interlinked to each other so I just can not seperate them. All the four characters would be there in a chapter, its just that one will have more swasan while the next one will have more raglak !! Sorry I can not divide the chapters according to couples.

  4. Manasvi

    It is superb dear…
    Actually u dont know me, i m commenting for the first time as i creared my id today itself….
    Will you be my friend dear??🙂

  5. Fats


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    Fabulous update. I love how Laksh tries to make opportunities to spend time with Ragini. He probably liked the intimate moment between them and wanted to create more 😉. And Lool at SwaSan’s argument: Swara’s anger and Sanskar’s jealousy were great. Can’t wait to read more

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