You complete me by Vrushy (Chapter 5)

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Chapter 5
Someday,somewhere,somehow we would be together !!

Ragini’s Pov
I was sitting in the front row of the auditorium with my gang. The auditorium was fully packed with newbies. Obviously been a part of the coolest gang of the college, I had to witness and be a part of the ragging that was gonna happen. This was our early ritual. I didn’t enjoy ragging others but being the diva I had to be a part of it. Yeah yeah I am a horrible person.
There were almost 50-60 new admissions this year. It was the last newbie’s turn to be on the stage. As soon as I saw the guy, my mouth hung open and I was literally gawking at him. I knew that he was gonna join my college but I didn’t know that he would get fooled into being ragged !! I thought he was smart enough, he could have tackled his way out of this mess but no he was a complete idiot.
It was none other than laksh !!
Mohit (senior) : what’s your name pretty face ?!!
Laksh : I am laksh maheshwari.

He scanned the entire auditorium searching for something but then his eyeballs found mine. He looked towards me but I averted my gaze. I couldn’t help him in this. My image of being the college diva would be tarnished if I prevented my friendz from ragging him. I did feel bad for him. Sanskar would be angry with me if he knew that I had ragged his brother. But I had no other choice. I mouthed a sorry towards him, and I thought that he would say something. But rather he just smiled at me like it was no big deal. Ahhh….. he really is a sweet guy, I thought.

Mohit : So laksh, I just need a favor from you. You need to go on the second floor and there’s this class room at the end of the corridor. Go in and bring my bag. Its black and yellow in colour. Can you do this for me ?!!
Laksh : yeah, sure. why not ?!!
How dumb can one be. Didn’t he understand that it was a trap !! More over it was not a class room, it was girls washroom that mohit was talking about. This guy is gonna end up in huge trouble. I need to do something !!
Laksh walked out of the auditorium. I was tensed as hell. If he was found entering a girls washroom, he would be rusticated on the first day itself. God, I need to think of something fast.
And finally I got an idea. I made some excuse and left the auditorium in search for this dumbass !! I didn’t find him anywhere. God, was he fast.
I was running through the second floor corridor looking for him when someone abruptly pulled me inside a room !! there was darkness all around, and I was so ready to scream. But then I looked right in front of me at the familiar person smiling goofily.
laksh : shhh…. don’t shout !!
My eyes were ready to come out of their sockets. How dare he ?!! I looked around and found that we were in the girls washroom !!
Rags : WTH are you doing here ?!!
Laksh : that guy asked me to bring his bag right ?!!
Rags : are u blind ?!! Couldn’t you see the big sign board outside. Its a girls washroom, you are not supposed to be here !!
Laksh : well if you are so worried about me, why didn’t you save me ?!!
Rags : Because I am the college diva and I am not supposed to save a newbie from getting ragged !!

Suddenly we heard some footsteps approaching us. I pulled at his T shirt and took him to a corner. As a reflex action he held my waist. We were too close to each other. I could hear his heart beating at a fast rate and surprisingly our hearts were beating simultaneously. I could feel his hot breath fanning on my face. His eyes were dark brown and held mine captive with his gaze. I guess I forgot how to blink. I was feeling his intense gaze on me turning me all hot and bothered. My legs we turned into jelly and I held him with all my life. Woah, I knew this feeling and I wasn’t sure if I am allowed to feel this way again.
Suddenly he came more closer to me. I could see his intensions clear in his eyes. My eyes reflected the same. I had started turning red.
Woahh… I was blushing !! This was something new. No guy had ever made me fell like a red tomato.
As his lips were just a few centimeters away from mine I closed my eyes…..
And I saw his face. Manik’s face. He who destroyed me. He who hurt me in the worst way possible. He who gave me happiness but also snatched it from me. He who was my world at one point of time but then became my hell. This is what I didn’t want. Laksh can not make me weak. I wasted a year of my life getting over manik. I can not let laksh open that chapter. I can not let anyone open that chapter. No boy can ever come close so as to destroy me again. I wouldn’t let that happen.
Just as his lips were about to touch mine. I opened my eyes and pushed him away. He didn’t expect such force and staggered on his legs. He was confused. Well I couldn’t blame him. I felt the same thing. He looked at me but I ignored him and just walked out the washroom.
I stopped at the door to inhale some fresh air. This was soo not supposed to happen. I let my mind clear off with all the unwanted thoughts. As my heart beat returned to normal I heard laksh running towards me. He came and stood in front of me.
Laksh : you ohkay ?!!
Ragini :yeah.
Laksh : look I am sorry. I was just ……
Ragini : its ohkay. No need to explain anything. Lets just forget it.
Laksh : thanks for saving me.
Ragini : no probs. Come lets go to the classroom. The lecture is about to start.
And with that we walked towards the classroom.
Swara’s Pov.

We had a conference that afternoon. All of us were sitting around the round table. I could feel sanskar constantly taking glances at me. I knew what he had in his mind. I had been too harsh on him from last 2 weeks. But he just wouldn’t understand how important this job was for our careers.
The conference ended in a few hours and we were done for the day since it was just our first day. As I was at my desk, packing my bag sanskar came up to me .

Swara : what do we do now ?!!
Sanskar : Two option. we can go back to my place and do something very interesting.
Swara : I will take the second one.
Sanskar : or we can go back to ur place and do something interesting !!
Swara : sanskar I am serious !!
Sanskar : what ?!! I don’t know u decide.
Swara : you are the guy !! You should decide these things.
Sanskar : I have an idea…
His eyes gave away what was in his mind and I hate to let him down. A little later, he was following me to the conference room. As we walked the people in the cubicles smiled at us. We also reciprocated with innocent smiles, giving nothing away. Only we knew what we were going to do !!
As soon as we entered the conference room, we bolted the door behind us. The projector of the room was still on so I killed the other lights. The lighting of the room ignited the fire between us. At that moment I was surprised about the wavelengths of our thoughts. We both wanted the same things and somehow without saying the other one exactly got it.
He looked at me and started walking towards the table I sat on. I unbuttoned the first of many buttons of my shirt and looked at him. I shifted my long legs as he came towards me. His breathing was haggard. I knew he was affected. He came towards me and oh so very slowly brought his lips down to mine. He waited before kissing me to create the anticipation. But then finally our lips met. We forgot all the things around us and the only thing that mattered was him and me.
Sanskar : you want to, right ?!!
Swara : of course, wouldn’t it be a shame if we took all this risk and didn’t do it ?!!
And as always my wish was his command. We were scared but the thrill of making out in a conference room could not be ignored.
We made out. The conference room was soundproof. I had shouted out his name and so had he. Three years and we still made out like it was our first time.

Being completely exhausted after the days work and the make out session, we laid down there on the floor for sometime. I rested my head on his chest. We smiled at each other. We talked about how he got late in the morning and how mad I was at him. He also told me that he threw water on laksh to wake him up. Ohh, that poor boy. But then we realized that we have to get out of here before anyone catches us. So we quickly got dressed and went towards our cubicles to get our bags.
Sanskar was going to drop me home, but on the way we stopped at a café to celebrate our first day at work. He brought a black forest pastry and we feed it to each other. He stopped the car in my apartments parking.
Swara : bubye and come on time tomorrow. We need to be in their good books.
Sanskar : yess boss !!
With that I kissed him on the cheek and wished him goodnight. He did the same, except that he kissed me on the nose. He always does this. I don’t know why he likes my nose rather than my cheek. I got out of the car and watched him leave. I stood there till the red audi got out of sight.
Now I just hope that rags is in a good mood because I need to tell her all that has happened today. Awww…. I just love my life soo much. It pleases me in all the ways possible. There has never been a dull day in my life since the last 3 years !!!
Ooof….. I never thought that writing could be this tiring. You have to constantly hammer your brain to come up with something better but then at the end you just feel soo good because you can make people happy just with your writing.
So this was chapter 5. Ragini has a past with manik that has been painful and has shaped her character. Her past will be revealed but a little latter. Laksh will slowly bring her out of her bubble and make her feel safe and give her the confidence to fall in love again. On the other side swara is being too professional because she wants to make her maa (sumi) proud. As I had earlier told you that swara’s father died when she was young and so sumi has raised her all on her own. She wants to give her mother all the happiness in the world. Obviously sanskar knows this, infact he admires swara for this fact but he also misses his kiddish swara. Well every coin has 2 sides. Right ?!!

Precap : swaragini talking about the boys. Sanskar and swara going on a short trip for office work. Laksh’s first move towards ragini.

Please do comment. It really does motivates me to write better. Love you all. Bubye.


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    Oh god dear….wt to sayyyy!!!!just fantasticcccccc!!!!!!…..raglak part ws mindblownnngggggg….i loved it sooooooooooooooo soooooo soooooo much …god blessss u yaaar …u r such a fabulous writer….waitng eagerly for nxt part…keep rockng n stay blessed dear 😉 😉 😉

      • Vrushy



        Actually I had already posted 4 chapters in the month of march but then I had my exams and could not continue. But since now I am free I have made some moderations in the story and posting it again. I guess you have read those parts that’s why you feel like that.

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    Just finished reading all the parts and they were great. It will be interesting to read how Ragini will try and resist her attraction for Laksh. I love how they almost kissed today, just them being close together and holding each other is hot 🔥. And wow, SwaSan are so brave, they don’t mind romancing anywhere 😉. Can’t wait to read the next part 💕

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    awesome dear…loved it core…raglak u rock it..hope ragini will believe in love once again…. waiting for nxt one….tkcr

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