You complete me by Vrushy (Chapter 1)

Hii everyone. I just had a story in my mind and wanted to share it so without wasting much time here we goo.

Chapter 1
Soulmates need not be in love only, you can have soulmates in friendship as well.

Ragini’s Pov

There was a mangnificient castle in front of me with lush green bushes all around. A beautiful scene with the sun setting around the corner and leaving back its pink and red trail. A strong wind blew past me and I turned around. A white horse was running towards me and the rider was a greek god… my knight in shinning armour !!
But before I could see his face I suddenly felt something vibrating and “A thousand years” was playing in the background.. I woke up from my deep slumber to see swara’s phone ringing. The name heartbeat flashed on the screen. Ohhh how much I hate this guy for waking me up on a Sunday morning !! I started shaking a petite body sleeping next to me…

Swara’s Pov

I heard ragini cursing someone and then she started shaking me. Ughh I hate this girl soo much !!
Me : what’s wrong with u ?!!
Rags : its ur boyfriend calling u at midnight.
After hearing that I woke up with a jerk and took my phone from her to receive the call !! Me : hello !!
Boy : morning sunshine !!
Me : good morning mister.ñ
Boy : I was just wondering if we could meet today as from tomarrow we would be joinnig our office.
Me : sure. We had a plan to go shopping so I would just drop by before going !!
Boy : sure just message me before coming. Me : yup. Bubye sweets.
Boy : bye swara.

Yoo… Soo now I have to wake up this girl and she is going to eat me head off !!
Me : rags get up we have to go to his house before going for shopping so get up fast. Rags : swara just don’t do a rise and shine on me !! I need to sleep so just get lost.

Now this is going to be difficult so I have to think a brilliant plan !!
Me : its going to be peak traffic at this hour so its a 2 hrs journey and I am not going alone. Get up fast or else shopping plan is cancelled !!

And as expected she got up with a loud thud and ran to the bathroom. My bestie was a fashion freak and we were supposed to shop today as I start my job from tomarrow. She would do anything to make sure that I go to my office in professional clothes !!

Uhh… Its the starting of my professional career and I just hope that it doesn’t mess up me personal space !!
*fingers crossed*


Well that’s the first chapter. Swara and ragini are best friendz living in a flat together. Ragini doesn’t have mom and dad. Swara also lost her dad when she was 5. Sumi that is swara ‘s maa is their only pillar of support !! As for the pairs I will let you guys decide it so please tell me through comments !!

And please do comment what do u feel about this !!

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  1. Ragsan pluss

  2. Ragsan pls

  3. Ragsan pls

  4. Nice nd pair are swasan plzzz

  5. Seems intrsting n swalak plz…cz der r lot of swasan ragsan raglak ffs ….

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  8. Only swasan

  9. Sindhura

    Ragsan or raglak
    Or rag manik

  10. Sreevijayan

    Interesting start dear..loved it…

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you.

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    Only swasan

  12. i loved the chap
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  15. Hey dear this ff was started earlier also, almost 4-5 parts were posted only, swasan are clg lovers and raglak are their siblings but gradually become lovers

    1. Vrushy

      Yeah. I started it but due to my exams could not continue it. But now I am free so starting afresh.

  16. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Interesting concept dear… Plz continue.. And pairs,you decide…
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you

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    awesome update, about the pairs, its completely your wish i am ok with raglak or ragsan.

  18. nice love ragini

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  20. awesome and i m ok with both raflak or ragsan as far as ragini is lead

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  22. RagLak or Ragsan… no probs.. Ragini shud be der.. 😉
    Nice start anyways

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    Only Swasan ….
    awsm Dr …. waiting for next part

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  26. Wonderful

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      Thank you.

  27. Nice nd ragsan plzz

  28. Only swasan plz

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    Awesome … swasan and raglak ….

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