We complete each other (OS)

Hi guys
This is my first ever story on heavenly couple SWASAN
I know it will be boring .

So here r intro of characters

Swara Gadodia : A sweet simple girl. 21 years old  and doing MBA
Never proud of her richness or beauty. Bubbly and naughty .always brings smile to everywhere she goes
Believes in love.

Sanskar Maheshwari : A arrogant and ruthless businessman for outer world.
24 years old. But he cares for his family a lot. Doesn’t believe in love and loves his brother laksh a lot . Can do anything for him blindly.

Laksh maheshwari : Brother of sanskar. Love him a lot and can do anything for him. Swara’s classmate
Loves her deeply but never told her.

Shekhar and sharmistha : parents of swara.

AP and Dp : parents of sanskar and laksh.

So here start out story

Let’s enter into a big mansion which is decorated like a wedding is gonna happen.
Banner is held on top .let’s see it

Now camera is focused on bride room….wait o god she is sweating and whispering something “this is not happening. I will stop this wedding. Yes I will talk to SANSKAR. He will understand.”

Another room is shown where our prince sanskar was crying badly and shouting ” No this can’t happen. Nothing will happen ”

Swara barged into sanskar room and see him. She lost into past when everything started..


As swara is only child of shekhar and shomi, they pamper her a lot.
Like every morning swara is sleeping in her bed peacefully .
( little did she know that this  day will change her life )

Shomi came and wake her princess .
Swara woke up closing her eyes smiling.

Shomi : Again same dream na
Swara : ha maa .


Swara is in middle of a park.

Park is beautifully decorated with red and pink roses .

whole park is covered by ballons of white and blue.

A man is standing in the middle. she is facing his back.

He said I love you swara.

Swara ran and hug him and said i love you too

And then when he was about to turn her dream always broke due to one or other reason.

Dream ends

Swara open her eyes.
And then she got ready and ate bf.

At college
Swara was with her gang members when she received a call

On call
Swara : hello
Other person (op): hi sweetheart
Swara : who r u ?
Op : u dont know me. But i know about u totally.
Swara : whatttttttt
Op : yes and i love u more than anything in the whole world.
Swara : who the hell r u ?
Op : bye honey . Time  for class call u later

While swara is totally confused the other person is revealed as laksh.

Many days passed and swara and laksh became friends and laksh told his name as suraj.

Slowly swara also started liking suraj(laksh) and one dy he wanted to meet him .

She called him and told him that she want to meet him.

Suraj (laksh) thought to propose her as he know she likes him.
He told her to come to park.

At park

Laksh is checking all the  arrangements for last time.

Whole park is booked by him. As he wanted privacy.

Suddenly someone called his name. He turned and found his brother sanskar.

Sanskar : laksh !!! What r u doing here ?

Laksh : i came here for some work. But u here ?? U have important meeting na ??

Sanskar : yes but my car got repaired and i stuck here.

Laksh : bhai. I know repairing na.i will repair it . U dont worry.

Sanskar : ok. Do it fast.

Laksh goes from there. And sanskar is seeing all decorations.

Swara came wearing pink crop top and diamond ear rings with minimal makeup but looking like  a princess.

She was shocked seeing park.
It is same as in her dreams. She dont know what to do.

She saw the man.

And then she did what her heart told.

She ran and hug him and told i love you

Sanskar is already shocked by sudden hug. When he heard her confession. He became numb.

Laksh came and saw their hug. Tears formed in his eyes.he ran from their crying.

Sanskar pushed her and told her that he dont love her.

He left from there.

Swara sat down and cried. She looked around her surroundings. She found it empty. Then she thought that he (SANSKAR) is suraj.

Swara : oh god . so he is suraj. So now I will prove my love to u .
U r angry with me na because I came late and sudden proposal. I will make u mine.
This is Swara Gadodia challenge.

Saying this she went to home.

In Maheshwari Mansion laksh is crying like there is no tomorrow for him. And sanskar is confused as hell. what happened with him. Who is she??? Thinking all these he slept.

As swara is determined she found about the person in park(suraj) and came to know he is SANSKAR MAHESHWARI. And daily she used to stalk him.

One day

Sanskar is jogging like every day. Suddenly he heard a sweet voice. When he turn he find swara.

Sanskar : ufff. Not again. How many times I told u not to follow me??

Swara : who said I’m following u ? I always follow my heart. Which is now I gave to u.

Sanskar frustrated and angrily roared : Don’t u understand . I don’t love u. Get out from my sight.

As sanskar scold her swara ran from their crying. Sanskar felt pain in his heart seeing her tears. But ignored it

This is all seen by laksh. He thought there is a problem between them and decided to solve it as he loves both swasan a lot .

Swara sat on a bench and crying. Laksh came their.

Laksh : may I sit here devil?
Swara : yes (and later recognised what he said ) whatt me devil?
Laksh : yes. U look like exactly devil with those huge tears and puffy eyes.
Swara : (laughed and said ) oh. if  I’m devil then u r ghost.
Laksh and swara both fought for some time and burst out laughing

Swara : Thanks for making me smile . And I think I have known u .

Laksh : yes. I’m laksh from ur class.

Swara : ohhhh.  Bye laksh .I have to go
Laksh : call me lucky . I don’t like laksh. It makes me oldy.

Swara : (laughed and said) OK lucky . Bye

Like this days passed and sanskar also started believe in love. Laksh is cupid of love story of swasan. He always gave ideas to swara .

One fine and best day

At the same park

Sanskar checked all decorations . Now he is sure he is madly and deeply in love with swara .

Swara came in beautiful pink dress looking like a princess . she thought that her dream is coming true.

Sanskar is in middle of decorations . He turned and came in front of swara and kneel down and said

Sanskar : swara I don’t know any cheesy lines. I’m saying the words from my heart. I don’t know the power of love before u came in my life. U r first girl in my life. I began believe in love due to u. U made me live life and enjoy every moment of life. U gave light to my dark  world.
So now I’m coming to point
  Miss Swara Gadodia . will u become the love of my life?
Will u become Swara Sanskar Maheshwari ? Will u become mother of our child ??
Will u marry me shona ??

Swara is shocked to say anything.Her dream come true. She don’t know what to do. So she stands like statue.

She came out of her dreamland by sanskar pleading.

Sanskar : Swara plzz answer . My knees r paining.

Swara too knelt down and hug him tightly.

Swara : Mr.Maheshwari . My answer to all ur questions is yesss. Yes I would love to become Mrs.swara sanskar maheswari.
And I love u tooooooooo much

Swasan happiness has no bounds. They said about their love to their parents . As they r cool and open minded. They accepted swasan and fixed their marriage.

During all marriage rituals swara felt that some thing is wrong as she felt difference between suraj and sanskar.

At the day of marriage

Swara’s one best friend Neha called her and asked about laksh . Neha know that suraj is laksh. In fact it’s she who gave swara phone number to laksh.

Swara is shocked to answer anything.

She came to know that her admirer is laksh.And don’t know what to do.

That’s when swara came to sanskar room and saw him crying.

Flashback end

Swara is shocked to see sanskar crying.

Swara : Sanskar … y r u crying ??

Sanskar : He left swara . He left me forever.

Swara : who left u ?? And why ??

Sanskar : laksh left me . Take this letter and see .


To swasan
ufff u don’t know Na SWASAN means SWAra and SANskar

I love u both sooo much. And one thing swara I know now u came to know everything. Neha called me too. Soo now I’m saying
Yes swara I’m ur secret admirer . I loved u sooo much. But by seeing u both at park . I thought that u both love each other and Bhai is angry at u . So I helped u swara . And then Bhai also started loving u. I’m very happy for u both. But then I came to know that u thought Bhai as me (suraj). I know if came to know about my love for u swara . He will definitely sacrifice his love for me. But Im not selfish.And I had seen true love in both of ur eyes for each other.
Bhai and swara  I can’t see u guilty for what u haven’t done.
Soo I’m going from every one far away where no one can reach . Swara keep in ur mind that suraj is sanskar .
Don’t worry I will not leave u easily. I will soon come to u as ur son.
U have to bear me whole life.
Bhai take care of u and Bhabhi.

                                      With lots of love
Swara is shocked reading it. Sanskar is crying. Finally he said.

Sanskar : No I can’t let this happen.
Swara u love laksh Na . I will unite u both. It’s my promise.

Both swasan felt pain in their hearts.

They both ran from mandap.
everyone is seeing with open mouths. That bride and groom both eloping from marriage with hand in hand.

Sanskar got a call from laksh phone.
They tell about location

But before they could come. Laksh died.He jumped from the bridge.

Swasan cried like anything.

(Laksh already messaged his parents . That he loves a girl. And today is her marriage. So he can’t bear it. And he is doing suicide.)

After 5  years

Sanskar came from office very tired. Suddenly a small boy came and hugged him

Boy : papaaaa where is my ticket for IPL match between RCB and SRH

Sanskar : sorry beta . I totally forgotten about that . I was stuck in meeting.

Boy : Noooooooooo
( He shouted loudly that whole maheswari people came there. )

Women : Lakshhhhh …. what is this ??? Y r u shouting ???

Boy : mamma… papa forgot my match ticket.

Sanskar : offo. I just teased u. Take ur ticket . I booked tickets for all ur friends. Go and enjoy.

Boy : papa u r best.

Women : sanskar u r spoiling laksh. What’s all this ??

Sanskar : swara cool down.

Boy : mamma . papa is not spoiling me. And mamma
I told u many times call me lucky .

Saying this he ran out to tell his friends about tickets .

Where as swara remembered that in their first meeting laksh also asked her to call him lucky and she gone to flashback.

After laksh death

Swasan r broken . For sanskar laksh is more than a brother . He is like his child. He shares everything with sanskar.but doesn’t told him about him about swara .

For swara he is her best friend . He is her mentor and guru. And moreover he is her secret admirer.
She don’t know whether she love sanskar or suraj (laksh ).

She can’t take anymore and gone in coma.

Everyday sanskar used to come to swara house and tell her about his daily things. He pleads her to wake up.

One day

Swara is in a dark place. Suddenly a light came . A person came to her.

Swara : Lakshhhhh

Laksh : yes swara . I came from heaven to u.

Swara : laksh u r suraj . So I loved u Na. Y u left me ??

Laksh : No swara. We r not destined . And u don’t love me. It’s just u respect me and admire me.
Admiration is different from love.
True love is we cannot see our loved ones in pain. U felt pain if anything happens to Bhai. U felt jealous if any girl talks to Bhai. Swara Bhai loves u truly . He can do anything for your happiness and smile. U know swara Bhai is introvert . He never opens to anyone. But it’s u who made him enjoy every minute of life. It’s u who made him smile wholeheartedly. Bhai happiness lies in u swara . Once listen to him u will feel what I’m saying is true.

Saying this laksh disappered.

Swara thought for so much time and laksh each word is true. She decided to listen to sanskar.

As usual sanskar came and told her his daily doings. He explained her how her parents r suffering seeing their only child in this condition.

Sanskar : swara u know how much sumi ma is suffering. She is crying daily . Shekhar papa may not show but I know he is broken seeing ur state. Plzz shona come back. Everyone is waiting for u . I’m dying daily.

Yes . Ur neighbor lady said right. I’m the reason for all this. If at all I don’t come in ur life .now u will be with laksh living happily .yes I will go far away from u . Good bye shona . And I love u .

He began to stand but some one hold his hand strongly. Before he turn to see he felt a burning sensation in his cheek.

Sanskar (shocked ): shonaaaaa
(Yes its swara who slapped sanskar . He deserved it for talking such rubbish)

Swara : what shona ??? I’m listening for long . How can u talk about leaving me??? U idiot stupid .Get out of my room. I will not marry u.

She shouted at him soo loudly that shekhar sumi came and saw her and felt happy and sad for sanskar .

Finally after long 6 months they saw their  daughter talking . Their happiness has no bounds.and they called ap and dp.

Sanskar : nooo shona . I love u .I will not leave u . Plzzzzzz forgive me. And marry me.

Sanskar had to go lot of struggles to agree her to marry him.
Finally swara agreed.

But before marriage sanskar want swara to stand on her own. She is mad for singing. So she completed her studies in singing and become a successful singer.

And then swasan married.

Laksh kept his promise and reborn as their first child.

They kept laksh name to him.

Flash back ends

Swara thoughts broken by some crying. She immediately ran to cradle.

She saw her one year old daughter Vaishnavi sanskar Maheswari . Carbon copy of his father.

Sanskar came and take her . She stopped crying.

Swara : Dramebaaz .After all whose daughter is she (indicating to sanskar)

Before sanskar could answer laksh came and hugged both and said all his friends are happy.

They take many selfies.

Swara : Thank you sanskar for coming into my life and  I love u . I become complete due to u.

Sanskar : I think u r forgetting rule.   No sorry No thank u wala rule. And it’s u who completed me. U turned my life colourful. Love u tooo.

Swasan : We complete each other.

Screen freezes on happy faces on swasan small family and laksh who is seeing everything from sky and his smiling face.

So guys this is my story. Sorry if u felt it boring . But I thought to pen my story.

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