Complete or Incomplete???? (OS)


hey people, ridhima here. I am sorry i will not be able to update my ff roses and thorns regularly now bcz of my entrance exam. Sorry guys really i am feeling very bad….
This is a one shot for compensation and sorry.

Here we go

Swara and sanskar were standing a room in a hall desperately w8ing for smthng.
They were looking very tensed and ws holding eo hands tightly and
sanskar- swara calm down everything will be fine…
Swara- i hope so bt i am very tensed sanskar agar……
sanky- shut up swara!!!! everything will be fine…
i am here na.
swara- haan i know and u r more tensed than me.

after sometym a man comes out from a room and started announcing few names and at last he said Mrs. swara sanskar maheshwari and left.
both swasan were overjoyed and hugged eo.
sanky- i said na ki u will be selected in dance comp. see. I am soo happy….
Swara- I am also sooo happy. this is all bcz of u. i love u( with tears)
sanky- i love u tooo
now stop this emotional drama lets go to celebrate…
Swara nods and they both left.
They enjoyed their whole day by shopping, watching movies, going to beach etc. at last they came back to home. Sanskar prepared dinner for both of them wen swara goes to freshup…

At dinner tym
both were very happy and were feeding eo happily and enjoying their life like a normal couple jst perfect…..
swara- i luv u sanky
sanky- i luv u too
swara- i will miss u during competition
swara- why….matlab???
sanky- arre i will be going wid u to delhi so why will u miss me
swara-(extra happy) are u serious????
sanky- yes!! i can never leave u dear
swara- aww…. and kissed his cheeks.

then few days passses
they went to delhi and settled there itself.
One day swara ws practising her dance. Sanskar peeps thru the window bt he was caught. swara stops the music and
swara- sankar!! kya kar rahe hoo???
sanky- apni biwi ko dekh rha hoon, kyun koi problem hai
( sorry guys this original part conversation 😉 )
swara- nhi bt u cant see me while dancing..
sanky- why???
swara- bcz i want u to see in final, as it is especially for u….
sanky makes puppy face to melt her bt she is also swara( apne alawa kisi ki manti hai….nhi na toh yahan kaise 😛 )
Then a day before finale. They both were coming back to house bt before tht a tragedy takes place in their life.
yup they got their car crashed very badly. Sanskar was highly injured and swara got injuries on her leg…. bt she was more safe then sanky….
sanky was in the pools of blood. she ws numb on seeing him like that but somehow she managed to take him to hospital. He was admitted and was directly taken to ot. She waited outside the ot and was busy watching the red bulb….. That bulb was continously on for 7 hrs. she was praying for him and then finally her waiting came to an end and the doctors came out.. she rushed to them and asked abt her husband, her life, her sanskar……
doctor was nt looking happy bt was tensed.
doc- mrs. maheshwari he is stable right now bt don’t know for how long. He is not fully out of danger yet & next 48 hrs are really crucial for him. If he remains stable for nxt 2 days then it is ok otherwise we will nt be albe to do anything…..
swara- no nothing will happen to my sanskar. he will be fine.Can i meet him once?
doc- yes bt for a few minutes.
sanskar was shifted to general ward. swara ran to his ward. she reached their and was happy seeing that sanskar was conciouss bt next moment she saw the injuries and was totally hurt. She slowly went towards him wid tears in her eyes and sat beside his bed on a stool. and they both kept on staring at eo ad sat in silence for long tym wid tears in eyes of both.

sanskar- swara plz go and prepare for ur competition
swara- have u gone mad i will nt leave u like this
sanskar- arre i am f9 and u know this is my dream and i want u to hold that trophy plz for me
after struggling for sometym sanskar finally convinces swara….

Next day

swara goes to dance competition she totally forgot abt her injuries….

in the competition

it was now the tym for swaras performance

on stage
she came on stage reminds all her
moments wid sanskar. His confession, her rude behaviour, fake marriage, their separation due to kavita each and every moment

the song starts
Preet ki lath mohay aaisi laagi
Ho gayi main matwaali
Bal bal jaaun apane piya ko
He main jaaun vaari vaari
Mohay sudh budh naa rahi tann mann ki
Yeh toh jaane duniya saari
Bebas aur laachar phiru main
Haari main dil haari – 2

Tere naam se jee loon – 
Tere naam se marr jaaun – 
Teri jaan ke sadke mein kuchh aaisa kar jaaun
Tune kya kar dala marr gayi main mitt gayi main
Ho ji ha ji ho gayi main
Teri deewani deewani- 2
Tune kya kar dala marr gayi main mitt gayi main
Ho ji ha ji ho gayi main
Teri deewani deewani – 2

Ishq junoon jab hadh se badh jaaye – 2
Haste haste aashiq suli chadh jaaye
Ishq ka jaadu sar chadha kara bole – 2
Khoob laga lo pehre raste rab khole
Yahi ishq di marzi hain
Yahi rab di marzi hain
Yahi ishq di marzi hain
Yahi rab di marzi hain
Tere bin jeena kaisa
Haan Khudgarzi hai
Tune kya kar dala marr gayi main mitt gayi main
Ho ji ha ji ho gayi main
Teri deewani deewani – 4

Oh ho oh hoohhhh… 

He main rang rangeeli deewani – 2
Ke main albeli main mastani
Gaaun bajaaun sabko rijhaaun
He main dila zaram se begaani
Ke main deewani main deewani
Tere naam se jee loon tere naam se marr jaaun
Tere jaan ke sadle mein kuchh aaisa kar jaaun
Tune kya kar dala marr gayi main mitt gayi main
Ho ri ha ri ho gayi main
Teri deewani deewani
Teri deewani deewani
Teri deewani deewani
Teri deewani deewani…

At the end of the song she sits down crying and after sometym their ws no movement in her body….
and blood was oozing out from her leg heavily….
on the other side
in hospital
same tym he started breathing heavily…

and neither one of them was showing any response as if the souls had left their bodies at same tym…… at their respective places..

Their souls left their bodies bt they dont left eo even during death….

So what do u feel this story is complete or incomplete????

The end

How was it guys??? i am sorry i will be a irregular one till may 15 with roses and thorns…..

love u all

Credit to: ridhima

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      And i totally understand u dear bt some special things are not meant for us

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