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You complete me (Chapter 6)


Hello everyone.
Chapter 5 Here
Chapter 6
You are the most sweetest thing of my life and I hate to share you with anyone !!

Sanskar’s Pov.
The next day we were supposed to do a site visit and so we had a 2 hrs train journey. We had loaded our bags and were just being cozy on our berths.
sanskar : By the way, kabir called when you were loading your baggage. He wanted to know our plans for the day and I told him that we are tarvelling.
Kabir was our classmate. He and swara had been friends for a while and I hate him to the core. His is this one guy who’s every girl’s dream and every guy’s competition.
swara : why didn’t you give me the phone ?!!
sanskar : you were buzy.
swara : Ooho !!
She seemed to be angry. She got out of my hold and started finding her phone in her handbag. When she found it she started tapping on her phone furiously. After about 10 mins she looked back at me.
swara : you seem to be pissed.
sanskar : you know why !!
swara : No, let’s talk about it.
sanskar : I don’t want to. There is no point in talking about a guy who is probably better than me and likes my girlfriend.
swara : He doesn’t like me.
sanskar : but he is better, right ?!!
swara : he is not better for me.
sanskar : why can’t you just say that I am better.
swara : look sanskar I am with you right now and for me you are the best. I would prefer shoes from a street side shop than a gucci that doesn’t fit me.
sanskar : so that’s the difference huh ?!! gucci and a street side shop ?!!
swara : you are irritating me now.
sanskar : ohkay. fine. I back off.
swara : anyways how can you be so sure that he likes me ?!!
sanskar : I can tell by the way he looks at you and drools.
swara : accha. which means you have drooled at other women too ?!!
sanskar : I always move around with you by my side. how am I supposed to look at other women ?!! But yes, Put angelina jolie with nothing on then that might cause something.
swara : ohkay then. I think there is a empty bearth over there. I will just sit over there.
sanskar : what ?!! why are you being angry ?!!
swara : no sweets. I am not angry. I just want the best for you.
And with that she just stormed off. I knew I was being unreasonable. Train journeys are always romantic but the fight had just killed it !!

Laksh’s Pov.

My second day in the campus and I knew one thing that there was not a single guy who was not under ragini’s control. She was the diva of the college and a b*t*h for most of the guys who were out of her league. No doubt, that’s where the attitude came from.
I smiled as the memories of yesterday went through my mind. Our bodies were joint ti each other and we could feel each others heartbeat. I moved my lips to her quivering ones and she granted me permission by closing her eyes.
Suddenly and idiot shouted In the corridor and she came back to her senses. Dammn that guy !!
She opened her eyes and realised what was about to happen. She blushed and moved away. She was about to leave the washroom when I held her hand and turned her around.
laksh : Would u give me the honour of asking you out for a date ?!!
She gasped for a minute by my sudden question. She fumbeled for words.
rags : you ought to earn the priviledge.

So here I was today standing at the doorstep of ou canteen with the motive of proving to be worth of a date with ragini !!
I found her sitting with her friends and laughing at some random joke. I went to there adjusent table and stood up on the table top. I blew a wistle to gather everyones attention.
I held a playcard with ragini’s photo on it. I looked straight into her eyes. She was giving me a tough look.
laksh : hello people. I am laksh maheshwari. I am here because there’s this girl (pointing towards rags photo) who has stolen my heart. she is the most beautiful ,smart and funny girl I have ever met. I have given her my heart no matter what her answer would be. it would be my priviledge to get my heart broken by her. please ragini do me an honour and come for a date with me !!
I had gone on my knees in front of her by the end of my speech. she sat there perplexed. By then the whole canteen was chanting “yes,yes,yes ” but I needed to hear those word from her mouth.
so I waited and waited and waited until my knees hurt !!
End of chapter 6
Precap : Ragini’s answer and swasan getting drenched in rain !!
Please do comment guys so that I come to know that people are interested in my story.

Credit to: Murphy

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