You complete me (Chapter 4)


hello everyone.
Chapter 4
Love changes u as a person. It either makes u sweet or bitter !!
laksh’s Pov
It had been 6 hrs and 45 mins since I meet her and I was just not able to keep her out of my mind.
I needed to know about her. She was very curt about her replies when I had asked her about her life. There was something in this girl that I just couldn’t let her goo…
laksh : Bro, since how much time do u know swara and ragini ?!!
sanskar : I know them since five years. Swara and I used to study in same class so we became friendz and ragini was swara’s betterhalf so I got her as a complementary gift.
laksh : ohh…why is ragini soo much introvert ?!!
sanskar : I too don’t know the actual reason. I just know that there was this guy in her life and he broke her heart. Since then she is all rude,arrogant and full of attitude. She is also the college diva.

laksh : ohkay. Thankx bro for the help.
sanskar : Listen laksh. Don’t try to hit on her. Since that guy happened,swara has been keeping a close look on the guys in ragini’s life. she has kicked,slapped,punched and done a lott of things with the guys who asked rags out. soo just be careful !!
laksh : Well I don’t guess swara would do anything like that with me.
sanskar : anyways I am sleeping now. Have office tomarrow and all the best for ur first day at symboisis
laksh : gunnite bro.

Sanskar’s Pov
“Hey !” I waved my hand from the lift itself. She looked and ignored my frantic hand movements and turned back to her computer screen. I walked slowly through the cubicles on both sides and smiled at the people who knew me . Most of them knew where I was heading to.
sanskar : Good morning sunshine.
As I went near her, her perfume hit my nostrils. The perfume was my anniversary gift to her and she had vowed to wear it every single day. She had made the fragnance as her own.
swara : what the hell were u doing there ?!!
She asked angrily as she looked at me. With her frowning eyebrows and wide open eyes she looked nothing less than a cute puppy.
sanskar : I was just excited to see you.

swara : you don’t have to show the entire floor that u were excited !!
sanskar : What ?!! Everyone knows that we are together.
swara : Not the bosses. They don’t know about us.
sanskar : So what ?!! what if they know ?!!
swara : They are old people sanskar. They don’t understand all this.
sanskar : What all this ?!!
swara : That I am seeing you and we are in love !!

And here we goo again. This had been the reason for all our fights in the last one month. Swara and her professionalism. She had given me a list of things that I should do and I shouldnt . She was a Goddam professional and carrer orriented woman.
But she was my women and I loved her to the core.
So here was chapter 4.
Did u like swara and sanskar’s first day at offie ?!! Do let me know and any suggestions are welcomed !!
Recap : laksh’s first day at college. Ragging. Ragini saving laksh from getting into trouble !!
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Credit to: Murphy

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