You complete me (Chapter 3)


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Chapter 3
When friendship turns into love its the best form of love.

Ragini’s Pov
As soon as I entered the ice cream parlour I could see three pairs of eyes staring at me. I knew two of them but who was the third one ?!!
He looked nothing but hot.Those long black hair falling over his forehead. That well built body which the white Tshirt couldn’t hide. Those dark brown eyes looking in my direction. His lips crafted a perfect lazy smile and I guess my heart skipped some beats !!
I walked upto them.
rags : hii sanskar.
sanskar : hii rags. Meet my brother laksh.
laksh : Hello beautiful.
rags : Hii handsome.
sanskar : You guys talk, we will just take a walk.
And with that swara and sanskar walked out of the ice cream parlour.
rags : They might take long so let’s sit and order something.
laksh : yeah sure. So what do u do ?!!
rags : Studying. Second year. Medical.
laksh : Me too. I have just taken admission in symboisis.
rags : well that’s my college.
laksh : so what do you think about swara and sanskar.
rags : they look good together.
laksh : I think they are in love. 3 years is a long time !!
rags : well love is just conceptual. When people fall short of things to do , they prefer falling in love. You end up getting hurt that’s it.
laksh : I think love is like ur favourite ice cream no matter how much you try u can’t resist it.
rags : u sound like a kid.
laksh : you sound thirty.
rags : Not funny.
laksh : Neither were you.
rags : Ahaa ! The kid has teeth !!
I said and laughed. He smiled !!
Swara’s Pov
Ten days ago we were going through the interviews for summer interships and now here we were just a day to go before joinning office.
swara : I really am nervous.
sanskar : hey. look at me . I am more nervous than you. I don’t even deserve this job. Had it not being you I wouldn’t have got it.
swara : I just changed the order of the interview and nothing else. I did not want you and me to work for different companies.
sanskar : Yeah so you went to the guy and flashed the best of ur smiles. As expected he had fallen for ur charms and I got the job.
swara : I know I am kick ass !! That was good.
sanskar : good ?!! That was awesome.
swara : yeah. You were good. I was awesome.

I remembered people talking about the interview fiasco and calling me names. sanskar using his girlfriend to get the job was the talk of the college. It did hurt when people said things behind my back but I tried my best not to show it. As I was thinking about it my eyesight became blured due to the unshed tears !!
sanskar : Aww !! What happened ?!!
swara : am I a sl*t ?!!
sanskar : Look I know what u r talking about. Just forget it and move on. Be happy afterall we got internships in the same company.Anyways u r just mine and they don’t matter, We doo !!

He said and kissed my forehead. He was the best boyfriend one could get. He has been with me through thick and thine and that’s why I can’t afford to loose him.
He is my once in a lifetime .
precap : A talk between the brothers. Some secrets and some mystery. Swara and sanskars first day at office !!!
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Credit to: Murphy

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