You complete me (Chapter 2)


Hii everyone.
chapter 1 :

Chapter 2
The best thing about love at first sight is that it saves a lott of time !!

Sanskar’s Pov

I had been waiting at the airport since the last four hours for my brother but there was no sign of him. I still remember the day he left me and went to london for his studies. He was the smarter one and had got a scholarship so he left me 5 years ago.
It was also five years ago that I meet my sunshine. My Swara !! she instantly became my best friend and slowly our friendship evolved into love. Its been 3 years that we are together and I feel like I am the luckiest man alive. She is my reason to live !!
well I also got ragini in my life because of swara. It was a buy one get one free offer !!
Rags is a bold,beautiful and hot chick while swara is a sweet,chirpy and childish girl. They are poles apart but still together they can rule the world.
I really am looking forward to the moment when they meet my bro. But that’s possible only if his flight lands today !!

Laksh’s Pov

I hate it when flights are delayed !!
I will late by 5 hrs and I was sure that sanskar was gonna eat me raw. The moment I saw him I crushed him with a bear hug. I had missed him more than anything else.
we got into the car and he drove us home. After we reached home he informed me that we were supposed to meet someone.
great, now that’s what I needed after a back breaking flight !!
I couldn’t rufuse him so I got ready in my ripped jeans and white T shirt and he took me to an ice cream shop near our house.
we waited for about 20 mins and then I saw a cute. bubbly girl walking towards us. she came and hugged bhai !!
sanskar : hii love. how are you ?!!
swara : I am good.
sanskar : anyways swara meet laksh my brother he just returned from london today !!
laksh : hii
swara : hello laksh.
laksh : you are too beautiful to be my babhi.
swara : well thank you for the compliement.
sanskar : where’s ragini ?!!
swara : she is parking the car. well here she comes !

That was the last sentence I heard. I had passed out for few seconds for sure. My heart skipped a beat or two or maybe it stopped beating all together. B was breath takingly beautiful. She was a dream. she had a eyes of a month old child,big and screaming for attention. Perfectly drafted nose,flawless pink lips and milky white complexion. I just couldn’t stop looking at her. but more than her beauty,the attitude that she carried was fabulous !!
I guess I was falling in love !!
My first love at first sight.

this was chapter 2.
its SwaSan and RagLak at the end.
laksh and sanskar are brother living seperately since last 5 years.
I would like to clarify that raglak are younger to swasan. raglak are still studying while swasan are employeed at a banking firm !!
Please do let me know ur feedback !!
I am new to this family and I hope u all will welcome me !!

Credit to: Murphy

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