You Complete Me By Anisha (prologue, intro and episode 1)


“You Complete Me” is the story of two lovers, who are on the verge of breaking up. Sanskar and Swara know each other since long, but Sanskar does not take the relationship ahead. He senses his mother is unhappy with his relation with Swara. He wants to call it quits, owing everything to his mother. He tells Swara how he lost his father when he was 10 year old, and then saw his mother raising him all alone. He recalls all the sacrifices made by his mother and understands his mother’s sentiments without the need of expressing it. Swara asks him whether his mother rejected her. He tells her that his mother didn’t, but he has understood it well.

Swara asks him to understand her silence too and leaves the decision on Sanskar alone to decide for the future.

The beautiful love story will showcase a son-mother relation as well, and will depict how a man has to balance all his relations to take his love relation ahead in his life.


Sanskar Maheshwari : A business tycoon, loves his family, especially his mother a lot.

Swara Bose : A nutritionist by profession.

Annapurna Maheshwari : Sanskar’s mom.

Neha, Anjali and Nikita Maheshwari : Sisters of Sanskar.

Vikram Gadodia : Maternal Uncle of Sanskar.

Sujata Gadodia : Vikram’s wife.

Shekhar Bose : Swara’s father.

Sharmishtha Bose : Swara’s mother.

Sorav Bose : Swara’s brother.

Scene 1:

A man gets down from his luxurious Audi in black tuxedo and pants and steps into a big building engraved as ‘MAHESHWARI COMPANIES’. He looks at the building and smiles contently while stepping out of the car.

Everyone greets him a good morning as he enters into the office and he nods and leaves. Behind him, accompanies one of his employees.

“Good Morning, Sir” his PA greets and he greets her back. “Sir Mr. Bose is waiting for you and you have a meeting with Mr. Oberoi at 4 in the evening. And then you have another one with Mr. Stephens, the client from London”

“Okay!” he smiles and enters into the legal department cabinet.

“Sanskar Sir, your deal is final. But I can give you a better deal than this. See this another bungalow in GK2, 4,500 square feet. It’s only five minutes away from M Block market. Have you watched the Hero movie? It’s shooting was done on this plot… Director Surojit Sarkar. Bengali hai (He’s a Bengali)! And this one” the brooker shows another plot “This is of Durjoy Rai…” and he’s cut off in between by Sanskar.

“The papers are ready…”he utters looking onto the brooker, Mr. Bose.

“I have checked the papers, you can sign on them” the advocate says and he signs them.

“Sir you are giving too much amount for this place. Rather than this place, with this much amount of money you can get a nice bungalow in a wonderful place” Mr. Bose speaks.

“We can surely get a bungalow but not a home” he smiles at him “And I want a home not a bungalow”

“You are very emotional just like me. When I watched ‘Pareenita’ no, Pradeep Sir’s film, I cried lots at the end”

“Take the sweets” Sanskar’s PA offers him a box of sweets and he takes two using both of his hands.

“Thank You” and he laughs.

“The entire box is for you” Sanskar replies and he almost snatches it in a go.

“Sir you’re quite different. You bought a house for seven crores that too in a place where….”

“Where there’s no big business man residing?” Mr. Bose nodes “Because although the tree grows taller but he never leaves his roots”

Scene 2:

A crowd place is shown and Sanskar along with his mother Annapurna is travelling in a car. Annapurna looks out onto the street where they once used to reside. It looks like a slum, not the dirty ones but still a place where common people reside with small houses around.

“Ma, you are crying?”

“Nahi toh (Nothing like that)” Annapurna wipes her tears.

“Toh fir yeh asu kaisi? (Then why are those tears coming out?)”

“There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love. But this is of happiness!” she smiles at him and he hands her a handkerchief. “If your father have been alive….”

“Wherever papa is he must be proud of you. Like how you have handled us and our childhood, no one could do that” he keeps his hands on hers and consoles her. They both smile at each other and head towards their new bought home.

Scene 3:

“Did you watch out Neha di’s room? It’s so big and beautiful” Nikki hops around and informs Anjali.

“Then what are we waiting for, let’s go and have a look” they wink at each other and reach Neha’s room who’s been standing beside the window and looking outside.

“Neha di” the Duo shout and run into her room whilst she simply smiles at them.

“Nikki, Sanskar bhai knew that how much Neha Di loves butterflies. See he has decorated the entire room with it”

“Yes! Anjali di. It’s so beautiful!!.. Neha di will get married in few days then this entire room will be mine… Awww…. How beautiful!!..”

“No… It’s my room and it will always remain mine” Neha defends and Nikki makes faces.

“Anways di, did you like the room?”

“It’s good” she smiles unsatisfactoryly “As usual… It’s after all only a room”

Sanskar holds Annapurna and brings her into the house and tears flows through her eyes again. She smiles and cries at the same time.

“Annu” someone calls her from behind.

“Bhaiya” she hugs the man and cries.

“Why you have to shed tears as always? It’s a happy moment!” Vikram says.

“One of the greatest titles in the world is parent, and one of the biggest blessings in the world is to have parents to call mom and dad. Today my child has grown so big bhaiya and I don’t know how much proud I’m of him!”

“It’s all because of you Annu” Vikram hugs her.

“No bhaiya, all what I did is what every mother does but my son, my son is the one who’s behind this success” she smiles and pats Sanskar’s shoulder.

Sanskar takes his mom to take a look at the house. Annapurna is in awe seeing everything. Finally comes the kitchen….

“Your best friend, Ma” she nods with him and smiles. “Okay wait I’ll get the keys for the hawan kund”

“You have kept a pooja for the house?”

“Yes Ma, only for you” he says and walks out.

“Where are the keys bhaiya?”

“Sir, Mr. Bose forgot to give it to us”

“Okay, I’ll ask him. You continue with your work” the worker nods and leaves.

Sanskar calls Mr. Bose and on the other side….

Matargashti khuli sadak mein
Tagdi tadak bhadak mein
Ole gire sulagte se
Sulagte se sadak mein
Chhatri na thi bagal mein
Aaya hi naa akal mein
Ke bhaage hum ya bheege hum
Akad mein toh socha phir

A girl comes out from the bathroom in with wet hairs, dancing on the song. Applying lipstick, she sets her hair and dances on the song.

Geela hua hai wo sukhana ho
Chahe zanana ya mardana ho
Phainka naya paasa
Phir de gayi jhansa
Aive mujhe phaansa
Chirkut zindagi yun na

Tu hi hai wo
Jisne khenchi meri dhoti dhoti khenchi
Abb tu dhoonde kaha bande
Na main Kaaba, Kaashi
Main twitter pe hoon
DP meri dekho ho o..

Suddenly she hears the ringtone of a buzzing phone and goes into the drawing room of her house to see who’s calling.

Sunn re sun beliya
Dil ne dhokha diya
Aankhein mili tum se naazani
Mere hosh o hawaas ko gaye
Ho dil ka bhanwar boley sun sathiya
Chhup na dupatte mein tu oh chaliya
Prem pujari ke dil ka bayaan
Hota raha rota raha priye
Toh phir..

Tang tang tang ta..
Ding da ding ding da..

“Hello! Bose speaking” she whispers and it’s none other than Swara, Dr. Swara Bose.

“Mr. Bose?” Sanskar asks from the other side.

“No it’s Ms. Bose. Sorry but who are you?”

“That’s none of your business… Give your phone to Mr. Sorav Bose. I need to talk to him”

“Apni nige ke nige ektu beshi oversmart mone koren? (You think you are oversmart?) Badmash! Sugar ke bad bhi mithai? (Even after being diabetic you’re taking sweets?)” she gets the sweet packet that Sanskar offered Mr. Bose. “Maa er adorer chele bole jaa chao tai korbe (You’re apple of mom’s eyes means you will do whatever you want?)”

“What?” Sanskar is shocked as well as he doesn’t knows what she is speaking.

“I mean… You’re apple of mom’s eyes means you will do whatever you want?”

“What nonsense?” he gets angry.

“Oh sorry I wasn’t telling you. Why are you screaming? Whom do you want to talk with?”

“I want to talk with Mr. Sorav Bose. It’s his number right?”

“Yes.. Actually bhai isn’t home. He must have left his phone here. Nowadays he is quite lost, I think he should take vitamin B12”

“Listen Mam, when will he return?”

“I don’t know. You message your name and I’ll inform him”

“I am Sanskar Maheshwari. Tell him when he returns. Thank you” and he hangs the phone immediately.

“Sanskar Maheshwari” she makes a poker face “VIP culture. Neither they speak nor let others speak. Huh…”

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