The compensation – an Arshi story; Part 1 (Pehli Nazar Mein)

Pehli nazar mein…..

“That deer , she is the one, perfect!!!!”, thought arnav to himself. He was here , in the Mrugsarovar forest in search of a deer whose skin he could gift to his dear mother for it was her birthday today.

His mother, empress Mayuri wasn’t biologically his mother , she was just his father’s first wife when he was born .When arnav ‘s biological mother , Sunayana died due to illness when he was 5,Mayuri decided to accept him as her own son even though she already had a son ,shyam and a daughter , anjali. Arnav loved his new mother many times more than he did the original one and her wish was his command.

He followed the deer deep into the forest trying not to lose track of her, but she seemed to be too fast for him .Too fast for him!!!!Him, the best everything a person could be .This deer was certainly some magic , nonetheless, he would have nothing but the best for his mother.

Suddenly he lost sight of her .where could she have vanished he thought. That was when he heard a feminine voice which was coming from near the waterfall. ”the deer must have been a witch in disguise “,he thought.

But the voice seemed soft and caring unlike that of witches . suddenly the voice stopped. there was a silence for a while. Then came a sound as if the deer was drinking water. arnav thought it to be a good opportunity to kill the witch and also gain the he inched closer towards the waterfall and took aim. but what he saw there left him astonished.

There was no witch but only a beautiful maiden slowly drinking water from the stream. the deer was standing beside her .he couldn’t see her face properly. her long hair flowed till the ground protecting her face from others eyes. Her thin hands slowly took some water in her palms and offered it to the deer who happily obliged .”you must be very tired , right .good you followed the tactic which I taught you otherwise only devi maiyya knows what would have happened . “

Arnav stood there breathless . he couldn’t grasp the situation properly. The deer he was chasing wasn’t a witch but some friend of this mysterious girl who had taught the deer to escape hunters !!!!may she be a witch or not but he certainly was bewitched by her. but where was she now ??

She has disappeared and so has the deer. ”what the!!!!!” .

Don’t worry, Arnav singh raizada writes his destiny on his own and he shall find the girl and make himself her destiny ,he swears on that lotus symbol on the girl’s right arm………………

Hello hi bye bye and as you all might have guessed the girl is KHUSHI aur ek baar jo ASR ne commit karli ki who khushi ko apni destiny banaayega tab to woh apni Anjali di ki bhi nahi sunega!!!!!!!

Maine Anjali aur shyam ko bhai behen bana diya !!!!!

PS: ANJALI and shyam are arnav’s step elder brother and sister .currently shyam is 25, Anjali is 22 and arnav is 21 while khushi is sweet seventeen.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    royal story on arshi is interesting. Arnav following the deer and seeing khushi was nice.khushi had trained the deer how to escape from the she a normal girl or not?she seems to be mysterious.
    banner is it a painting or an edit?

    1. Samyukta

      The banner is a painting not made by me credit to lerina garifullina.
      And khushi os a normal girl. Thanks for commenting

  2. Jasminerahul

    this may be the first ff where shyam anjali are siblings

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