Hello everyone, I am writing this article on who is the best mum between Shagun and Ishita ..

Actually in my point of view , I strongly believe that Ishita is the best mum for her kids as she knows what is right and what not. Moreover she also wins the heart of her kids by not the dirty tricks like Shagun plays. She is also the most balanced woman when it also comes to managing her work and we had seen it in day before and yesterdays episode that how much she was worried for Adi for winning the heart of Alia’s grandma and concerned for him..She is more than a mother for her kids like a best friend. As we know that Ishita married Raman for the sake of Ruhi and moreover she proved on to be a best wife for him by helping him to sort out his problems and she also has helping nature . She also helped Ruhi to get out of her trauma by giving the whip to her and asking her to hit Nidhi with the whip.. I also would say that she boosts the confidence of her kids as we had seen aftermath the earthquake where Adi realises that Ishita is the best because she believed that Adi was also a part of her life and also she risked her life to save Ruhi from a potential car accident while saving a puppy..

Coming to Shagun , she is just a money minded woman. For her kids don’t matter while all her designer and appearance matters for her.. as we had seen in the earthquake that when Adi was trapped in the ring of fire and Ishita asked help from her and she selfishly runs away from the fire… And she also left a 6 month old Ruhi for the sake of Ashok only for money and she also used Adi to get rid of Ishita by saying bad about her but Adi realised how much bad she is and coming to the case of Pihu, she is using her also..As we had seen in yesterdays episode that how much she was concerned for her designer…but that little girl would have died of asphyxiation and carbon monoxide but she doesn’t know that Ishita is her real mum for her and Shagun also made her so ill mannered kid that she gave an expensive mobile to her…she doesn’t have any kind of attachment with Pihu as I had been observing since the leap as Ruhi and Ishita had.

But coming to my final conclusion, I say that Ishita is 1000 times better that Shagun because she teaches good to her kids and moreover she is also a woman with a heart of gold.. but circumstances proved her to leave Pihu when she was 3 days old which was brought out of Raman’s stupid decision and I say that Ishita is still the best mum … and if Ishita were there in place of Shagun for Pihu, she would have the same kind of bond which she had with Ruhi before the leap… she would do what not to help her kids in many ways like as Pihu was hungry and Shagun did not heed her plea and left her in a car to die moreover she is also using her in a way to insult Ishita…one thing Shagun knows is that she bribes others.. If Ishita were there , she would cancel her important works and first think about Pihu and the get back to her work because for Ishita, kids come first then only anyone while for Shagun, only her high society needs come to her first then only Pihu….

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  1. U r right

  2. S u r right.

  3. Ur absolutely right. Ishu is 1000 times best than Shagun. Shagun would have left the little Pihu die if Ishu didn’t save her at the right time. Very good update.

  4. Of course ishita is the best !!

  5. Arshi

    Anyways its just a smerial where good people will be good till they die.. and will serve for the family in the cost f their life…

    And bad people will be tat much worst tat even if they sit jn their hom to see their own character.. they would not prefer to watch????

    I mean… in serial… they should shape the characters first…. how can they show such worst character… also such best character…

    As no can be like tat.

    Shagun cared for pihu much… but suddenly her love became selfish.. when ishita came back…wat the crap is this…. of we the viewer s stupid .. then they would even show tat… madhu(ishus mother) was planning all this from beginning.. to get her daughter married to a rich man

    And this may arise as a new problem to raman ishita ??

    No offense.. i just expressed my view… not tat i dont like this.. but tat i liked it.. and they r ruinung this show…

  6. Kumud

    U are right totally agree with u

  7. please turn shagun positive

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