“There are things in life we don’t want to happen….
But there are things,we have to accept,despite we don’t want to know,
And have to learn, the people we can’t live without,
But have to let go…..”
“Well life is like a photography,
We have to use the negatives to develop……..”
Well, that unexpected reply from him was a 1000 Volt jhatttka (shock),
What!!! That guy that, irritating guy just, hmmm.….
Well thinking about the heart broken, blushing cous………….
She looked at him angrily, and showered glares, and caught him by his T-shirt and, made a forcible eye contact,
He sweated badly, her eyes red with fury,
And she yelled at him,

Her words weren’t coming out properly , as anger consumed even her common sense, and she was out of her senses,
As if she was in her senses when with him…. 😛
She was grinding her teeth in anger, we shadows, were also furious,
She let him go with a jerk, somehow, he managed not to fall,
We joined the scene and Mr.Rep……. he was now the Mr. angry,
Without hearing a word or giving a chance to defend he burst out on him saying,
“I-I thought you were emotionally challenged like your bro, and unaware of the facts, b-b-but you Cheat girls,…..”

And the junior guy was,forcibely thrown on the ground,
He kept on gazing at us who were pacifying the young heartbroken lady,
She cried , and kept crying , on the other side…………
World Wrestling champion MR.Representative VS the junior guy
Well normally fights are enjoyable,but this one wasn’t,
Soon the junior guy was bleeding badly,
Soon my sweet love entered the scene………..
Who the hell in this world tell him………………
Well ♥♥ he♥♥ was there with a cute girl this time who seeing this violence hid behind ♥♥ him♥♥,
And ? he—he—-he just shifted her to his back, and asked her go for a safer distance, ??
Well get to one side MR.R——- first my question for him your step bro my love….. my secret crush then your fight,

All this just remained to me only, I was first only burning in jealousy, but his ♥ wording worked as fuel, and I was into ashes now,
As the fight was interrupted, the matter was narrated to him♥ , he investigated the matter sensibly, all were given a chance to defend and Matter sorted,
And it was revealed the junior heard our talk at the , exhibition while we were fixing the model, and couso was his crush, and he loved him, and a day before he saw her with me so decided to talk and clarify the matter,

The brothers United, all happy happy………
But I burned hearing those words, “she’s my quite an old friend”
Old friend what does it mean? Could it be??………
Why…………….. just…………………
Well we all decided for a picnic to celebrate, I refused stating I was I was…

Couldn’t decline his♥ request and went there , to burn more, as he♥ was focusing more on her,
I was a sidekick , all were busy in their own romantic dates, and I was all alone stuffing in pain, with that naughty li’l brat………

Next we went home no-one just none neither of siso’s bothered to check my saddy look, irritated,and cheeky replies all they were concerned were their newly found ♥♥♥
And they kept on blabbing blabbing and blabbing about it,
And I was ignored and kicked to the corner, I kept quiet…………
Got depressed and just vanished…………
The next was solace…………

Solitarity,destitution, lonesomeness of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Who cares whether the words mean same, but all it is bigggg loneliness……
Its not that I didn’t try to……..
But all failed and I was a loner………
Thank u

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  1. nice richu

  2. what was that. I mean i didn’t completely understand the couples. plzz give it some clearly yaar. who is in love with whom. Ok for now i understood all brothers r united n happy. N our heroine is left n alone. N she will be now trying new things to forget all this.

    Richu ur sayings r tooo deep dear. i like them a lot. Thank u.

  3. Who proped whom
    who fought with whom
    what happened after hero’s entry

  4. Hey ruby manha dia thanxy 4 readin nd
    mr.R & JUNIR BOY FIght nd junir guy prop cus
    pairs frmd were
    ♥he &cute grl
    mr rep nd siso
    junior guy nd cousin sis
    lol hope it cleard (>.<)
    lol nxt update m cnfusn wil b cleard also manhu yup many of ma wrds hav double meaning nd quotes are always interelated be it with nxt epi nd if u analise kafi kuch naya hoga lol nd i lov clevr writin chahe wrds simple h par meaning deeg h bidu locha h locha 😛 lol

  5. Luv it a looooooooooooot more than u can imagine ..infinity ……?

  6. Di what will be the no. Of next part


  7. Well things are a little confusing here but I love the scene narrating by you dear.
    If feels like imagining more and more . and reach to the depth of the people and the jealously part is too much enjoyable

    I like the part dear it is such a sweet story .

    Love u richu

    love u dia, devga, manhu roma, ammu, hello jwala love u all.

    keep smiling

    once a friend always a friend.

    1. luv u too dear …………… take care sweet heart ……….

  8. Luv u 3 nishu

  9. Love you nisha …. Missed u … Hwau ??
    Y u not updating ur story dear PLZ update …

  10. Wow wat writing skills u have my sweetie pie richu ….
    Awesome thanks for acls …
    Atlast bharat milap toh ho hi gaya na ….

    • with wat reason both united ??

    • who the hell is this cute girl ??

    • Mr rep is step bro of hero and junior boy right ??

    • mr .rep is he in between junior boy and our hero or elder to our hero ???(in age )

    • Wen WIL our hero realise his love ??

    • Wen WIL hero heroine confess each other??

    Haha I am bombarding you with lot of questions …. No problem slowly u answer all ….

    Hi nisha, dia, jwala ,Ruby how r u al ???

  11. richa (titli)

    kikll u aalllll haha!!! LOL sholly 4 late replies thanx 4 read nish manha nd krishy and ameena u missin ??
    and u allll sweet ppl sory 2 confus actually emo update i myself confused 😛
    do read nish nd krish http://www.tellyupdates.com/a-common-love-story-xxxvi/comment-page-1/#comment-831733

  12. Egjam (exam) tumhara h ques main ans kal rahi hu
    wel sabko cnfusoni h bcoz mane bhut khatarnak edit kia 😛 3 updates ko1 me dala hope nxt m aisa na ho 😉
    ♦they are united bcz chote bhai ki akad kam hui,aur usne sab suna project tym aur woh bs bha u kha rha tha ,bhai bhai ladai 😉
    ♣ cute grl ♥ ki rah ka roda hai hero ki old bff
    ©yep mc.rep iz stepz broz of junir gai/guy nd heroz
    ™ milstr repu bla (bda/eldest) hai
    ®bhn lov stoly h lov toh realise kalega hi lol tum bolo jab karvayen realise hum tab
    (≖_≖ )♥☺ cnfesh valentine day kho i vl drag nd drag sepratan til Vd hahahahaha 😛
    itni mehnt lagi muje 😛
    Vapas ane pe pleaso link chk klna and ghapla h bada whan nd cmnt ok sab
    dia dr nd minl dbt clr na

  13. Richuuuuuuu….that was amazing..I swear it was amazing…loved it…I read it 2 day ago but commenting now…sorry…I’m like a silent reader of ur story…sorry I’m usually busy so don’t get enough time but I will try to comment whenever possible…k bye…luv u

    1. richa (titli)

      koi naa lov u dr tc and time management 🙂

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