“Zindagi ki har rah par naye log milenge,
Milenge kahin toh zayada kahi milenge kam……
Milenge zara soch samajh ke,
AITBAAR karna…..
Kyunki……… zaroori nahi har mad pe hum milenge……”

“Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there”
“A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost”
Zara dhyaan se padhiyega us shaayari iske ander kaafi,gehri bhaavnayen hai doston….
It was day four, we took a rest in the park and the young kid fell asleep, and we rested him on the bench……
Soon we saw our target approaching and ran for hiding, but there was no time to……
So ammm….. we………
We left the kid on the bend and hid ourselves for spying,
The main issue at the moment was that why is he in the park??
The child , who cares about that naughty troublemaker,
He came and stopped by the bench and stared at him,
His eyes were full of love for the kid, not pity…..
And he after thinking a while gently took the child’s head and kept it on his lap,
That naughty brat who was fast asleep, opened his eyes a bit and spoke gibberish, and rubbing his eyes , and spoke something on hearing which we were ready to take him on a remand on his return…………..
“ Di sorry I slept, hope not for long, what about the mission , did u catch sight of the scape goat?? Have the target been bombarded ? I mean did you ……. As his vision cleared he shouted in surprise,
He looked around and we were to be found nowhere and looking at the target near him he burst into tears,
He tried to pacify him but all in vain, and that clever gullible kid………
He stopped crying on being bribed a chocolate, that to a big one and an ice-cream and some tasty snacks,
The big smile on his face said it all , he was not at all scared just wanted to trick , him for the eatables,

Then he acted innocent and his puppy face really, made him sentimental and he believed him,
They waited there for a while as to there were chances of the Childs familycome there looking for him,
It was evening and would soon grow dark, and dark was dangerous so he decided to drop the child at the police station,
If they went to police station then we are doomed ,
Police would spare us but elders wont,
We began thinking of a plan and that kid just looked small but his brain ran really fast,
On their way he acted as if being familiar with the place , and remembering his way back home,
No, NO way we can’t let him reach home with…….
So the cous sis entered the scene acting as if looking for him, while we continued following them as shadows, behind the scenes,
And as she saw them she hugged her li’l bro tight, and they acted crying ,
She slapped him hard for running away,
REALLY!!!! was that really happening ?
I wanted to do that since long and……
Ok after that crisp slap his cheek went , red like ripened tomato, well he really had it for……
And she scolded him in an elderly sisterly way, and went on continuously without a break , no matter how much we signaled her called on phone , hit her with pebbles,
She ignored all……….
He smiled seeing them, and put his hand on that brats shoulder,and said
“Hey kiddo looks like, you got your sis back she was quite worried for you,”
E looks at him teary eyed and rubs his cheek, while that girl that freak just gazed at him,
The target moved his hand and gently moved his fingers between the childs hair,
( uske sir ko pyaar se sehlaaya I m not getting the accurate wording plss suggest)
And said “that’s not a bashing it’s the elder siblings, only some lucky ones get it”
We looked at him in shock , and then , he scratched his head and looked at them confused as , they were in awkward posture,
The girl snatching her brothers chocolate,
He smiled and turned, she sulked and stammered while saying a thank you,
The lil angel moved and took a promise to meet there tomorrow , and took his leave,

We all let out a sigh of relief,
As he left we rushed towards them, and her face yes her face was damn red, she was blushing, as we teased her she made an excuse of the vermillion surroundings, the color that the setting sun gave it…..
The next we had a serious talk on the way, and slept peacefully………..
Well that small success wasn’t the end to my ppppprrranksss
Next were some subsequent meetings, a date and a prop!!!
WHAT!!!!! He just proposed her and she agreed……….
I gazed with mouth wide open,
My siso closed it for me and said that flies would enter,and taunted me and my love’s slow proceedings and asked me to take lessons from them,
Aeghh!!!!! Me lessons from her NEVER!
The next was STEP-3
She asked him about his family and a shocking reply, he said he had a family offer, mum ,dad, and an elder brother , but his step mom…………..
We smiled behind the scenes as he still…………
The next was a request to meet his family which had to come from us but came from him,
He said he knows about our cousinhood and she was dumbstruck , not only her but we all………..

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  1. Luv it ….richu …..superb …i am laughing like anything ……i am eagerly waiting to read the next epi …pls post it asap …….
    And luv u my dear sissy …..and tommorow. My exams will start ….so bye ….take care……..will catch up with u all later. Bye dia nishu and devu ,…..take care guyz and have a nice day

  2. it was too funny. .I liked the little kid..

    is that chocolates for me richu???? :-D. 😀

  3. A fact 4 u guys last chap is stil in the waitin list this1 is postd hope u gt wats gng on :-* 😛

  4. Thank ya jwalu ruby 4 reading hope u enjoyed prev chap b funny tha pta nahi kab post hogd nyways rubi dr all to u if u can swallow ur cell phn 4 choco thn….
    Hehe just kidding lol
    keep readin nd cmnting lov u tc besties

  5. hey richu looks like a secret mission spying on a kid .

    yeah , hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    and the girl came to the child and pyaar se sehlaana looks like she saw a big jooon on his head

    yes a little monster on his head she want to kill that monster secretely so that nobody can get the idea about the monster on his head

    she take the monster hide it in her fist and slowly slowly by hiding herself from all the people left the place and kill the monster and burn it

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm looks like the mission accomplished and the little boy is smiling now get rid from the monster.

    haaaaaa thooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

    well doesn’t think what I write just write and what ever this thing is I just came here to talk to richu and then suddenly while reading don’t know what happened I write this

    love u richu


    I left a reply there too dear.

    and yes , you know the sher is awesome dear.

    Zindagi ki har rah pe naye log milenge,
    Kahin to jyada aur aur kam milenge,
    Jara Soch samajh ke aetbaar karna,
    Kyunki ye jaruri nahin ki har mod pe hum milenge…

    For u my sweetheart poky richu
    zindagi ki rahein hain badi mushkilein hai aati
    jisme dava bhi kaam nahi aati
    dua bhi kaam nahi aati
    Bas dost teri muskurahat hi hai iss naadan dil ko lubhaatee.

    Luv u richu

  6. Richuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu this is so superb dear. I loved it. U r just superb. After this story complete i will keep a copy of it n read whenever possible. I t is quite funny n adorable too. It brings a smile to my face n really i dont want to loose it. Lol. Things r getting really fast. They met, then date n proposal, Oh that was really fast. N her siso she is superb, She told our drama queen to take lessons frm them. That was just awesome. I loved it. The kid he should be their sir in acting. He seems to be a super actor n finally he became a cupid for her sis. lol. WAiitng for the next one. Yes looks like our silent couple r really so silent yaar. Their love is slow n her pranks n plans uff no words to say. I enjoyed it.

    Nishuuuu thank u for the reply dear. Yes i saw ur reply in nats page n showed it to amu also. She said u r really making her crazy. Loveeeee u so much my dear.

  7. Di i just read XXXV….chk my cmnt…nd plz send me the link for XXXVI…m not abl to find it

    nd di m sorry for nit cmnting…u kno na feb nd march r hell for sarkari karncharis

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