Heyyy ya friends I am back again and sooo sorry for the delayed updaye .
So here are my I mean Richa’s parvachan (heavenly thought)…………
“Give to others and god will give to you”
“ Kal kare so AAj kar AAj kare SO AB pal main PRALYE hoyegi bahuri karega KAB?? ”
*****THE END*******



IT WAS THE END TO Parvachans 😛 not story soo here we go…………

Heyyy …… plss it’s not MAHABHARTA friendsss just a title for the chapter 😛
The English title is :-

******MISSION UNIFICATION-Part 1******
That day as I went back home , his story, buzzed in my thoughts, even as I paid my fare,I murmured his name,
The , taxi owner , in just one instant made figured out that I was in some emotional dilemma, he was known to my family so ……..
As a good citizen he parked the taxi and accompanied me till my doorstep, rang the bell and handed me over to my ,parents
Seeing me enveloped in such, entangled emotions, and so engrossed in myself that I didn’t even notice my li’l,cousins pulling my lower part of the dress just to greet me and have his share of chocolates from my side,
Seeing my situation anyone would suspect wrong………
I was brought into a semi-conscious state when he tackled me with all his strength and I lost my balance and fell , no almost fell and almost hit my head on the pointed part of of the staircase railing ,
Well normally I should be shouting at him for his such an offensive action but………..
But a few things stopped me from doing so …
Firstly>>>That no those series of troubling thoughts that took the most part of my brain……..
Secondly>>> He was just a small kid ……..

Thirdly >>>He were/was a guest at my house……….
👿 evil: (My inner self TO ME) as if second and third thought really matters , yeah they it really doesn’t matter as I really , don’t care who he was , no one no-one can do this to me , so 😡 😡 “A tit for tat”,
Yeah I should give him a tit for that ………..
Yeah sweety show him, show him what you are , that tough thing you are made up of,

( I SAW MY some small chubby images, wearing the cheerleader costume and surrounded with purplish aura and wearing devil horns encouraging me )
C’mon you are the best etc etc……………… 👿 👿 }

I gave a , serous ready to kill look , and that poor child just ran and tried opening the door forcibly , but all in vain…………
I charged towards him , but………..
But someone held my, arm, from behind and as I looked back , I saw ♥him♥ ………..
What was he doing here? Did he see me in that avatar??
What could be done now, I wasn’t a ghost/supernatural who could just, go back in time and change ………….
I looked at him and passed , a funny smile ,
What were I doing, what and who is/ are around me bothered the least , at that moment was obsessed with the thought to jut revenge that poor child for that action……….
When my siso and Mr. Representative joined was a mystery…..
But <3 he<3 is the one who saved the child from my anger that day ,
The next we were in the dining area , having light snacks while my mom showering glares at me, and that innocent looking, Trouble making child was strangely sitting quite at the table, and looking at my mum while making a cute face ,
After sometime the , child’s elder sister joined us at the table ,
They looked at each other narrow eyedly,
I was confused , but happy as it looked like she would revenge him for me ,
But all turned topsy turvy by ♥his♥ effort♥

LOL soo srry for late update splyy manhaaa dr LOL dr soooo srry every1

as i had fever and then cold sooo work piled up sooo cudnt update but here is the update LOL

about the TITLE wellll its partt -1 only wait for next 2 parts i will justify the Title lol

keep readin nd commentin 🙂

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  1. RICHA maata dhanyavaad aapke pravachan sunke toh hum dhanya hogaye. lol. wow lagta hai kuch toh locha hai yaar. But i love this.

    Title was too gud. BHARAT MILAAP god u r truly amazing yaar. I’m overwhelmed now. thank u for this. Don’t worry i can wait. pehle fever ko bhagaoooo. Aur theek ho jao.

    update it regularly yaar. It is tooo gud. waiting for the next one.

  2. Wow acls atlast pahunch Gaya….
    Acls k bina har ek dhin pura nahi huva tha. ….. Aur aajj acha kasa episode k badh pura Ho hi jayega….

    Richu so awesome …. Do u knw I like acls only for ur unique style of writing the inner feelings of any person ….. Hats off….

    U believe or not but right now I am currently in temple so I wil pray for ur fever to just run the way it came …..

    U wil b alright soon …..
    Take care ? bye thank u for acls..

    And ya dint get the exact means for ur title…..

    1. richa (titli)

      sankhyaa means part LOLL i frgot to add

  3. Heyy ya manhaaaa️ ♥ nd minnallll ♥
    nyc to c ur cmntz☺ LOL U KNW I WAS ON BED since mrng as i wasnt geting well got testd as hav symtm of jaundice 😛 as fr nw i m just gona try tn go n type . Nd thank ya 4 undrstandin manha dr ©️ ®️ ™ ☺ nd parvachan k bad bhandara h parsad zaror grahn karen ᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ aur aashirwad toh liya nahi aapne m deti hu lol manvanichat var bhav 😉
    minnal BHARATMILAP is refred to in ramanya nt mahabharta i just wrote 2c whther sm1 catch me or nt it is whn bharat met lord ram their event of meetin aftr lng is refrd tn bharat milap nd i usd as it is also usd to dscribe wen two bichade ppl sply. Bros meet aftr lng :-*
    so nxt is bro unificatn Lol thank ya 4 prayr i realy need prayrz may i acive ma gole
    Lov u both tc kep readin ♥

  4. Thank u I truly dint knw the meaning of Bharat milap ….
    I learnt something new from u dear ….. Tht too abt epics …. I love to knw more nook and corners of epics…..
    Yea surly u will achieve ur goal …
    IIIIIIIiiii will pray ….

  5. hey manha devga richu how r u all deareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    MIssing u all badly deareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    Love u all by heart

    hey richa when U are starting writing this wonderful episode you must be thinking this asu wrote

    kal kare so aaj kar aaj kare so ab
    pal me parle hoege bahuri karega kab

    we all read this while studying and so many times heard it by our dear ones they used this weapon to make us disciplined

    and we can become disciplined

    But I loved this part a lot dear very much heavy word still bharat milap ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Toched wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow such a heavy word

    hey have u all watched bahubali I watched it somehow I loved it not for the story but the fact that seriously awesome artistic imagination and brilliant skills are using in that film yes seriously and I hate that film because it is a half film yes the end is to be continued with a suspense it will have to be the end naa.


    richu take care dear fever is very much bad for ur health my sweetheart titli .

    YOu have to fly in the sky of ur manmarziyaan. and for that you have to be fit and fine.

    Come on take some medicine or home remedy and get healthier faster.

    Say it to your fever you are nothing in front of my will power.

    I am getting fine in just a time and you will it works dear or else its just the mind effect I felt it . YOu have 2 choices you want this fever or you don’t want this fever, If you don’t want this than take medicine home remedies or steam you will get fine on the very next day

    and if you want this fever then do nothing just rest and you get the fever for a long time.

    Choice is all yours YOu have your will power and you will get fine richu love u by heart .

    love u dia reporter where are you . missing u a lot aaj ke samachar bahut interesting ho sakte hai kya kehna hai

    lagta hai reporter dia chutti pe hai wo apne naye project me busy hai humara sampark un tak pahunch nahi paa raha hai

    Abhi kuch der me haazir hongi

    tab tak ke liye bane rahiye

    Acls ki iss wonderful update me writer richa ki iss superb update ko padte hue

    Love u dear alll by heart

    keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend

  6. richa (titli)

    heyyy mainnal thankkk u 4the prayerr nd nycc u learned frm me 🙂

    nishaaaaa seeeiiiii ng soooooooooooooooooooo big comment i guessd it uuuu hw r uboth dr???/
    alsooo mmm… thank ya 4 dncouragementtttttttttttt…………..alsooooooooooooooo yup elders used to keep us in chk 😛 😛

    bothieess u bothy ma lovelyy thank ya lol lol lov u keep readin 🙂

  7. richa (titli)

    realyyy nishh reporter diia missing from yesterdayy i thinkk i shud bcm a reporter now and wr8 her missin report 😛

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