“जिस जिस ने मुहब्बत में,
अपने महबूब को खुदा कर दिया,
खुदा ने अपने वजूद को बचाने के लिए,
उनको जुदा कर दिया|”

“Itna Ajeeb Sawal Tha Un Ka K Hum Chup Se Ho Gaye,
Wo Bolay Hum Pe Marte Ho Na!!
To Marte Q Nahi…”

The tail starts here, a complete and happy family, consisting of,
Two BROTHERS and……

Their unborn sibling……..
The family of four was happy very-very happy with each other, AND ALL WAS GOING WELL….
The eldest brother was now in high school, and the younger one in junior high,
They studied in the same school and stayed together almost all the time ,
The eldest brother had many friends , so did the younger, they were quite famous in their friend circle ,
As everyone has a special friend a friend close to them , the one who knows all their secret , the one who is like a part of the family,
The one who fights with you, for you but still remain your bestie,
Well this duo too had a very close friends, and those too, two bothers from other family,
The families were quite close, as the mothers happened to be college friends,
They spent quite a lot of time together, went to picnics, day outs etc….. TOGETHER

Their friendship was famous in that area…………
As always good last short , and good friendship gets bad eyed , this One too suffered the same ……..
That happy group was broken into pieces,

FAMILY -2 the happy family’s friend met with an pre- planned accident which was planned to get rid of someone unwanted and the rookie murder planner left many loose ends, and the primary investigation itself proved it to be a not so well planned, murder,
FAMILY-2 mother was framed for this, but she pleaded , and presented her children as a fact for mercy but all in vain,

Astonishingly soon she got out of all the charges with a clear history, Thanks to FAMILY-1,
But who knew the real motive behind all,
The case was closed forever, and files left for meeting dust and rust like any other unsolved ones,
The real culprit was never caught, the case was never re-opened someone just vaporized it all ,

The case history was nowhere to be seen, be it paper, human mind or meda it ust vanished………

Soon there was a party thrown by FAMILY-2 no sadness, no guilt they looked normal and happy as before,
The reason for the party was given in the invitation letter as follows:-
“ With the ______ group of companies grieving, on the departure of it’s foundation layer, it’s soul Mr. S……… who passed away,after meeting an accident and the company went to a world of total loss. Now as with the help of some kind personalities Mr.A…… (FAMILY-1) we are back on our feet again and happy to share the news that the companies are again going in profit , so as to celebrate this Mrs S…… have thrown a party at their western farmhouse ………..
You are cordially invited for the party.
Thanking You –
MR A…… & Mrs.S………”

Well this was something quite strange and shameful, just a while ago they were Grieving on…………….
Well these series of incidents brought some people close and created Rift and widned gap between some…………
It lead to a Divorce in FAMILY-1 and just broke the family into pieces , the case was fought for long but no good result….
It completed FAMILY-2 again as family-1 FATHER MARRIED family-2 MOTHER and ………
He took his younger son’s custody and the elder one was let on streets as the mother had a miscarriage, and was framed by those brutes in the false case of female Feticide…….

Someone helped them to the others dismay, and that person who saved was Mr. representatives father who is now our Hero’s father too…..
And that happy FAMILY-1 was our heroes family ,
<3 He <3 was the eldest brother and the junior guy was his younger brother and, that FAMILY-2 was his brothers current family………..

They coaxed the young mind well as they did always…
So as for now the junior guy Blames our hero for the FAMILY separation and snatching his mother away from him,
But the truth is farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr away from him……………

That’s just a small part of the story <3 he <3 told me that day that just pinched me brought a stream of tears in eyes…………..

****To be continued………

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  1. this is a sad story. so many things happened.
    shayari toh mashaallah. superb thi. congrats yaar tum to shayar bangayi.

  2. Awsome …. Thank u ……. Fabulous work …. One doubt …. Wid wat junior boy thought our hero is the reason ??

    Is it coz of miscarriage of hero’s mum tht his father married the Mrs.s ???

    Ok bye got to study got exm…
    Reply me creature ….

  3. Well di family 1 family 2 is a bit confysing but i got it all

    luvvddd ittt

    dii plz keep on writing thought….i get really good statuses for whatsapp bd tweets for twitter lol

    1. richa (titli)

      diaa thanxx 4 readingg nd abouttttt confusion i think u got it i will try nt to repeat 4 nxtt update nd ????? u read ma stryy 4 status 😛 ??? nd itss shayari 😛 nywayss keep readin sarkaari karamchaari dia 😛 😛

  4. Richa I asked u a reply ???
    If not interested then no prob ..
    Update next part soon….. Bye I came for ur reply but u dint bother to give one…..

  5. Thank u manha ♥ nd yup v sad that kilr mrs.s 😛 manuplated that childs mind nyways keep readin dr ☺ lol
    thnk ya minnal ☺ nd junir boy think r hero snached his mthr as he hav to lit wth fathr nd step mum and that mis crig that custdy etc r nt knwn by him as he was v smal/yung dat tym 🙁 lol hpe u got it dr 😉

  6. Minnal my ♥ sweety ur cmnt wasnt postd by that tym dr i replied wen i saw it darlu it was just posted moments b4 i replied dr i was chkng pg aftr 10 or 20 min dr nd dia cmnt was posted earlx dnt b ngry yar nd this angry cmnt also til 12:.15 wasnt postd dr aisa ho sakta h kya ki main apne pg par reply ma karun specly ma angel pls 4git me ᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ

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