***Heights of SELFISHNESS****

“Real EYES realize Real Lies”

Now I was at the venue for the competition,
I saw my group, waiting for me outside , I went towards them with a bowed head, as I couldn’t break anyone’s heart,
One my family who so heartily helped me in the project,and Second my group who have prepared their part of the project,
I wanted to find an intermediate way that didn’t involved hurting anyone’s feelings,
And WOW! I got one very soon because of my lethargic, tragic, not at all interested in the project group,
Well as I said before I really don’t have words to describe their sweetness, their TYAAG/ balidaan (sacrifice) for me,
{Here our heroine is saying with the double and opposite meaning , she is not praising them actually but taunting/commenting indirectly on their selfish attitude}
Well my project surprise was a flop , old trick infront of their,let me tell you how……..
As I reached them their heads were up , eyes looking down at the ground as if searching some lost gold, their worried expressions My GOD! Were so realistic that the best actor will also look like ‘paani kum’ in front of them….
{paani kum is hindi saying which mean small here in this situation}

I came to know about their fake expressions when out concerned teacher came to me and asked me about the project, whether I have completed it or not, and asked me to show the final model,
I looked at him as if staring him , and said stammering S-S-Sir I-I-I……
My friends I mean so called group mates cut me short and said as if all have learnt their parts, and well they rehearsed it well ,
One by one they spoke in pieces……..
Hey ! you brought the project na, that we assembled yesterday at your house …….
And one late entry was Gonne open up their lie but they managed it well,
And I was framed …….
It took me a while to get everything , to know what’s going on and when I got everything I was not at all surprised….
As usual they showed their true face their……..
I was not at all disappointed , I was just happy that I could make my family happy and showcase our hard work,
Well if those people can play a game with me why can’t I play a small one, I looked down sadly and said in a low , sad ashamed type mixed voice ….
S-S-Sir T-T-That project I-I-I am S-So SO….
Ah! Daddy ruined it all he came there saying that he is getting late and I should be taking the project now…….
Sir greeted my father and said project is all fine Sir…..your daughter looks quite worried…. To which My father replied NO –NO sir she is just nervous she,
A well co-ordinated voice from my groupies (group mates) was heard…..
My father smiled and said Yes, she is nervous about the project display like you……
And left……………
I with the help of my friends, so called friends or group mates was bringing the project in and found something fishy………
I saw them signaling each other , eye to eye signaling…
And suddenly thump!, thwack! Roll , break and OUCH!
If you are confused what happened let me tell you…
While we were taking the project to the venue , I was looking at their signaling and , someone don’t remember exactly who made an excuse of being unwell and released the project model, now all wait on us and that person asked someone to accompany him/her as he/she was unable to carry his/her own body weight being unwell…..

Well now all on us the few left overs………
Not just that all started leaving one by one making excuses like open shoe lace, what they normally don’t care about it , but I thought ok fine may be nervous like me….
Another excuse was the person got hurt as a pebble went inside her shoe , how come??

Now the weight was shifted from us six to two and it was damn!
It was DAMN heavy and difficult to carry ……
But we continued moving towards the venue and one of the groupy who went with unwell fellow joined us and got out of balance but didn’t fall, and actually I fell and the model broke and FRAMED…….
**** to be continued

Next update: we see how our hero becomes the savior and how our heroine actually fell down

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  1. Its so nice dear. Eager to know what happens nxt… Update soon.

  2. Richa very nice yr….eager to know how he will save her…

  3. Nyc to c u bak ananya and kirti and thnx drs keep readin and cmntin 🙂 and i wil update ASAP 😎

  4. Really AWWWWWWSSSOOOOMMMME richu I don’t knw wat u think while writing the abuses to the vicious circle but I am more ragged while reading wat u have written ….. Anyways continue ….

    Wer is my EHT and NAUC

    1. drr EHT and NAUC ON A HAVAAI trip hope to return soon :O LOL don’t mind

  5. No probs I will wait for ur update

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  9. Awsm as always

  10. Thnx rubi minnal angel keep reading and cmnting 🙂 nd ruby i folwd u on wattpad
    angl ragged in d sence?
    And while writng abut vicious (viscus 😛 ) crcl i memorise ma own frndz actually and try to shw thm bad mean wikid but nt too much only i knw hw i cntrol myslf frm being abusiv and if i go on it wud b endless …

    1. thnx dr 🙂

    2. Actually I wanted to tell tht I get even more *Enraged* (‘angry’) while reading those viscous circles deeds …

      And I get sad thinking those Wer really in ur life ….. 🙁

      Anyways the more u forget the more they will suffer…….

      Bye will B back aftr10 days

      1. ohh intook ragged in other sence u meant enraged i took it as irritated and broken 😛 bczzz it change meaning acc to sentence dr nywayssss 😛 nwdays i hardly care abut them as i hav ppl like u all tu buddies dr 🙂

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