“Never waste a single day, Young or Old because each day brings opportunity ,
That beautiful family moment also came to an end soon , but those memories still inside my heart…….
I don’t remember when I fell asleep, my family members didn’t disturb me and continued to do the work,
At the morning , I woke up late but got a pleasant surprise as , my family members were already up and my room was clean , my clothes ironed and kept besides my bed , and as I went to the dining area all greeted me with a smile,

I quietly sat down on the lobby sofa, my mother came to me and asked me to hurry up as I was already late,and she was scolding me 
I looked up at the wall clock and you I was very late, I hurried towards my room but bumped into my sister , who got a chance of early morning teasing………
She was teasing me and I was yelling at her……
Hah! That free drama show we created for the neighbors was flawless , and the most famous one was ‘The Matinee’ show by me and my sister ,

The neighbors specially came to their balconies for the best of it,
Well now you might have known why I said that I wanted to cherish that moment and moment’s like that were short lived in my family,
I didn’t say it yes I haven’t spoken some of those words before but I now speak them so be it ,
I looked at the table and was shocked , I had almost full project ready,
My sisy came to me and said , MADAM this is last work for you by me ok,
Until……….. until you bribe me next time ,
I narrowed my eyes and looked at her, and she slipped away….
My father dropped me to the venue where the competition was to be held…

*** to be continued

Sorry 4 short update
Next update: heights of selfishness
Thank You-

Credit to: Richa


  1. AWWWWWWSSSOOOOMMMME just awesome pic ….. And as usual ur story is mind blowing …. Good dear keep it up …. Continue waiting for next one

  2. Jwala

    Nice episode dear …..ur way of writing is totally different and that’s the thing i luv abt ur ff …..and as usual will wait 4 the next update

    Hi devga ,,.,,, 🙂 and riya …., , 🙂

  3. Ruby

    hey richu nice dr..I like ur cover pic…

    write ur story on wattpad. its awesome app for writers like you.. I am also there (yeah I know I am not a good writer)

    follow me on wattpad@ Ruby93Ryan

  4. richa

    No prb riya dr
    thnx sindhu dr nd yup it workd
    😳 thnx minnal dr nd yup shez arjuni
    thnx jwaloo dr nd thnx a lot

    thnx ruby dr nd m der on watt pad richashrma nd i wil folow u nxt tym i log in 🙂

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.