“No one can love intelligently because the nature of love is madness”

I was worried for the project work, what if because of me our project would be incomplete and our college would be defamed infront of everyone and I would be responsible for all that…….
Unknowingly I was murmuring all that and my family heard it all ,
Usually I should have been getting scolding for, poor time management and last minute work reminder,
But this time it was different , seeing me super worried and tensed my mother ran her hands trough my hair and asked me to relax and think ,
I looked at her and she looked more worried than me and I just smiled at her, and said “ah1 mum it’s no big deal just lil bit of label making and lighting……..
She smiled back at me,
And as I got up assuring her that all would be fine I bumped into my sister and got entangled into something and fell down ,

Ouch,Ouch ouch! You blind can’t you see ……I exclaimed ……….
And as I recovered from the impact and looked up at her she looked angry and was blabbing ……..
Actually she was speaking but for me it was something useless……..
I got up and saw some Christmas/Diwali lights in her hand and one of the wires wrapped around my ankle ,
May be that’s the thing that got entangled , and I fell……….
I asked her about the lights and commented that looks like she is planning to….
She cut off my talk and asked me to keep quiet and stop irritating her as she did it all for me these lights are for my project, and we can decorate the project table/presentation area with it,
I said but…… they are….
She said no but as they lights every year and the old ones go waste……
She continued her emotional moral lecture, and everyone got emotional and I dared not to tell her that the project theme was different than she thought,I didn’t need that lighting which was not the case I just needed one small bulb to put inside the house model so that we could show hydro electricity ,

I smiled at her but kept mum, after all I was responsible for it seeing my over reaction,of nervousness and fear anyone was ought to……….
Well I noticed one thing that day that since he came in my life everything just….
Just so……
Just so simplified……..
So changed ……….
So good…….

We stayed awake whole night not really for project because label making isn’t that difficult and time consuming,
But we were together as a family even dad helped me out…….
That was a wonderful family moment that I not I -we lived that day and I wished that unity that moment was forever,
But like all good things come to an end that wonderful family moment too came to an end

But I will never ever forget it……
*** to b continued

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  1. Richa thank u for continuing ur story. This episode was a cute family moment. Loved it dear. Update nxt part soon. Thank u once again…

  2. Thank u 4 cmnting ananya thnxy 4 ur support dr keep suporting nd reading nd i hope u read ss part 😎

  3. hey richa dr can u give me that site link???

    epi was nice dr

    1. I searched in Google dr..my 3 stories are also there with my name.they changed lots of words.

      1. yup dr nd look down two linkss posted nd i posted this req bczz many writers r dissapointed nd thinking to stop writing ….

  4. Yes di i hav lso seen my fics on other sites

    they are edited nd lol some edited sentences make no sense

    nd this 1 ws nyc

    i can lso undrstnd being a fic writer……i lso write very short sometyms

    nd i want to kno y the family moment ended

    nd the epi was awsm as lways


  6. heyyyy rubi dia minnal thhnxxx yaar nd keep readin nd commentin
    @@@ ribi dr that’s that embeded server site only nd dr i chkd thankfully ma req not edited there nd other sited dont edit

  7. Richu chk my suggestion in where is heart there is life page …. In comments

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