“Khubsuart sa ek pal kissa ban jata hai,
Jane kab kaun zindgi ka hissa ban jata hai.
Kuch log zindagi mai milte hai aise.
Jinse kabhi na tootne waala rishta ban jata hai………”


I was dumbstruck for the moment, unable to react to anything happening around me , as I took in the things slowly and I understood what had just happened ,
I was totally framed now no way to escape


Well I stood there like a statue ,I intook everything slowly so as to find the solution soon,
❣He❣looked at me with a worried face,sir was staring at me in anger and I – I was avoiding an eye contact with him as if I was the culprit,
I was broken and accused of lying about the model and not participating in making the model and then presenting my own model to show myself supreme, and put down others,and then breaking my own model and putting blame on others(group mates) etc….. etc……. the blames were infinite…..
Ok I was at fault that I presented my model at last minute but why they………
But why they showed like they didn’t have the project and, and broke mine ,and brought the main one at the last moment?? Why ? Just why??
A series of questions ran through my mind and I-I was confused to the limit infinity and as a punishment I was out of all, I was out from the competition , the team and now I was going out from the display hall,
I didn’t say anything not even a word came out of my-my mouth, my throat went dry.
I gathered up the pieces of my ,model and left………..
I saw my group smirking, smiling at my condition……
But I didn’t utter a word……..

As I was waiting for the vehicle to pick me up and take me back, a guy came running to me and told me that I was, being called……

What ??? I was being called- called back ….
Called back for what now?? For more insult or I left a piece of my model that they immediately want out of the hall , that anyone refused to pick up……

I unwillingly followed him …… to the display hall………
As I entered the hall the , scene there was completely different,
Sir looked with sympathy on me as if he was repenting for something bad he had done,
Sir came to me and rubbed his hand trough my hair and smiled looking at me,
Normally I would have been like ahhh! My hairstyle my, hard work for this occasion all……
But the condition was different I , I got peace by that gentle pat and that, gentle hand ,
I felt relaxed and at comfort,
I realized that tables have turned my side because of ❣him❣,
❣He ❣ smiled looking at me ,
Sir said that he is very sorry for doubting me, I was the one who helped and I was the one to be blamed……
****to be continued……

Next update : we know the matter that turned the tables and a short talk between our hero & heroine……….

Thank You-
Maharbaan kadardann sahebaan zara yahan bhi gaur farmayiye —-

Badalna aata nahi humko masumo ki tarah,
Bdalna aata nahi humko masumo ki tarah,
Har ek rut main tera intzaar karte hain,
Na tum Samet sakogi jise quamat tak
Kasam tumahri tumhe itna pyaar karte hain…………..

Thought/ love quote of the update: “I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.”

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  4. Finally you updated…I TOTALLY LOVE UR STORY DEAR…..read the summary u sent me….it’s amazing dear…..LOVE UUUU…..???
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