“It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.”
“To be old and wise first you have to be young and stupid”
After that short argument between them the parents controlled the situation and I noticed something, something unusual his mother was looking at the junior boy with love in her eyes but he was showering glares at her,
And that boy’s father just I mean his , mean their father was looking at her as if she is doing something wrong and they all turned their backs and left…….
I saw him and his mother looking emotionally at them , but those brutes hardly cared
Now his father and brother i.e. Mr Representative tried controlling situation, and asked us to come along in the car,
We went outside to the parking and……

And I was shocked to see my parents there with my sister waiting for me………
W hat the……. Now I am gone completely gone …… they will question me and question me again and again like an interrogating officer , for getting out of the college after everyone has left……..OMG!

Well that’s what I thought will happen but the conditions were reverse I mean all opposite again like that day I mean the surprise meeting in the resort matter,
My parents asked me to go home with his family and they will come is taxi but , they insisted , my parents also to come along and we sat in their big car and left for our destination…..
Our journey was quite peaceful and pleasant this time and I-I got appreciation this time from everyone for my ood work and help,

And I kinda enjoyed it very much and it was also quite, a noisy chirrupy journey as well he also looked a bit normal,
It seemed like he was out of the shock now, but who can tell what’s inside a person…..
While talking to Mr. Representative I got to know that, the junior boy’s new mother I mean present mother, his step mother was quite manipulating and bad she is the one responsible for……
Well our talk was cut short by his father, who signaled him to look towards their(our hero & his mother) hose face expressions were sad very sad and they looked as if in a serious thought,

Now we changed the topic and started a light one and my sister just got into a petty argument with Mr. Representative and gave everyone a chance to laugh on them and I saw a smile on his mother’s face for the first time,

The journey finished so soon , we all wanted it to last longer but as if we could do that,
We got out of the big car and waved good bye to everyone and as I reached home and stepper in , a SHOCK~~~~~~
What !!!!!!
What’s that………
As I looked at the wall clock hung on our lobby wall I realized we were late veryyy late…. It was already eight……..
We spent more than two hours in the journey back home ……..
Normally I would enjoy it as no work and a valid excuse of being late and tired, but it was different this time , this time I have promised my selfishies I mean selfish friends that I would make name tags and arrange the lights for our group project, which was an entry for the state level competition to be held tomorrow ,oh my god in all this trouble I just forgot about…….
I hurried up and got my purse and ran outside for getting/ buying the lights but my sister stopped me saying , she saw the nearby electrician shop and all the shops closed on the way , due to some shopkeeper meeting or something…..
I got worried and started blabbing…….
My mother and sister calmed me down and said that it wasn’t that late and they will do something about it…..

*** to be continued….

Next update: we see another of the selfish circle’s selfishness example when our heroine brings the project which is….

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