“YeStERdAy I was clever that I wanted to change the WORLD
ToDaY I am wise and I want to change MYSELF”

I was shocked to hear those words as his parents just made the perfect couple………
S-S-Separated B-But it D-Doesn’t………
He saw my nervousness and asked me to relax , his this attitude this thing all love the most no matter he himself may be in how much trouble, distress but he prefers other’s problem over it,
I took a long breadth and tried my best to look relaxed ,
He continued and said yeah they look a perfect couple ……
New daddy understands mum better than he did, new daddy understands me loves us,he is very nice
But….. that man that man never……….
A creepy silence broke out in the room ………..for a moment none of us spoke anything and then I kept my hand over his to console him and he looked at me and another tear rolled down his cheek…….
I offered my handkerchief for wiping his tears , as he moved his hand forward to take the handkerchief it was shaking v badly,
I couldn’t see him like this……..

I thought of picking up the handkerchief and giving him and moved my hands forward to pick it ,
His hands too reached the handkerchief and…………….
And I –I – It was like…… his hand over mine the feeling was like……….
I can’t describe it………………..
Well I moved back my hand with a sudden jerk and as my hand slid/slided from under his hand I felt something wet that time I thought may be his hand wet due to tears………..
I wanted to ask him the reason why but couldn’t gather the courage to do so……..

Suddenly a voice from behind said that it’s already late and we should be going back home now…
At first I thought it was our teacher but……..
As I looked at the source of the voice I saw Mr. Representative……..
Just a second I thought to myself……. What is he doing here?
I haven’t seen him since we entered the board room or may be just didn’t notice him yeahhh that’s it I was so into the alone moment I got with him to talk that I didn’t even notice anything else,

Now his parents entered the scene and asked us to leave for our home and I got up and greeted them and went back to take my bag,
While I was doing that I heard his parents asking about me and in a teasing manner Mr. representative said “shezz…….. hisszzzzz……. Specialllllll friend and the only friend he……”
Now he interfered and bounced back with new energy and said just stop it bro if you not stop teasing I reveal that Ice-cream waali ka secret……..were your pocket money…..
Mr. representative covered his mouth and just tried covering up after all….
[here our hero is threatening Mr. representative to reveal his secret about Ice-Cream waali (waali is for female/girl and waala is for male )]
W-W-Wait a second did he just say bro mean brother I was so confused ………..
Now Mr. representative starts sweating and says , mum it’s just between brothers he is just revenging me for something…….
He he he haha ha hah!…….. that awkward superficial smile was very irritating,
Now his I mean their parents looked at me and asked about my home mean where do I live?
I was scared and hesitated a little and not able to speak I was just in the way of speaking and he interrupted and said she lives near the south station the last pink buil……..and she doesn’t have tuitions or extra classes today as it’s not weekend yet so she’ll go home directly……
And cough……cough …. Clearing throat cough and cough…….
(mean a few coughing and clearing the throat sounds were heard)
He turned red……

(here mean his face turned red may be out of embarrassment or he was blushing)
I wondered How does he know my full address?? But I liked this……..
His parents and MR. reppppp or whatever looked at him in surprise and his father said good you have started making friends and you know about them my dear……
( she/I/heroine doesn’t speak Mr. Representative fully as she is engrossed in her thoughts and dreaming in, about her fantasy world and is irritated by someone else’s presence or just doesn’t want to take the name)
He looked down at the floor and they left asking him to pack stuff and asking me to come along as they are going the same way and they’ll drop me home……
I agreed ……….
I helped him to pack his stuff but I was so much delighted by the fact that he knows about me and just was thinking about that and bumped into the table and dropped the stuff , he looked at me and smiled and said “Be careful miss day dreamer”…….
It was the second time he said that…..
As I bowed down to pick up the stuff , he too bended for same purpose and a head bang…….
We both laughed and he said just touch your forehead once again ads you know, horns grow ……
And we laughed again and I said it’s kid thing children do that ,
He said we’re still children right and I nodded and we touched our foreheads…… and looked in each other’s eyes and almost got lost,

We got up with smiles on our faces and packed the stuff and after that he came near me and hugged me, and whispered in my ear “THANK YOU” ,
I was surprised by his this move but I liked it, and I blushed………
Our this sweet moment was turned bitter by that junior boy’s entry who said “you stil kiddos , still believe in all that you , so dumb you so foolish , huh and such an emo freak and that hu…”
Now Mr. representative entered the scene and gave him a tough time ,I mean a tough fight in the argument and he was about to bash him up if the elder’s wouldn’t have entered the scene and controlled the matter…..

NEXT UPDATE: our heroes reach back home ,

? ? ?
I m soo srry 4 late update but hope u enjoyed it and srry for bad precap…….

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    1. hey richa I didn’t cmnt for so long..srry dr .its really nice..and 1 more thing dr.aaliya dnt havr exams right now coz of flood.pray for her dear…

  2. Richa was waiting for ur update… Today’s episode was so nice. Mr. Representative and our hero are brothers. And our hero likes our heroine … Their each moment was so cute.
    Update soon Richa…

  3. I loved it. Really superb. Now two brothers teasing each other. Finally one hug. Oh so sweet.

  4. Yahoo got it thank u now I will read and tell u reviews

  5. Omg Mr. Rep is he our heroes step bro ???
    So he must younger to our hero right??

    Uff u r awesome in mending stories with great twists …..

    I hope u r made writer of serials and the channel will B in to coz of u ..

  6. A light n sweet moment aftr so much tears n sadnes. . . I lykd it. Hw is Mr. Rep relatd to him?

  7. Hey @ ruby no matr dr i knw u r busy updatin fic dr , well i hav been busy nd updated my fics also lng bt wil go bak nd read ur fic wbn i get tym nd i wil surely pray 4 her my dr 🙂

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    @@@@liya dr nyc to c u agn nd nyc to knw u liked it nd dr Mr.rep is his step bro dr 😎

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  8. K,
    so junior boy is his real bro
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    Ohh m having so many MIGHT BEs

    btw nycc

    nd tnq fr updating eht nd nauc also

  9. Thnxy dia dr nd wlcm nd dr rep is his step bro nd othr detailz nt decided yet

    1. Ok Richie Rich thank u for replying to us repeatedly…

      Be happy and healthy and excited …

      I will surely wish some adopted ur story…

      And I wanted to ask u did susi come fb …. I am very much scared for her situation but I am not able to come fb …. If she comes fb ask her how is she

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