He broke down into tears and said ‘yeah I m happy today I got to know that my lil bro really hates me so much……’
I looked at him in shock and said sorry I didn’t mean that , he looked at me and said why sorry you did me a big favor till today you showed me the truth that , ego is above all even blood relation…
He looked at my confused and shocked face and said “oh! you must be wandering what m I saying?” and I nodded a yes ,
He looked at me and said well paused for a second and spoke again “That junior boy is my , I meaqn used to be my kiddo brother…….
Used to be? What do you mean ? I questioned him?
Isn’t he your cousin brother, and still your cousin?
He sighed and said well he isn’t my cousin but my real brother,
What? But your parents…… his parents different ………. Just last name same…..I almost shouted when I spoke these lines……..
He looked at his hand and said “do you believe in this astrology thing?”
Can these lines in my hand determine my future?
Can those people who sit with those parrots or the ones who read cards or look into a crystal ball tell your future? …….
Tell me??
I looked at him in shock and he asked me to answer ,
I then said “well I really don’t know it all but may be they can…..”
He sighed and looked at me again and said ‘ok you they can see the future’
I couldn’t speak a word…….
He continued and said ‘if they can see the future so they can help me change if it’s unwanted?Can they help me change my past?’

I just stood still in shock that was something unexpected from an logical.optimistic and educated person like him who always stood against all this kind superstitious things/matters…….

I then said hah! If they could really see the future then they should mend their own…….
This time his expressions changed to a bit normal from that dull one,
He moved his hand and kept on a nearby chair and asked me to sit on it ….
I sat on the chair and as he looked at me a tear rolled down his cheek and he said well I was talking all rubbish na? and I shook my head in a no gesture…..
He took a long breadth and said you talked something about parents huh well , the guy you met that day in the restaurant was my step father and that junior boy’s father is my biological father I mean we are real brother’s and our parents separated a few years back………..

**** to be continued

Next update: we hear our heroes story

Srry 4 short update …… i wanted to update ASAP so that’s all i cud type
Hope you liked it

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