“life is like a bicycle most of us have gears we never use”

Now miss meddler under the COA(centre of attraction ) of the meeting and the main lead female in the drama,
If I go on for describing the scene it was like, a stage show done by her titled “Shielding The Culprit”
The audience were the board members ,she was of course the main lead , her parents (I really pity her parents) with bowed head unable to meet eyes/do an eye contact with anyone , or speak anything in her defense…..
Well once they were proud parents with their head’s high and their eyes never looked down and they were ready to defend their daughter always but now……….
She was standing still and after another two hours of rigorous questionnaire she finally broke down and her lips moved and a sound was heard……
She took a name not the full name but the surname to everyone’s surprise……
Well I didn’t know the person but that was one of the rarest surnames and , once I heard that only two people in the college had this surname and they were….

One of them was a junior and one was………him…
I looked at him and he was broken……fully broken…..i have never seen him so weak during the full matter….
He was quite reluctant to accept but when the culprit junior himself admitted the charge put on him
He had to accept it………

He looked at me helplessly as if asking me to save the culprit…
The junior boy’s parents were called , wait parents ?
Did I just heard that right?
Well I was just in thought process unable to ask anything……
Now the board members also looked a bit eager to solve the matter,
I mean now they really took interest in the matter ,
The parents of the junior boy now enter the scene……
He was looked a bit disturbed to see the couple that entered as the junior boy’s parents ,
Well now the matter took its last breadth and the justice was done,
The main guy rusticated with charges of teacher’s day mess, manipulating other students to do wrong for him , bribing the minor college staff who were fired from their job for that,and most importantly STEALING THE TEACHER’S JEWELRY FROM HER PURSE AND showing someone else as the culprit,
Well the real culprit’s/suspects were framed ……
During all this since the junior boy’s parents entered the scene I saw his family disturbed but why? That question irked me……………
After all was over we were asked to join/attend our remaining classes for the day….

We went to the classroom and tried our best to act normal but were hardly able to hide the matter as in-between the time when the teacher left the classroom and other teacher came there was a small time gap and during that time gap the students stared at us and my selfish circle surrounded me and looked filled with questions for me to answer, but the teacher’s timely entry saved me….
After all we have been missing almost the whole day, along with the college staff………
And surprisingly for all the students out of nowhere he came and joined the class again……..

He sat silent, in shock and frozen and in deep thought , it was hard to see him like that……
After the college got over the teacher asked all to leave but he still sat still like he was lifeless,
Our teacher noticed this and knew the real matter , and asked me to stay and talk to him…
I went to him, hesitated a little and then spoke ,
I just said hi and he looked at me, he was teary eyed……
I haven’t ever seen him like that and unable to speak further…
He looked at his table and then me again and said “thank you- Thank you for the help”

I looked at him in surprise and said that he should look happy now and he ….
He broke down into tears and said ‘yeah I m happy today I got to know that my lil bro really hates me so much……’

*** To be continued…

Next update: We see what did our hero mean when he said those words?


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  1. Oh god his own brother. Anyway now he is again in college na.

  2. OMG so the real person behind all this is his own brother. Feel sad for him…
    Update soon yar

  3. That was realy bad for him, to have his lil bro as the culprit. . . Bt was it his real bro or cousin?

  4. Hey manha nyc to c u bak nd yup he’s bak in clg…
    Nyc to c ur cmnt ananya yup i wil update ASAP
    guys keep readimdmg nd cmnting 🙂

  5. Poor him…his bro was the culprit…hope he soon get over this..

  6. @ kirti nd liya nyc to cur cmmnts nd thnx 4 cmmnting nd ke4ep reading 🙂
    @liya dr it’s his real brother

  7. Fantastic imagination

    u r awsm diii

    1. ? ?? ?? ? thanx dia drkeep readin nd nyc to c u

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