A COMMON LOVE STORY –XX “One down one to go”

“We cannot be clever always but we can be kind always “
Miss meddler stood up and came to me and began collecting her supporters again,
(_mean again began manipulating the students/people mean her supporters)
Well she was successful to the extent till I pointed out some of the other students and narrated them they faced because of miss meddler and the blunders she did ………..
They agreed and her support now cut off to nil she just kept on looking at us and then made her last try and dunno how she does it but those faces those silly logics ahhh! Irritating……..
She started crying just in an instant not even instant cup noodle cup open in the time her emotions change cooking and eating is different by that time she would she could do what is quite UNPREDICTABLE……..
She tried her best to shift the support to her side but all in vain not totally but soon it will go all to trash , well she now again became teary eyed and yuks her flowing ……….. Forget that,
And she cried out aloud in her usual drama attire stammering sulking crying to gain sympathy and what not and I bet if it was on the spot story narrating/writing competition and also on spot drama and creating hassle competition she would undoubtedly fetch the first prize
Ok back to reality she was teary eyed and in drama mode and said ‘ how –hhooww ccold u hew cud yew julst support them huh they have done w-wrong’
She was just speaking on and on but our patience broke and we shouted at her to be quiet and took out the CD we had and said hey you all know you very well miss over smart freak you are such a cunning thing and well there is no chance someone could do anything to you , suppress you ,hit you etc etc……
Well it could be you doing wrong to others not them to you……

She heard this and became alert her drooping ears just right upright and she looked ready to listen bite anyone just anyone who, didn’t support her at the moment even her supporters………….
She then spoke W-What do you mean why are you filing against me,W-What do you mean huh…….
(here mean that we were deriving all against her and just reducing her support she wants to show the people that she is innocent and the heroine is wrong and manipulating)

We were not in a mood of playing now and were serious about the situation and said that this is the CD that contains all about your crime MOSMF(miss over smart meddling freak) you are the one who with him, changed we mean spoiled all on teacher’s day and because of which……..
We were just speaking just then she came into action and pushed me and dropped the CD but MY GOD, that awesome timely entry and reflex action saved the CD but she pushed him too and broke the CD , OMG!WTH! what was that our only……………
Oh sorry forgot to tell about that timely entry it was him my <3 ……
He came to take his TC (transfer certificate) and a reference certificate which our principal sir was kind enough to provide to his college’s excel student it was revealed to us when sir entered the scene searching for him……
All were shocked to see sir there, miss over smart meddler now looked really tensed and started sweating ,
Sir asked us the matter at first we hesitated a little but in the end the whole, matter was kept in frontof the whole staff in the meeting/board room ,
Well after all this fuss she created she was struck/entangled in her own web she had woven for me for us,
The College Board asked us to tell about any firm evidences we had against her yeah I said we have the CD the CD and it was the CD…….. And stopped and Mr. Representative added it was the CD that she broke ………. He said it in quite a low voice ………..
The board members questioned about the content inside the CD and we disclosed the CD suspense……
[Now we see a FB seen while they our heroes are narrating the matter and the fb scene is going inside their minds]
We see our heroine crying & Mr. representative consoling her and they decide to solve it there selves without involving anyone else and they discuss every aspect of it and they get hold of a point a lead a very important lead to/for the investigation and that is a secret camera fixed backstage , to record the clippings to be inserted in surprise video of backstage preparations of the teacher’s day function though it contained/had the clippings from around the college but the one proved most useful was, the backstage clipping.
We see them approaching the person responsible for editing the video and thankfully he hasn’t deleted the original footage yet.
Now our hero’s search the footage for any clues and just when,they are about to loose hope the last part of the footage is backstage part where the meddling girl is seen talking to someone.
We told the board that the footage contained the talk between the meddling girl and a boy and they planned all that happened that day leading to the suspension…….
They asked us about any other copy and we acted a bit sad just to give miss over smart a a relief which gave cunning smile on her face ,
Then we loudly not shouting but in a strong and confident voice declared yes, and the expressions on her face were worth seeing…….
As the staff saw the footage they also recognized the boy in the footage. It was one of our juniors and thus, the mystery and investigation ended there itself for everyone,
But it’s said “All that we see is not always the truth” and that was here also…..
When their parents were called and they were about to be rusticated the junior who has been mum all this time spoke up and said that “I-I haven’t stolen the stealing work was done by him and he asked me to do this I only changed the song playlist just that, and paused a little points towards the meddling girl and speaks , they both , T-They both have done it all……..”(he said it while breathing hard)
All look at him in shock and ask him to reveal the name but he is unable to speak more, his legs shaking in fear and he was sweating badly he falls on the sofa unable to breath as he had some breathing ailment, may be asthma,
The staff decides not to question him more as his health continue to deteriorate, but give him warning and suspend him for a month or so……
Finally all on miss meddler now and I really enjoyed that questionnaire,
****to be continued
Next update : surely ,the Darkness within and the real culprit revealed 
I wanted to complete the darkness within in this chap but it want long as I described from last chap. Also and this time I didn’t stress on describing emotions hope u didn’t mind….. ok 1 sng which I listned somewhere & liked it but dedicated for next chap : “toota toota ek parinda aise toota ki fir ud na paaya……..
Udta hua who aasma se/me aakar gira zameen par”

Hehe friends nyc to c ur cmmnts I was a bit dishartned to nt c ny of ur cmmnts in last 2 chap….
Nyways I was just translating the Hindi saying ‘sabar ka baandh tootna’ hah and I realy typed the patience dam broke 😛 nd while reviewing it changed it nd one more 4 meddling giel “kutte ki poonch kabhi seedhi nahi ho sakti” “the dog tail never straight’ 😛 😀 I really translate bad wen typing so I write the original proverb or dilog mainly with the story…… ?? hihi one more last chap bacche ki jaan loge kya was I never translated bcz it was I never made the effort well I thinking to type child will you take life of a child…..(will you kill the kid) hehe well it get’s very clumsy when it comes to translate……
Keep reading commenting nd stay tunneed (tuned) ??

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