“The success lies in yoU yes yoU not ‘Y’ not ‘O’ but U”

We reached home all worn out and tired we all went to our respective rooms ……….
Well the journey back home was a 50-50 as till the meddling creature was there with us it was horrible just horrible , that girl just kept on speaking the whole way and showering her super vast knowledge…..
She made me feel embarrassed in front of my family not only that she just impressed my parents too much that my father advised me to take general knowledge lessons from her, and just be like her
Yuks I like her ah! Indigestible though the fact is she is my friend but she seems much irritating and intolerable now…..

I wonder how I have been tolerating her till now………
Well after she got down from the car and left, I don’t know about others but to me especially my ears it felt like heaven…..
My parents looked in a mood of comparing me with her, but I closed my eyes and pretended as if I was sleeping,
As I closed my eyes I could see some scenes from the past, I saw all that have happened within the past few days……
I don’t know when but I felt asleep and had a smile on my face, for which I was teased for a month or so by my sister.
The next morning I had an unwanted visitor, that is miss over smart, she said she was there to start the investigation …..
We sat down to discuss the matter but the question arose from where to begin from?
I suggested that first we should write down all the possibilities and then start the investigation ….

“Oh My God……. you are such a detective she exclaimed suddenly, and said that she never knew that I had such a skill and intelligent……….. well who heard her? Not me so all she said was…
BLAH BLAH……… BLAH and BLAH………………. Etc …. Etc ….. etc ,etc………
After her blabbing ended I just can’t believe my ears ……
My mother entered with some snacks and said “How are my little detectives doing?”
I was shocked,how come mumma know that we………….
We never told the parents about it……
I questioned her on this and to which she calmly replied that his parents called them,
What but who told them? I think we finalized to investigate the matter when he……
Fine no matter till we were being supported by our parents……

hope you liked it friends thank you-

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  1. Just fabulous ….

    Wat abt EHT ?

  2. I liked two spices from this epi …
    • tht parents helping us part
    • my small detectives by mom….

    And ya I guess this all happened coz of this meddling the so called over smart. … She might be playing double game … Like the trouble on tht function and also acting as if helping. …. May be …

    Richu one help ‘if u can’ , dnt call tht so called over smart as meddling creature… As this “creature” is spl and close to me ….
    I don’t mind u calling her meddling donkey …. Or girl …. Or fox ….. Or owl …. Etc …..

    Oops I think I am over doing by telling u suggestions …. U PLZ put any other name …. Other than creature ….

    Lots of love from me 🙂

  3. He he okz ma lvly minnal sweety g wnt cal that charecter creature…………. 😉 nyc to c d cpyrght 4 dat wrd 😀 nywayz nys 2 c u here 🙂 miss u a lot lol keep readin nd EHT i wil end dis 1 soon nd cuntinu bth EHT ND NAUC as i nly hav tym 4 typing 1 nd pls 4giv me dr 😎

  4. Devu di i also think SOMEONE forgot that she has to update nauc nd eht also

    nd richu di its amazing as always

  5. Devu di i also think SOMEONE forgot that she has to update nauc nd eht also

    nd richu di its amazing as always


  6. Ma sweety darlu diu dr i havnt 4 gotten dr nd i wil finish dis1 ASAP MAY b hardly 6 updates mre nd thn Bak to NAUC ND EHT <3 my favs nd my swet shwz til thn 4git me m sry nd keep readin nd i promis to staqt a nw 1 aftr i finish thm 😉 pakka naya purana khätäm kíyê nahi nd dr u knw na hard to typ on Abcd n phn lol tc lov u keep reading
    nd i hope mising ppl ananya riya liya ¤anna¤ kirthi hayathi etc silent readrz u likd d chap misin ur cmntz

  7. Di i hav decided now to post weekly

    airlines mon tue
    everest wed thur
    LD fri sat
    nd spoilers on sun

  8. Nd di
    i didnt undrstnd the meaning of the quote In th frst lyn

    if u cn xpln……..

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