“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”

I was quite worried about what to say now just then,
Voices said leave them it’s their own personal talk what we oldies have to do with the youngster’s talk……..
They are the next gen. they have their own talkies…….
As I looked towards the source of the voice I realized it was his father ……..
Well it was the second time he saved me, I kind a like this nature of his father, he always favors kids specially me……..
All agreed to his thought and I let out the breadth that I was holding unknowingly….
My sister loosened the grip on my wrist that she was holding tight, and as she loosened the grip I felt far much relieved,
As I looked towards my wrist I saw marks left by her and decided to revenge for them………..
I was in pain and just stared at her with narrowed eyes …..

Now sir stood up and said he should leave now as he was here for a meeting and now it’s just the time for that meeting,
But before going he said, that he is proud of his students who support their friend’s trough difficulties,
He smiled and left………..
I was happy at heart that I was doing a good thing, and especially that he was looking towards me,
His father got up from his chair spoke and said that we should leave now because it’s already evening now and it has been a tiring day and that we will meet sometime later ……..
All agreed to this and we prepared to leave…….
Inside me I was not at peace and was getting a bad intuition a very, very bad intuition
{ FOR ABOVE SENTENCE A HINDI QUOTING:dil me na chain than a sakoon aur kuch bura hone ka andesha mujhe khaye jaa rha tha}
Wait a second , aren’t we forgetting something, someone, yeah sir …….. I murmured, and I cursed myself for doing that,
My parents heard it and daddy said yeah sir, and asked that over smart meddling girl about her house and asked her to come with us as her house lies on the way,
Geez now she’s going to come with us though she’s my friend but…..
Ok I swallowed that bitter medicine for the time being…….
Well it’s said that where there is bad there is good so I took that bitter medicine and got the sweetest candy of the day…
We were standing in the parking and waiting for our parents to bring the car; our mothers were helping our fathers in it as the parking was full and congested…..
I was standing there engrossed in my own thoughts that I don’t remember now not even a part or …. But I remember each and every thing in HD yeah full HD (high definition)….
I was engrossed in my thoughts and was unable to hear a car coming from behind and my love my hero, my – my …..mmmmmmmm…………… I really can’t gather up words to describe him…….
He ran at full speed and pulled me towards him and the next moment I was ………………
I was………..
I was in his arms and we had our first eye lock …….
We were close very, very close, I could feel his breadth…..and we were looking at each other…….
Well again good comes with bad as its BFF and of course how can we forget our body guard appointed by hell devil to just ruin our moments……..
If you think it’s my sister then you are wrong……
It’s the meddling girl…. She popped in from nowhere and almost shouted in my ear which I too don’t remember….
We all I, he, my sissy and that devil meddling girl stood there waiting and had a talk and don’t know how but formed a coalition to save him and prove his innocence…….
Surprisingly our parents were hearing our conversation which was revealed to me later in my life and the reason for the meeting was fulfilled…………
Well he saved me that day , his heroic entry saved my life that day and those moments are saved like any other our special moments in the hard drive of my heart, my brain with a beautiful icon ,password protected and unlimited no. of backup’s just editing that evil meddler part……
It’s something that no-one can erase from my mind ever…..


Yippe finally I made the coalition part in this update yiipy yahoooooooooo….
Nyways I hope to start investigation frm next update……… well finally as I told dunno hw many updates ago the chapter titled “Detectiveme 4 my lov” wud be there fingers crossed nd hope for smooth going ……… 😀


Well made mistakes on purpose to make u think different 4m wat I actually want to cnvey just b4 a moment  plss dnt mind ……… 

Nd srry 4 typ;os mistakes+ ny others in story….

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