“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”

That miss over smart spoke again …….
Oh my God stealing…..
What how low can they stoop just too…….shameful very shameful…….
I won’t……. she stopped for a second and then resumed with changed wordings …….
She said “don’t you worry sir, we are there to seek justice and punish the culprit……..
All laugh at her funny style of saying that……….
As a formality and just to accompany others I also gave a non-hearty laugh,
My sister caught me on that and, suddenly I hear a whispering sound in my ears,
That voice sent a chill through my spine…… I was just about to shout but she held my hand tight………
I saw her Face and realized that it was her, my lovely sister…….
She said calm down it’s me and then said how you do that please tell me,
I want to learn how to give a fake laughter like you, I defended myself by saying that wasn’t a fake laughter, but she was my sister only…

We have the same blood flowing though our veins and know each other’s nerves very well……
My sister spoke again and said “ I know you very well sissy you hardly laugh on the jokes that anyone else find funny and laugh heartily on them…… and you laughed on such a silly thing, and that too spoken by a person who just ruined your moment by popping in-between…….
I said “Ok fine you caught me that was a superficial laughter but what could I have done I didn’t want to be the odd one out, who is pointed out,
You know me the best and at present I am just not happy, confused and tensed”
Well that thing really happened but a little relief that I Wasn’t alone, me and my sister were pointed out and asked about our matter of discussion, and we started cooking up stories…..
Well if it was a story writing completion we would have got the first prize…..I mean starting from …..From down we were first……….

Let me narrate our story to you where M=me and S= my sister…..
S N-N-nothing S-S-S-Sir we were just discussing about……

{My sister gave me a weird look and signaled me to continue the story}

M-we r ————————–
We are discussing about the day , yeah this……… beautiful resort…… beautiful na…. ryt Na , di
Haah! Even a dumb tube light would easily make out we were lying……..
All looked at us and I was sweating very badly……….
Miss over smart meddling girl out of her old habit of interference spoke up again…..
She pointed me out and said “Beautiful day or…….

INSIDE ME-you idiot ,fool , KABAAB MAIN HADDI (bone in chicken) that always get struck in the throat shut yourself up ok if the elders are comfortable with my story cooking who are you to………
Arghh……….. who are you to point me out and interfere?
Just shut your stinking mouth and let me and my sis complete our fairytale story……
What was this really me? What is happening with me? My thoughts …… my thoughts are getting…….
Well I think the elders were enjoying our cookery show so they told her to let us speak first…..
INSIDE ME-Hahahaha 😀 you got it , haha, yes you got it right for your meddling habit you girl…….

A fear rocked me from inside of inside’s inside that What to cook for the story now? And me and my sister looked at each other and the situation looked as if we have done a big blunder and a blunderbuss pointed towards us…..
*****to be continued….

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
Sorry frndss I cudn’t really do as in precap but hope you enjoyed and had fun while reading……….
And about blunder & blunderbuss I wrote bcz they almost rhymed 😛 nyways it’s a gun with shrt wide barrel nd barrel is that tube like part in gun……. 

I don’t know about u but when writing/typing that scene where the protagonist from her inside curses miss over smart then BG was “jiya jale”(mean burning heart) she was jealous dat tym… and here were two small and cute sprites on her either shoulder one evil one with horns and the other good one…. They try to dominate her but evil mostly wins and I think good one won only once when she decided not to be selfish nd introduce him to grp… but it proved bad sooo mostlyyy Naughty evil sprite dominates…. Nd in case when she peak ill then too evil sprite dominate …. 
I hope to form the coalition next time…. As when I get typing I tend to deviate from wat shud b there nd wat pre I hav given…

Nd keep reading nd stay tuned………….

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  1. Hai Richu di..How r u..
    Amazing epi and Narration too di…
    Sisters part was Good.. The cursing scene was too good..I too hate this when anyone tries to interfere in every thing.. BG too amazing suitable for that Situation..I know what she have felt when Over smart interfered in the talk..
    Di above thought ” Darkness can’t drive out Darkness only light can do that…” is that line is taken from d Movie EK VILLAIN..right..
    Amazing di..waiting for next part eagerly to find culprit..thank u and take care ?..

    1. m fy9 sweety wbu dr? u knw that jeeye jale Bg ws bczz she ws reallyyyy vvvvvvvvv jealous that tym tats y cursing her nd i wish to include a sprite fight smtym wen i giv u all a comical episode 🙂 nd dr u must b knwing sistrly gosip……..
      dunno abt that quoting buttt i just took it from a random site as i lovd it and it fitted here with situatn 🙂 lol lov u tc keep reading nd cmmnting ???

  2. Cookng up a lie r8 in front of ur parents is so tough.. I always fail doing so. 😛

  3. Richa this was awesome waiting eagerly for next one.

  4. Amazing story …. Keep going dear ….. Just just waiting for the next one eagerly …… Sorry I want to express more but lil busy …. Just now I read ur past 6 parts ….. Just awesome unexpected twists and turns …. PLZ do show some positive and superb twists just only ment for he and she…..

    1. heyyy minnal nyc to c u bak hope u njoyed 🙂 keep reading 🙂 nd hayathi nd brity still missing??

  5. hey aaliya dr m fy9 wbu?
    @liya dr ryt its very difficult
    @kirti thnx
    @all thnku nlol 😉 keep reading nd cmmnting 🙂

  6. Superb dr and thanks…

  7. thnkuu riyaaa dr nd keep reading ????
    nyways my lovely fun loving dia siso is missing bt if u cm here srry dr was busy cudnt cmmnt but read ur airlines fic nycooooooo nycoooo dr 🙂

  8. Di its lyk m tired to say amazing agn nd agn bt i hav to say as u r amazInggg

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